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San Diego State University

Fowler College of
Business Administration

College of Business Administration in Local and National Press

Date Source Title
2012-07-13 San Diego Union-Tribune UCAN boss prepared an out, had side business
2012-07-13 How to Sell Your Business for Top Dollar
2012-07-13 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeterists Take Pulse of Economy at Midyear
2012-07-11 KSWB – San Diego On the Money - Dr. Dan Seiver on Taxes and Economic Policy (video clip)
2012-07-11 KNSD – San Diego Comic-Con Brings in the Big Bucks to San Diego (video clip)
2012-07-11 Forbes City of Oakland Taps Occupy Wall Street to Take On Goldman Sachs
2012-07-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Pressure Test Failures at San Onofre Confined to One Generator
2012-07-10 Starting a Business with a Friend? Here's How to Remain Friends
2012-07-09 San Diego Business Journal VC Firm Uses Predictive Analytics to Get the Edge
2012-07-09 San Diego Business Journal Firm Translates Data into Easily Accessed Experiences
2012-07-09 San Diego Business Journal Distressed Properties Draw Cash Players
2012-07-07 North County Times HOUSING: Lawsuit from 4S Ranch Association Could Stifle Condo Prices There
2012-07-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Will Companies Drop Health Coverage in Wake of Court Ruling?
2012-07-06 San Diego Union-Tribune SD Experts Weigh-in on June Unemployment
2012-07-06 Washington Post U.S. added 80,000 Jobs in June as Economy Struggles
2012-07-06 Why are we surprised by Bad Job Numbers?
2012-07-05 Washington Examiner Europe's Turmoil Helps Keep U.S. Mortgage Rates Low - For Now
2012-07-04 Associated Press Could Economics Doom Ailing Calif. Nuke Plant?
2012-07-03 KPBS – San Diego Old School Sales at The San Diego County Fair
2012-06-30 Financial Express Global Banking Scenario Not a Smooth One
2012-06-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Are We on Cusp of a Housing Recovery?
2012-06-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Will AZ Immigrant Ruling Give SD Economic Boost?
2012-06-29 KOGO – San Diego Supreme Court Rules on Health Care Law (audio clip) (no longer available)
2012-06-28 Los Angeles Times Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling Might Provide Clarity for Businesses
2012-06-28 KSWB – San Diego Health Care Decision (video clip)
2012-06-26 InformationWeek Mac Users See Pricier Rooms at Orbitz
2012-06-26 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Housing Market Showing Improvement
2012-06-26 Financial Times House Price Rise Boosts Obama Poll Hopes
2012-06-26 Bloomberg Lennar Said to Discuss $1 Billion Loan from Chinese Bank (no longer available)
2012-07-16 KNSD – San Diego Collecting Complaints on Your Credit Cards
2012-07-16 KPBS – San Diego Southern California Edison Releases Data on Faulty Steam Generators at San Onofre
2012-07-13 KPBS – San Diego Comic-Con Delivers $180 Million Economic Punch to San Diego
2012-06-25 KSWB – San Diego SOLO Shades' Proceeds Help Vision-Impaired (no longer available)
2012-06-24 XETV – San Diego Wendy Patrick (video clip no longer available)
2012-06-23 North County Times SALES TAX: Big Surge in Critical Revenue Stream for Cities (no longer available)
2012-06-22 Zillow Blog Vacation Rentals - Huge Rents... Any Profits?
2012-06-22 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter Weighs Greek Impact on U.S.
2012-06-22 Forbes Fiscal Cliff: Fact or Fiction?
2012-06-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Bank Still Healthy Despite Downgrade, Economists Say
2012-06-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Verizon Shakes Up Smartphone Pricing (no longer available)
2012-06-21 KNSD – San Diego Why Now May Be Time to Buy a New Home (video clip)
2012-06-20 Investor's Business Daily Gloomier Fed Extends Conservative 'Twist', For Now
2012-06-19 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego Foreclosures Fall to 5-Year Low
2012-06-19 KPBS – San Diego San Onofre: Design Caused Decay
2012-06-18 New York Post Gore's Eco-Friendly Firm Lands $16M Contract to Manage City Pension Funds
2012-06-18 KNSD – San Diego Credit Score Secret: Pay on Time
2012-06-18 San Diego Daily Transcript Microsoft Throws Hat Into the Tablet Ring
2012-06-18 Computerworld Microsoft Launches Own Windows 8 Tablets, One a Full PC
2012-06-18 San Diego Business Journal Can a Company Follow in Qualcomm's Giant Steps
2012-06-18 San Diego Business Journal Biotech Ascendant
2012-06-15 MBA Student to Undertake Analysis of Cricket
2012-06-15 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Can Americans Recoup Drop in Net Worth?
2012-06-13 San Diego Union-Tribune Single-Family Home Resales at 7-Year High (no longer available)
2012-06-12 KNSD – San Diego Share Everything Plan Pros and Cons (video clip)
2012-06-11 San Diego Union-Tribune U.S. Family Net Worth Drops to the Level of Early 1990s (no longer available)
2012-06-11 KPBS – San Diego Housing Woes and Upside Down Homeowners
2012-06-11 San Diego Business Journal Housing Rebound?
