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Finance Department

Mehdi Salehizadeh, Ph.D.

Mehdi Salehizadeh, Ph.D.
Department Chair,

The Department of Finance at San Diego State University offers undergraduate degree programs in the areas of finance (pdf advising sheet), financial services (pdf), and real estate (pdf). Graduate programs are available in finance, financial and tax planning, and real estate. Read more about the Department of Finance (pdf).

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for finance graduates are quite diverse but include positions with business corporations and nonprofit organizations with responsibilities in financial management, administration of funds, protection of assets, tax administration, and investor relations; brokerages and investment companies with responsibilities in counseling clients, marketing financial services, evaluating and selection of securities for investment portfolios; and financial institutions with responsibilities in loan production, marketing financial services, and building client relations.

Financial services graduates pursue careers with financial services companies or as sole proprietors. Financial services professionals have a variety of responsibilities, including financial management, personal financial planning, and sales. This track is the most appropriate for those seeking the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

Real estate graduates pursue careers with mortgage, property management, real estate appraisal, brokerage, leasing, and real estate development companies. In addition, opportunities exist within financial services firms in real-estate-related activities. Responsibilities include decision making involving real estate and land market analysis.

The Finance Department is part of the AACSB-accredited College of Business Administration. We currently have 15 full-time professors and 4 emeritus professors teaching on a part-time basis. Approximately 759 students are enrolled in our undergraduate majors and 61 graduate students in our MBA and MSBA programs.

SDSU Subscribes to the following data services:


Compustat North America is a database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market information on active and inactive publicly held companies. It provides more than 300 annual and 100 quarterly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and supplemental data items. Compustat Global is a database of non-U.S. and non-Canadian fundamental and market information on more than 33,900 active and inactive publicly held companies with annual data history from 1987.

SDSU students and faculty may access the Compustat database via Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS).

Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP)

Historical database that offers US daily price, volume, return, and shares outstanding data for securities with primary listings on the major exchanges. Access is available via Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS).

International Financial Statistics (IFS)

The International Monetary Fund's database of information on the economies and financial markets of IMF members. Access is available through the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab, Room LL 261.

Morningstar Investment Research Center

Comprehensive financial information on NYSE and NASDAQ stocks, on thousands of mutual funds, on hundreds of exchange-traded funds, and on various investment indexes. Access is available through either of the following links:


MSCI is a provider of investment decision support tools to more than 6,000 clients worldwide, ranging from large pension plans to boutique hedge funds. It offers a range of products and services – including indices, portfolio risk and performance analytics, and governance tools – from a number of brands such as Barra, RiskMetrics, IPD and ISS.

MSCI Indices:

Access to MSCI indices (e.g., MSCI World Index, MSCI World Energy Sector Index, MSCI World Health Care Sector Index, etc.) is available through the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab, Room LL 261. Once logged onto the Bloomberg Terminal, type: MXWO Index.

MSCI Barra:

For access, please contact Professor Januj Juneja: is the leading provider of financial data on major privately-held companies. Access is available through the following link:

Department Office Hours

Mon.–Fri. 8am–4:30pm
Office Location: SSE-3428
Phone: (619) 594-5323
Fax: (619) 594-3272

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AACSB accredited

The College of Business Administration is fully accredited by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business