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August 16, 2017


American CEOs’ Trump Nightmare: ‘Life Has Become Politicized’

KOGO- San diego

CEOs Leave Trump's Manufacturing Commttee (video clip)


Trump's Business Councils Dissolve After CEOs Turn Against Him

August 15, 2017

Associated Press

Biz leaders quit Trump panel after Charlottesville comments

August 14, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune

Bad behavior gets a pass in today's technological world

August 13, 2017

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

BrightSide Produce offers new hope for 'food deserts'

August 11, 2017


Is fired Google engineer sexist or honest? (video clip)

August 10, 2017

San Diego Business Journal

DHS Clears Some Legal Hurdles to Boarder Wall with Waiver

San Diego Union-Tribune

Merit-based immigration: Good idea?

August 09, 2017

Business Insider

Here's the evidence ex-Google engineer James Damore would need to have or find to prove his firing was illegal

KGTV – San Diego

New Electric Eel roller coaster could soon be coming to SeaWorld San Diego (video clip)

August 08, 2017

Tips to improve your credit score

Here's why Google had the right to fire that employee over his diversity memo

WHO Radio - Des Moines

Why exactly was that Google engineer fired? (video clip)

August 07, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune

What is a work uniform and why does it matter?

Why it may be illegal for Google to punish that engineer over his now viral anti-diversity memo

August 05, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune

The last frontier of homeownership? (video clip)

August 04, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune

Big tech too big for the public's good?

KPBS - San Diego

As San Diego Home Prices Continue to Rise, Some Mortgage Lending Eases


Amazon shadow looms large ahead of retail earnings

July 28, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune

Many more steps needed to get more housing, economists, CEOs say

KGTV – San Diego

Qualifying for a mortgage could get a bit easier (video clip)

July 27, 2017

San Diego Business Journal

Robot Interrogator Could Change the Face of Security

KNSD – San Diego

Renters Push for Better Rent Control Laws (video clip)

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