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Welcome to the MBA Program

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San Diego State University’s MBA program has a general management focus. Through a range of activities that include projects, presentations, and written reports, the MBA curriculum develops the capacity to formulate and communicate strategies to solve business problems and pursue opportunities. Students customize their programs of study to match their career goals.

The MBA Program is structured around the theme of Managing the Firm’s Life Cycle

  1. Management must guide the firm’s transition from startup to growth to a long-lived publicly-traded or privately-held enterprise, i.e., manage the firm’s life cycle.
  2. Management must choose the firm’s corporate strategy – corporate structure combination that best fits its operating environment.
  3. Management of strategy – structure – environment nexus requires management to continually address the following three sets of questions:
    • Business Strategy: Which markets should the firm serve? How should it compete in its served markets?
    • Financial Strategy: What is the firm’s funding need to compete in its served markets? What are the sources composition, and terms on which funds are acquired?
    • Implementation Strategy: How does the firm design its organization, i.e. coordinate its people, organization architecture, routines, and culture to successfully implement its business and financial strategy?

The courses in the MBA Program are designed to address these questions. They are taught both in lecture and case study formats. Both formats draw upon examples and case studies that span different markets and industries – both domestic and international – and different stages of the firm’s life cycle.

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The College of Business Administration is fully accredited by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business