2012-06-08 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Will Pension Vote Result in "Brain Drain"?
2012-06-07 San Diego Daily Transcript Foreclosure Activity Starts to Stabilize in San Diego
2012-06-07 KGTV – San Diego Probe Launched Into Election Night Attack on County Website
2012-06-07 KNSD – San Diego Albertsons to Cut 2500 Jobs (video clip)
2012-06-07 KPBS Radio – San Diego Typical CEO Salary in San Diego is $256K
2012-06-05 KNSD – San Diego Junk Food TV Ads Rejected (video clip)
2012-06-05 KPBS – San Diego Breastfeeding Moms Silenced by the Military
2012-06-03 KGTV – San Diego San Onofre Nuclear Plant Likely Offline Through August
2012-06-03 Money Matters Facebook IPO (video clip)
2012-06-02 San Diego Union-Tribune Why This Jobs Report is a Big Deal (no longer available)
2012-06-01 KNSD – San Diego Cricket Wireless to Offer Prepaid iPhone (video clip no longer available)
2012-06-01 San Diego Union-Tribune Why Was May's Jobless Report so Disappointing?
2012-06-01 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter Panel Looks for Safe, Lucrative Investments
2012-06-01 Housing Sector Drives Job Losses
2012-07-20 USA Today With Twitter temptations, an Olympic scandal awaits
2012-07-20 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Save defense jobs, damn the deficit?
2012-07-22 KNSD – San Diego Shooting Suspect Was Quiet, Witty Says Friends
2012-07-20 KNSD – San Diego Tragedy in Colorado (video clip)
2012-07-20 KGTV – San Diego Pawn Shop Visit (video clip)
2012-07-20 XETV – San Diego Security Questions (video clip)
2012-07-23 KPBS – San Diego Massacre Suspect James Holmes Appears in Court
2012-07-20 KPBS – San Diego Colorado Shooting Suspect Went To San Diego High School
2012-07-23 KUSI – San Diego Public Outlet Security (video clip)
2012-07-20 KFMB – San Diego Theater Security (video clip)
2012-07-23 KNSD – San Diego Most Connected Olympics Ever (video clip)
2012-07-23 San Diego Business Journal Venture Capitalist's Quest Keeps Him Invested in Southland
2012-07-23 UT-TV How To Spot Red Flags (video clip no longer available)
2012-07-24 KNSD – San Diego SD Housing Market Bouncing Back: Report
2012-07-25 KNSD – San Diego Olympic Sponsorships (video clip)
2012-07-24 Battle of the Credit Scores
2012-07-26 UT-TV Analysis of the Colorado Shooting Suspect (video clip no longer available)
2012-07-29 XETV – San Diego Analyzing the Shooting Suspect (video clip no longer available)
2012-07-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Should we seize underwater mortgages?
2012-07-28 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Boot Greece out of the eurozone?
2012-07-30 San Diego Business Journal Deposit Slips
2012-07-30 San Diego Business Journal USFL Returns With A New Game Plan
2012-07-27 KPBS – San Diego Back To School Shopping Season Important For Stores
2012-07-30 10 Things Credit Scores Won't Say (no longer available)
2012-07-31 KSWB – San Diego On The Money - SDSU's Mark Goldman on Real Estate (video clip)
2012-08-01 Athletic Business Sports MBA Scott Minto Discusses Olympic Bids and Sponsorship
2012-08-01 Forbes All Star Student Entrepreneurs
2012-07-31 MSN US housing mess: It's not the worst
2012-08-03 San Diego Union-Tribune How will drought affect San Diego food prices?
2012-08-05 XETV – San Diego Chick-fil-A's 1st amendment right (video clip no longer available)
2012-08-06 San Diego Business Journal AL Puts Tangy Taste in Supplement Biz
2012-08-03 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Should the Fed have acted?
2012-08-03 KUSI – San Diego First Amendment Rights At Work (video clip)
2012-08-06 Forbes Knight Capital: The Ideal Way To Screw Up On Wall Street
2012-08-03 San Diego Union-Tribune July job growth most in five months
2012-08-07 SmartMoney The True Cost of Making the Olympics
2012-08-08 KNSD – San Diego Refinery Fire Drives up Gas Prices (video clip)
2012-08-08 San Diego Daily Transcript County trustee deeds, notices of default increase slightly
2012-08-09 KPBS – San Diego Do Corporations Pay State Taxes?
2012-08-09 Wall Street Journal IKEA Discloses an $11 Billion Secret
2012-08-10 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Will the Olympics return London's investment?
