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San Diego State University

Fowler College of
Business Administration

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Image Name Title Office Phone Email
John Anderson, Ph.D. John Anderson, Ph.D. Professor SSE-2424 (619) 594-8954
Hung C. (Leon) Chan, Ph.D. Hung C. (Leon) Chan, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-3116 (619) 594-4304
Janie Chang, Ph.D. Janie Chang, Ph.D. Vern Odmark Professor SSE-3445 (619) 594-8383
John Cooper John Cooper Lecturer SSE-2427
David DeBoskey, Ph.D., CPA (NJ Inactive) David DeBoskey, Ph.D., CPA (NJ Inactive) Associate Professor SSE-2401 (619) 594-2376
Damon M. Fleming, Ph.D. Damon M. Fleming, Ph.D. William E. Cole Director SSE-2411 (619) 594-3735
Steven L. Gill, Ph.D. Steven L. Gill, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-3435 (619) 594-6273
Gary Grudnitski, Ph.D. Gary Grudnitski, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3204 (619) 594-6713
Katie Jaques Katie Jaques Lecturer SSE-2423
Dr. Gun-Ho Joh, Ph.D. Dr. Gun-Ho Joh, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-2437 (619) 594-2716
Nancy Jones Nancy Jones Lecturer SSE-2420 (619) 594-5331
Brett Kawada Brett Kawada Assistant Professor SSE-3447 (619) 594-0207
Placeholder, picture not available for Michael Keane Michael Keane Lecturer SSE-2413
Victoria Krivogorsky, Ph.D. Victoria Krivogorsky, Ph.D. Professor SSE-2435 (619) 594-7189
James W. Ledwith, CPA James W. Ledwith, CPA Lecturer SSE-2419
Kevin Lightner Kevin Lightner Retired Annuitant SSE-2427 (619) 594-3736
Yan Luo, Ph.D., CPA Yan Luo, Ph.D., CPA Assistant Professor SSE-2415 (619) 594-1011
Pablo Machado Pablo Machado Assistant Professor
Narelle Mackenzie Narelle Mackenzie Lecturer SSE-2419
Placeholder, picture not available for Kevan McLaughlin Kevan McLaughlin Lecturer SSE-2427
Nathan Oestreich, Ph.D. Nathan Oestreich, Ph.D. Professor SSE-2413 (619) 594-2478
Placeholder, picture not available for David Pieters David Pieters Lecturer SSE-2418
Paul Sager Paul Sager Lecturer SSE-2423 (858) 342-4506
Sydney (Qing) Shu Sydney (Qing) Shu Assistant Professor
Allison Soares Allison Soares Lecturer SSE-2427
Placeholder, picture not available for James Vogt James Vogt Lecturer SSE-2427
Jeff Wang Jeff Wang Assistant Professor SSE-2417 (619) 594-2033
Jim Williamson Jim Williamson Retired Annuitant SSE-2418

Building abbreviations used in the Faculty Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
SSE Student Services East