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College of Business Administration in Local and National Press

August 31, 2015

KPBS – San Diego

Show Them The Money! San Diego Fans Play Fantasy Football

August 30, 2015

San Diego Union-Tribune

Some superintendent salaries rising to the extreme

August 28, 2015

Los Angeles Times

USC's Sarkisian isn't first coast to give his school a black eye

KOGO – San Diego

Fantasy Football

August 27, 2015

KPBS – San Diego

San Diego Experts Talk Violence In The Workplace

August 26, 2015

KPBS – San Diego

How Do Bad Days On The Stock Market Affect People’s Retirement Savings?

XETV – San Diego

Inside the mind of a disgruntled employee (video clip)

KFMB – San Diego

The disturbing role social media plays in fatal on-air shooting (video clip)

KOGO – San Diego

Workplace Violence. How to Protect Yourself.

KGTV – San Diego

Shooting renews concerns about workplace violence (video clip)

KGTV – San Diego

Reporter and photographer killed on live TV (video clip)

August 25, 2015

San Diego Union-Tribune

The lowdown on starting up

San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego housing prices up 4.6% in June

August 24, 2015

KNSD – San Diego

How Does the Stock Market Affect You? (video clip)

XETV – San Diego

Manic Monday for Markets (video clip)

KOGO – San Diego

Market Uncertainty

August 20, 2015

KUSI – San Diego

Jared Fogle pleads guilty to child exploitation charges (video clip)

KSWB – San Diego

Jared's Impact on Subway (video clip)

August 19, 2015


Subway's Jared Fogle, and 10 other endorsement deals gone bad

Wall Street Journal

Former Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle to Plead Guilty in Child-Sex Case

XETV – San Diego

Ex-Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle Reaches Plea Deal in Child Porn Case (video clip)

San Diego Union-Tribune

Mogl raises $8 million to expand beyond restaurants

August 18, 2015

USA Today

Rieder: The New York Times hammers Amazon

No college football players union...for now

August 16, 2015

Politically Speaking - KNSD

NFL Roulette (video clip)

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