2012-08-13 San Diego Business Journal Dean Puts Resources to Work For Business's Next Generation
2012-08-13 North County Times HOUSING: Foreclosure rate falls, but rise in defaults predicts clouds ahead
2012-08-15 Wall Street Journal It's Not Book of the Month: It's Men's Fashion
2012-08-17 Wall Street Journal Stocks: The 'Lockup' Effect
2012-08-16 KGTV – San Diego SDSU Professor's Software Aims To Curb School Dropouts
2012-08-17 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter takes pulse of VP choice Ryan's budget
2012-08-17 San Diego Daily Transcript SDSU dean finds job more difficult than running a business
2012-08-20 KPBS – San Diego Report: Payday Loans Used For Everyday Expenses
2012-08-17 North County Times SDSU professor develops software to curb drop-outs
2012-08-12 KNSD – San Diego Calling All Parents (video clip)
2012-08-20 KGTV – San Diego $2.5 Billion Deal Could Raise Local Gas Prices
2012-08-22 KPBS – San Diego High Tech Hook To Keep Kids In School
2012-08-22 KPBS – San Diego What's Next For San Onofre?
2012-08-22 MarketWatch Fewer home buyers are first-timers
2012-08-23 KNSD – San Diego Car Payments Increase (video clip)
2012-08-23 KSWB – San Diego SDSU professor develops program to stop dropouts (no longer available)
2012-08-24 KFMB – San Diego Armstrong stripped of 7 Tour titles, banned for life (video clip)
2012-08-24 Reuters Armstrong's marketing appeal seen surviving title loss
2012-08-24 San Diego Union-Tribune Armstrong glides over PR speed bump
2012-08-26 San Diego Union-Tribune What should GOP, Democratic campaigns say about housing?
2012-08-25 XETV – San Diego Scott Minto: Lance Armstrong's Image and Legacy (video clip no longer available)
2012-08-24 KNSD – San Diego Effect on Donations (video clip)
2012-08-26 KGTV – San Diego Critics Renew Calls To Keep San Onofre Offline
2012-08-27 The Daily Aztec Google challenges students
2012-08-24 KNSD – San Diego Doping Accusations (video clip)
2012-08-28 The Daily Aztec Software created to retain students
2012-08-28 KPBS – San Diego Apple iPhone Win - What Does It Mean For Consumers?
2012-08-28 KPBS – San Diego Local Home Price Sales Up 1.1 Percent Last Month
2012-08-29 KSWB – San Diego Workplace Violence (video clip)
2012-08-30 KPBS – San Diego Cost Benefit Analysis Underway At San Onofre
2012-09-03 San Diego Business Journal Fashion Retailers See the Pluses of the Plus-Size Market
2012-09-05 KSWB – San Diego What is Sexual Harassment? (video clip)
2012-09-05 Libor, the federal funds rate and the US prime rate: A primer
2012-09-05 Kiplinger AT&T and Verizon Still Rule
2012-09-05 KUSI – San Diego Amazon Sales Tax
2012-09-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Walmart, Toys R Us expand layaway programs
2012-09-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Why Long's Aztecs went for it on fourth down in fourth
2012-09-06 Reuters Dear boss, I'm pregnant, bankrupt, divorcing
2012-09-10 San Diego Business Journal Regulus' IPO Plans Draw Some Big Names
2012-09-08 San Diego Union-Tribune Is Calfornia ready for state-run private pensions?
2012-09-07 KUSI – San Diego Jobs Report (video clip)
2012-09-10 KPBS – San Diego Online Shopping Is About To Get A Little More Expensive In Calif
2012-09-11 KFMB – San Diego Sales Tax (video clip)
2012-09-11 KNSD – San Diego Amazon Prepares to Collect California Tax (video clip)
2012-09-13 Fed: No rate hikes until at least 2015
2012-09-13 U-T San Diego Amazon's sales tax advantage ending
2012-09-13 KNSD – San Diego Protecting Packages With Personal Lockers (video clip)
2012-09-13 U-T San Diego QE3: Fed launches new round of stimulus
2012-09-14 Financial Times Tax levels playing field for retailers
2012-09-16 North County Times HOUSING: 'We're in a seller's market' (no longer available)
2012-09-10 San Diego Daily Transcript Notices of default down 42.7% from August 2011
2012-09-17 San Diego Business Journal Moving in a New Direction
2012-09-17 KNSD – San Diego Robocall Complaints Increase (video clip)
2012-09-18 USA Today Apple iPhone fans line up for days
2012-09-19 KSWB – San Diego Forbes names SDSU students to all-star business list (video clip no longer available)
2012-09-19 KFMB – San Diego Amazon alternatives that don't charge sales tax (video clip)
2012-09-19 KNSD – San Diego Fans Scramble To Watch Favorite Sports Teams (video clip)
2012-09-19 KSWB – San Diego SDSU marketing expert discusses the iPhone 5 (video clip)
2012-09-20 SDSU Library Blog Sneak Peak at the Financial Markets Laboratory
2012-09-17 SDSU Newscenter Financial Markets Lab Coming to Library
2012-09-23 The Daily Aztec State-of-the-art finance lab unveiled
2012-09-24 San Diego Business Journal Realities Reset Biotech Investment Strategies
2012-09-21 CBS News NFL to teams: Stop berating replacement refs
2012-05-30 San Diego Union-Tribune 'Mayoral Derby' gets compromised, closes
2012-05-29 KNSD – San Diego More Issues at San Onofre (video clip)
2012-05-29 The Coast News 'New era' of fitness helping to extend athletes' careers
2012-05-29 KGTV – San Diego New Problems For Plant (video clip)
2012-05-29 KFMB – San Diego AP NewsBreak: Backup power probed at CA nuke plant (video clip)
2012-05-29 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Embraces A New Electronic Wallet
2012-05-28 San Diego Business Journal Money Follows as More of U.S. Navy Fleet Heads to San Diego
2012-05-26 San Diego Union-Tribune Job advice to grads: Take risks, be a forward thinker
2012-05-25 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Will There be a run on Greek banks?
