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Marketing has been defined as "the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, good and services, to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organization objectives." The marketing major studies how products and services are developed, priced, promoted, distributed and sold. The process requires an understanding of buyer and seller behavior within the context of the overall market environment. Added emphasis is given to the important area of global markets with their own special challenges and opportunities.

Marketing is an essential part of every business. Not-for-profit organizations also have to market their products/services, and the marketing discipline addresses the special needs of such organizations.

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The marketing major at SDSU includes preparatory courses in accounting, finance, information systems, economics and mathematics. At the upper division level, students take classes in marketing as well as finance, management, operations management, and statistics. The curriculum provides training in developing decision models to aid in solving marketing problems. Planning and analysis of strategies for products and/or services are also emphasized, as is the use of computers for data analysis.

Fall 2015 IMC enrollment = 15% of all marketing students. Visit the Centre for Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) website.

It is well recognized in the business world that "nothing happens until somebody sells something." In most companies the sales function is the engine that generates the revenue that enables the company or organization to operate. Sales professionals account for nearly 10 percent of U.S. employment and many of the jobs available to marketing majors upon graduation are in sales related positions. Moreover, a sales position is often used as a stepping stone to a management career in marketing or as an outstanding foundation for future entrepreneurs.

In response to this demand for highly trained sales professionals, the SDSU Marketing department has developed an undergraduate specialization within the Marketing major in Professional Selling and Sales Management (PSSM).

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Marketing Majors & IMC Specializations course sequencing requirements are strictly enforced. Download sequencing information.

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