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Company Requirements

Start-ups, non-profits, as well as well-established companies are welcome to participate. We ask that management and decision-makers have time during the semester to work with the team and that participating companies have full funding in place to cover the cost of the project. We highly encourage top management to participate in the Kick-off Event and the Final Presentation.

Company Selection Criteria

Interested businesses and organizations should propose a project by submitting an Application. Projects are reviewed to determine the appropriateness of the type and level of work for a student team. The company will be contacted to gain a better understanding of the project's definition and scope.

The program director will arrange a meeting at the company site to review the project and the program. Students indicate preferences for projects and are matched based on qualifications and interest. Faculty members are matched to the projects based on their experience and interest.

The company is notified whether or not there is an available team match by the first week of each semester.

Participation Fees

$6,000 per project
Additional fees may be incurred for incidental project-related expenses


We encourage companies to provide full access to relevant strategic, customer and/or financial data to the students. Confidentiality of corporate partners' nonpublic information is important to all participants. All teams are prepared to sign an agreement restricting disclosure of confidential information if required by the company.