2012-05-25 San Diego Union-Tribune Should banks reduce mortgage principal?
2012-05-23 San Diego Daily Transcript Facebook facing concerns over IPO
2012-05-23 KPBS Radio The Fronteras Vote 2012 Election Special (audio clip)
2012-05-21 Center for American Progress The Global Importance of Government Guarantees in Mortgage Finance
2012-05-21 KPBS – San Diego A Better Nuclear Power Plant?
2012-05-21 KNSD – San Diego Why We Hate Paying More For Gas (video clip)
2012-05-21 San Diego Business Journal Mortgage Veteran Starts New Venture
2012-05-21 San Diego Business Journal Mortgage Banks and Brokers Making a Comeback
2012-05-21 XETV – San Diego Murray Jennex: San Onofre/New Ad (video clip no longer available)
2012-05-18 KUSI – San Diego Facebook Goes Public (video clip)
2012-05-18 San Diego Union-Tribune What's job market like for college grads?
2012-05-18 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panel looks for magic budget bullet
2012-05-18 North County Times HOUSING: Foreclosure rate half of what it was a year ago (no longer available)
2012-05-17 KGTV – San Diego California Collects Billions From IPO (video clip)
2012-05-17 U.S. News & World Report At Some Business Schools, the Salesman's Not Dead
2012-05-15 The National Law Journal The next solo incubator will be in San Diego
2012-05-14 USA Today CEOs stumble over ethics violations, mismanagement
2012-05-14 CEOs Gone Wild: What's Wrong With Corporate America?
2012-05-14 San Diego Business Journal Accounting Firm Purchase Makes Sense in Number of Ways
2012-05-11 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Is income inequity a threat to American prosperity?
2012-05-10 KNSD – San Diego Banks Urged to Pay for Foreclosed Home Maintenance
2012-05-09 Associated Press Ecuador law would forgive mortgage debt (no longer available)
2012-05-08 San Diego Daily Transcript SDSU celebrates Sales Appreciation Day, receives $150K for new sales program
2012-05-08 San Diego Business Journal SDSU Launches New Program With Pageantry, Job Fair
2012-05-08 KNSD – San Diego Are Salesmen Taught or Born? (video clip)
2012-05-07 San Diego Daily Transcript Trustee deeds decrease almost 50%
2012-05-06 San Diego Union-Tribune U.S. Could Return to Mostly Private Mortgages (no longer available)
2012-05-04 San Diego Union-Tribune Small to moderate job growth expected this year
2012-05-04 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Are unpaid internships worth it?
2012-05-01 KGTV – San Diego San Diego Black-Out: Businesses Fight to Recover Money (video clip no longer available)
2012-04-30 San Diego Daily Transcript SDSU students win NAIOP University Challenge
2012-04-30 San Diego Business Journal Bank in Good Position for Serving Mexico, U.S.
2012-04-30 San Diego Business Journal Local Brokers Optimistic That Market is at Bottom
2012-04-29 KGTV – San Diego Protesters March At San Onofre Nuclear Plant
2012-04-29 XETV – San Diego New Research regarding the San Onofre Nuclear Plant (video clip no longer available)
2012-04-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Cheers and jeers for the Walmart Show
2012-04-27 KNSD – San Diego Enhanced Mortgage Relief Program an Unsung Hero (video clip)
2012-04-27 San Diego Union-Tribune SD tourism needs fatter wallets, not more 'heads in beds'
2012-04-26 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Should we cap interest rates on students loans?
2012-04-26 KGTV – San Diego County Homeowners Could Be Overpaying On Property Tax
2012-04-24 KNSD – San Diego Shopping Startups Use Video as Billboards
2012-04-24 KPBS Radio – San Diego Walmart Bribery Scandal
2012-04-24 KUSI – San Diego Walmart Faces Bribery Allegations Across the Border (video clip)
2012-04-21 North County Times HOUSING: 'This is crazy': Home ownership cheaper than renting
2012-04-20 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Tax refund - spend or save?
2012-04-19 Cities With the Least Realistic Home Sellers
2012-04-18 Just Means Divining the Next Stock Market Crash: New Fragility Index Measures Global Systemic Risk (no longer available)
2012-04-16 KGTV – San Diego 2 More Aircraft Carriers Coming to San Diego
2012-04-16 InformationWeek Oracle, Google Trial: Goliath vs. Goliath
2012-04-16 KNSD – San Diego Local Grocery Store Sparks New Price War (video clip)
2012-04-13 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: What letter grade did experts give economy?
