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San Diego State University

Fowler College of
Business Administration

College of Business Administration in Local and National Press

April 19, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune

Petco rival gobbles up pet food site

April 18, 2017

KGTV – San Diego

Expert tips on spending - or saving - your tax refund (video clip)

The Guardian

When lie detectors lie

April 17, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune

What to say - and not to say - about an employee's termination

April 15, 2017

Los Angeles Times

Trump's plan to privatize air traffic control has benefits and pitfalls

April 14, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune

Will a rising minimum wage promote more spending to make up for lost jobs?

April 13, 2017

San Diego Business Journal

Border Wall Raises Economic as Well as Political Questions

April 12, 2017


Which Emerging Tech Will Keep Travelers Safe At Airports And Other Transit Hubs?

KUSI – San Diego

San Diego Renters Will Need At Least A $648 Annual Raise To Keep Up With Rest Increases (video clip)

April 11, 2017

KUSI – San Diego

President Trump's Tax Reform Plan (video clip)

April 10, 2017

KPBS – San Diego

California Bill Would Bar State From Contracting Companies That Build Trump’s Wall

April 07, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune

Econometer: Should the US be run like a business?

KOGO – San Diego

What can we expect from Judge Neil Gorsuch (video clip)

April 05, 2017

The Christian Science Monitor

Amid court battles for Uber drivers, a bill to make tipping easier could bring worthwhle change

Pepsi backlash raises bigger question about company's marketing direction

KNSD – San Diego

20 Local Companies Bid on President's Border Wall Design Plans (video clip)

April 04, 2017

KGTV – San Diego

Money heading back to people tricked by scammers (video clip)

KGTV – San Diego

Protecting Your Internet Browsing Habits (video clip)

April 03, 2017

New USPS Service Lets You Digitally Preview That Day’s Mail Delivery

San Diego Business Journal

Does Proposed Bank Have What It Takes?

April 02, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune

When employer secrets aren’t really secret

April 01, 2017

AIR Magazine

Robotic Detection

March 31, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune

Is San Diego headed for a luxury-hotel glut?

KOGO – San Diego

Does United's Dress Code Discriminate Against Women? (video clip)

March 29, 2017

KNSD – San Diego

Local Grocery Stores Experiment With Online Delivery (video clip)

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