2012-04-11 KUSI – San Diego President Obama promotes Buffett Rule (video clip)
2012-04-10 KGTV – San Diego Stedman Graham Inspires Students, Faculty At SDSU
2012-04-10 KPBS – San Diego Report: California's 1% Hurting State's Recovery
2012-04-09 San Diego Union-Tribune Stedman Graham visit is serious business
2012-04-09 KFMB – San Diego Study: Radiation From Japan Plant Found in California Kelp (video clip)
2012-04-09 KPBS Radio NRC Chair Gets Update At San Onofre As The Plant Sits Idle
2012-04-07 North County Times HOUSING: 'This is crazy': Home ownership cheaper than renting (no longer available)
2012-04-07 New York Post Job Growth Slows in March
2012-04-06 KUSI – San Diego Safety Concerns at San Onofre (video clip)
2012-04-06 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Does the lottery have any economic benefit?
2012-04-05 San Diego Daily Transcript From class project to legitimate business: SOLO Eyewear
2012-04-05 KGTV – San Diego Starbucks' Store Location Approach Examined (video clip)
2012-04-05 East County Magazine SDSU's Mentor Program Cultivates Next Generation Leaders
2012-04-05 KPCC – Orange County, CA A look at the future of the San Onofre nuclear power plant
2012-04-04 North County Times HOUSING: Fewer houses on market ignite bidding wars among buyers (no longer available)
2012-04-03 Finance and Commerce Sustainable: New biodegradable plastic bag is in the works
2012-04-02 KGTV – San Diego TV Ad Calls To Keep San Onofre Reactors Shut Down
2012-03-31 Daily Comet Shh; don't call it a tax
2012-03-31 San Diego Union-Tribune Will High Gas Prices Hurt Spring Home Buying?
2012-03-30 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: If Supreme Court rejects Obama care does it matter to economy?
2012-03-30 San Diego Union-Tribune Lottery Odds are Long - Is the Dream Short? (no longer available)
2012-03-30 KPBS – San Diego Otay Ranch Has A New Kind of Home
2012-03-30 Strategies Won't Help You Win Mega Millions
2012-03-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Why you had to buy that $1 Mega Millions ticket
2012-03-29 When you inherit a house, you don't automatically inherit the home insurance policy
2012-03-29 Mega Millions raises tough question for job seekers
2012-03-28 KUSI – San Diego NRC Orders San Onofre to Remain Shut Down Indefinitely (video clip)
2012-03-27 North County Times HOUSING: Home prices sputter for 6th consecutive month in January (no longer available)
2012-03-27 KNSD – San Diego San Onofre's Restart Halted by Feds
2012-03-24 San Diego Union-Tribune Port execs eat well, fly first class
2012-03-23 Zillow Blog How to Figure the Value of Empty Building Lots
2012-03-23 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Is GOP's budget plan the answer?
2012-03-23 KNSD – San Diego Power Barges Could Prevent Outage (video clip)
2012-03-22 San Diego Union-Tribune A Summer Without San Onofre is Possible (no longer available)
2012-03-21 New York Newsday Tim Tebow is a marketer's dream
2012-03-21 Palm Beach Post New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton suspended for one year for running 'bounty system'
2012-03-19 Will Wall Street Landlords Be Good Neighbors?
2012-03-19 A Horse of a Different Color (video clip)
2012-03-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Their secret indicator? EconoMeter panelists reveal theirs
2012-03-16 KGTV – San Diego 7 Tubes Fail Pressure Tests At San Onofre
2012-03-16 Bloomberg Radio Minto Discusses Business Side of NCAA Basketball (audio clip) (no longer available)
2012-03-16 CNBC More Senior Using Reverse Mortgages to Raise Cash
2012-03-15 KSWB – San Diego Aztec Fever (video clip no longer available)
2012-03-15 KNSD – San Diego Wreck a Car Event at SDSU (video clip)
2012-03-15 KUSI – San Diego SDSU Students Smash Cars for "Dollars for Scholars" (video clip)
2012-03-15 KFMB – San Diego SDSU Students Smash Cars to Work Out Tensions (video clip)
2012-03-15 KSWB – San Diego SDSU Students Smash Cars for Scholars (video clip no longer available)
2012-03-15 XETV – San Diego Car Smashing (video clip)
2012-03-14 Daily Aztec Businesses busily bustle
2012-03-14 San Diego Daily Transcript SDSU students learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur
2012-03-14 USA Today March Madness in the office: Work come in second
2012-03-14 KFMB – San Diego Picking your brackets: The science behind the Madness (video clip)
2012-03-13 KPBS – San Diego High Radiation Readings At San Clemente May Be False
2012-03-13 KUSI – San Diego San Diego Housing Market (video clip)
2012-03-13 KNSD – San Diego Banks to Offer New Loans (video clip)
2012-03-12 CFO World Why Exchange Traded Funds Are Gaining Steam as CFO Investment Tools
2012-03-12 KGTV – San Diego Free Smartphone Games Could Prove Costly
2012-03-10 San Diego Daily Transcript Job reports paint confusing employment picture
2012-03-09 Zillow Blog Rent-to-Own Deals are Usually Good for Sellers, Bad for Buyers
2012-03-08 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Is Dow a good indicator of US economy?
2012-03-08 Washington Post Obama unveils new foreclosure measures to resuscitate housing market
2012-03-08 San Diego Daily Transcript SDSU sets up 'Entrepreneurial Village'
2012-03-07 KPBS – San Diego Californians Have Problems With Electronic Medical Records
2012-03-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Obama announces more housing relief
2012-03-06 Tick Marks Canada: "You Can Have NHL Teams - We Would Rather Have Corporate HQs"
2012-03-06 KPBS Radio Author Urges 'Countries of Origin' Label On American Products
2012-03-05 KNSD – San Diego How to Pay Less for More Gas (video clip)
2012-03-05 San Diego Business Journal Regional Economic Index Showing Steady Gains
2012-03-03 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: As gas prices go up, will economy go down?
2012-03-02 Zillow Blog Why the Property Price is of Low Importance
2012-03-01 The Daily Aztec Center provides starting point for Aztecs
2012-03-01 Voice of San Diego Mayoral Candidates Want You to Have a Job
2012-03-01 KPBS – San Diego Calif. Homeowners Bill of Rights Aimed At Easing Foreclosures
2012-02-28 North County Times HOUSING: San Diego County house prices down 5th month in a row in December (no longer available)
2012-02-28 KUSI – San Diego California Foreclosures (video clip)
2012-02-28 Washington Post Housing prices fell in December, continue to hurt economic recovery
2012-02-28 San Diego Daily Transcript San Diego home prices fell in December
2012-02-28 KUSI – San Diego How to Prevent Shootings in SD Schools (video clip)
2012-02-27 San Diego Union-Tribune What's behind the dollar store craze?
2012-02-27 San Diego Union-Tribune Gas station angst is universal
2012-02-27 San Diego Business Journal PatientClick Seeks Fortune in Competitive E-Health Records Gold Rush
2012-02-24 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Greek bailout right strategy in Europe?
2012-02-24 Zillow Blog Securing a Rental After Losing Your Home
2012-02-24 Accounting Today Obama Tax Proposals Could Drive Businesses to Canada
2012-02-24 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Greek bailout right strategy in Europe?
2012-02-23 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeterists on Greece
2012-02-23 Associated Press Obama Rolls Out Tax Overhaul (no longer available)
2012-02-22 New York Post Businesses panning Obama's corporate tax overhaul that would close loopholes
2012-02-22 KNSD – San Diego Shoppers Getting Overwhelmed by Online Surveys
2012-02-21 San Diego Union-Tribune High housing costs could be chief barrier to local growth
2012-02-21 KPBS – San Diego Experts Tell City Leaders Housing Is City' Biggest Economic Concern
2012-02-21 San Diego Daily Transcript Economists lecture local elected leaders
2012-02-21 KUSI – San Diego Dow Tops 13,000 for First Time Since the Financial Crisis (video clip)
2012-02-21 KFMB – San Diego Making sense of the economy's mixed message (video clip)
2012-02-21 KPBS Radio – San Diego San Onofre Still Offline Three Weeks Later
2012-02-20 San Diego Business Journal $25B Offers Little Relief For Local Housing Market
2012-02-17 Zillow Blog How to Vet an Investment Property
2012-02-17 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Will Obama's new tax plan help the economy?
2012-02-17 San Diego Union-Tribune 2 more dd's Discounts opening in SD
2012-02-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Soak the rich? EconoMeter panel answers
2012-02-16 KUSI – San Diego Payroll Tax Cut (video clip no longer available)
2012-02-16 KSWB – San Diego Pump Prices
2012-02-12 San Francisco Chronicle Housing crisis losses - who pays?
2012-02-11 San Diego Union-Tribune Seniors and low rates: EconoMeter considers the pros and cons of Fed policy
2012-02-09 Associated Press NC banking regulator overseeing US mortgage deal (no longer available)
2012-02-09 San Diego Union-Tribune Viewpoints: What's good/not so good about mortgage deal?
2012-02-09 North County Times HOUSING: San Diego and Riverside counties to get $3.1 billion in mortgage settlement
2012-02-09 U.S. News & World Report Business Schools Teach Real Estate Despite Trouble Housing Market
2012-02-08 Los Angeles Times Republicans hear a political note in Chrysler ad
2012-02-06 KPBS – San Diego No Deal Yet For California And Nation's Largest Banks
2012-02-06 KNSD – San Diego Navigating the App Trap (video clip)
2012-02-06 Reuters Resilient Chevy, Chrysler Ads Win at Super Bowl (no longer available)
2012-02-06 XETV – San Diego Were Super Bowl Ads Worth the Big Bucks? (no longer available)
2012-02-04 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: How much should the wealthy be taxed?
2012-02-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Nuclear plant offers no timetable on leak fix
2012-02-03 San Diego Daily Transcript Companies hope ads get pre-Super Bowl buzz
2012-02-02 North County Times SAN ONOFRE: Signs of accelerated wear spotted in Unit 2 steam generator (no longer available)
2012-02-02 KPBS – San Diego Expert of Power Plant Security Speaks to KPBS
2012-02-02 KNSD – San Diego Advertised Prices Shift to Reality (video clip)
2012-02-02 Foreign Brand Invades Super Bowl Ad Wars
2012-02-01 KGTV – San Diego Possible Leak at Power Plant (video clip no longer available)
2012-02-01 KNSD – San Diego Smart Phones Crucial for Deals (video clip)
2012-02-01 KNSD – San Diego How to Win Your Super Bowl Pool
2012-01-31 KGTV – San Diego Water Leak Forces Shutdown of Reactor At San Onofre
2012-01-31 Reuters Pick your Super Bowl pool like a pro
2012-01-30 KNSD – San Diego Super Bowl Commercials (video clip no longer available)
2012-01-30 San Diego Business Journal Local Home Sales Increase, Median Price Declines (no longer available)
2012-01-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Will county home prices rise this year? (no longer available)
2012-01-27 KNSD – San Diego Are Dollar Stores a New Trend? (video clip)
2012-01-27 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Economics of stadium 'vision' proposal
2012-01-27 KUSI – San Diego Home Sales (video clip no longer available)
2012-01-25 KNSD – San Diego JC Penney Makes Radical Change (video clip)
2012-01-25 Secret of the Theme Park on Disney's Doorstep
2012-01-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Are mortgage-aid programs too little, too late?
2012-01-21 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Do S&P downgrades in Europe matter?
2012-01-20 Price Cuts Boosting Home Sales
2012-01-20 Zillow Blog Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Buy
2012-01-20 WSAV TV Rock N' Roll Marathon Brought in Big Bucks for Savannah
2012-01-19 KUSI – San Diego Shake Smart (video clip)
2012-01-18 XETV – San Diego Cracking Down on Rogue Sites (video clip no longer available)
2012-01-18 KGTV – San Diego Locals React To Internet Blackout Over Anti-Piracy Bills (video clip)
2012-01-18 KUSI – San Diego SOPA Protest (video clip no longer available)
2012-01-18 Stop pirating my stories about SOPA or I'll have to support it (no longer available)
2012-01-18 Bloomberg/Businessweek Fannie Fee Fail to Offset Record Low Lending Rates: Mortgages (no longer available)
2012-01-17 Main St. How to Know Which Property Investments Will Pay Off
2012-01-16 San Diego Business Journal Credit Union Sees Future in Mortgage Lending, Plans Two Offices (no longer available)
2012-01-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Can $20-a-head cash mobs save local shops?
2012-01-15 Los Angeles Times Coastal cities woo sponsors: Make our beach your sandwich board
2012-01-14 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Should schools invest in teachers or tablets?
2012-01-12 XETV – San Diego Stretching Your Family Dollar (video clip no longer available)
2012-01-11 San Diego Daily Transcript Clear Capital: S.D. home prices expected to decline in 2012 (no longer available)
2012-01-11 North County Times HOUSING: Foreclosures, defaults plummet in 2011 (no longer available)
2012-01-10 Why You Should Do a Football Sponsorship
2012-01-09 San Diego Business Journal European Debt Crisis Paves Way for Sandag Road Purchase (no longer available)
2012-01-09 San Diego Business Journal As Economy Struggles, National University Thrives (no longer available)
2012-01-09 San Diego Business Journal Executive Profile: Michael R. Cunningham (no longer available)
2012-01-06 KPBS Radio – San Diego California Economy Could Cash In On National Job Gains
2012-01-06 KSWB – San Diego Job Market Improving (video clip no longer available)
2012-01-06 KGTV – San Diego Rental Investigation (no longer available)
2012-01-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Home prices to rise slightly in 2012, EconoMeter panelists say
2012-01-05 San Diego Union-Tribune Research flips on career light for student
2012-01-04 Zillow Blog The Ins and Outs of Homeowner's Insurance
2012-01-03 San Diego Union-Tribune SDSU students turn shakes into award-winning business
2012-01-02 San Diego Business Journal Slow-Motion Recovery Sets Economic Pace
2012-01-02 San Diego Business Journal Housing Market Shows No Signs of Escaping Doldrums
2011-12-31 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Will the economy improve in 2012?
2011-12-29 USA Today New Year's money-saving resolutions
2011-12-29 Inc. The 2-Month Extension Does Nothing for Small Business
2011-12-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Good idea?: Calif., Nev., join mortgage probes
2011-12-28 KUSI – San Diego Holiday Retail Sales Better Than Expected (video clip no longer available)
2011-12-28 San Diego Union-Tribune SD's auto sales rev up after recession
2011-12-28 KPBS Radio – San Diego San Diego Housing Pricing Drop
2011-12-27 KUSI – San Diego Will State Tax Ruin Online Shopping for Californians? (video clip)
2011-12-26 The Weekly Standard Mortgaging Our Future
2011-12-23 KGTV – San Diego National Holiday Spending To Reach All-Time High
2011-12-22 KUSI – San Diego Online Christmas Sales Booming (video clip no longer available)
2011-12-22 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeterists look back at 2011
2011-12-22 U.S. News & World Report M.B.A. Is MVP of Sports Management Industry, Some Say
2011-12-21 SDSU Grads Provide Glasses for Needy (no longer available)
2011-12-21 KGTV – San Diego Local Toy Retailer Thrives With Unique Approach
2011-12-20 Candace Rose Interview: Blind Is Not A Handicap: World Champion Golfer, Jeremy Poincenot & His Mother Lissa
2011-12-19 KPBS Radio – San Diego Retailers Revel In Holiday Cheer
2011-12-19 San Diego Business Journal Rescuing Defaulted Borrowers Proves to Be Rewarding
2011-12-17 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Do presidents matter in economy?
2011-12-16 Voice of America Television Network – Online Japan Declares Stricken Nuclear Plant Stable
2011-12-14 New York Times Japan May Declare Control of Reactors, Over Serious Doubts
2011-12-13 KNSD – San Diego Holiday Shoppers Wait for Bigger Bargains
2011-12-12 KPBS – San Diego Is the Occupy San Diego Movement Losing Steam? (video clip)
2011-12-12 KPBS Radio – San Diego Occupy San Diego Joins Effort To Disrupt West Coast Ports
2011-12-11 Associated Press Conn. group promotes trade with central Europe (no longer available)
2011-12-10 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Will exports create more jobs?
2011-12-09 San Diego Union-Tribune Snapdragon Stadium? Only for 10 days
2011-12-08 KNSD – San Diego Unemployment in SD Drops, But Not Enough for Those on the Hunt
2011-12-08 Los Angeles Times On heavenly day, Angels get Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson
2011-12-08 North County Times HOUSING: Foreclosure rate dips in November
2011-12-08 KPBS San Diego State University Joins Big East
2011-12-08 KUSI – San Diego Preventing Credit Card Fraud (video clip no longer available)
2011-12-07 KUSI – San Diego Funding Social Security (video clip no longer available)
2011-12-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Advice for women from 3 with CEO experience
2011-12-06 San Diego Daily Transcript Home prices fall; sales pick up in November
2011-12-06 Investor's Business Daily ECB's Big Bazooka Would Halt, Not Solve Debt Crisis
2011-12-06 Avoid Urban Outfitters Irrelevancy
2011-12-06 XETV – San Diego Online Phishing Scams (video clip)
2011-12-05 KPBS – Evening Edition San Diego Ranks 6th in Nation for Underwater Mortgages (video clip)
2011-12-05 Forbes Marlins Going All In
2011-12-05 U-T On The Radio 'Underwater' Homes
2011-12-05 KPBS Radio – San Diego Snapshot of San Diego's Underwater Homes
2011-12-05 The Inspiration of Jeremy Poincenot, A Golfer Who Lost His Sight And Found His Calling
2011-12-04 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Holiday sales - a sign of good times?
2012-09-21 Investor's Business Daily Don't Confuse Strong Dollar With Good Times
2011-11-29 CBS Why would anyone buy an airline stock?
2011-11-29 KNSD – San Diego Free Shipping Has Strings Attached
2011-11-28 KNSD – San Diego Black Friday Sales Strong (video clip)
2011-11-28 San Diego Business Journal Some Retailers Think Outside The Big-Box
2011-11-27 New York Times A New Urgency to the Problem of Storing Nuclear Waste
2011-11-26 Zillow Blog Want to Make Smart Wealth Building Real Estate Decisions?
2011-11-26 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Who is thankful for what in this economy?
2011-11-26 XETV – San Diego Cyber Monday (video clip no longer available)
2011-11-25 KUSI – San Diego Black Friday Strategy (video clip no longer available)
2011-11-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Residents find many reasons to be thankful
2011-11-21 KPBS – San Diego Working Past Retirement: Some Want To, Some Have To
2011-11-21 The Daily Aztec Finance program named in top 10
2011-11-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Do presidential candidates deserve "A's" in economics?
2011-11-18 KGTV – San Diego Airline's Low Fares Come With Catch
2011-11-17 KGTV – San Diego Local Developer Buys San Diego Union-Tribune
2011-11-16 San Diego Daily Transcript Agessive guidelines expand HARP
2011-11-15 KNSD – San Diego Black Friday Backlash (video clip)
2011-11-14 San Diego Business Journal Banks in Sync With Digital Revolution (no longer available)
2011-11-13 XETV – San Diego Bridge Safety (video clip no longer available)
2011-11-12 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Will holiday consumers spend more?
2011-11-11 Dumping your bank? How to choose a new one
2011-11-11 Bloomberg/BusinessWeek The Mortgage of the Future (no longer available)
2011-11-11 How To Unwrap Birthday Deals
2011-11-10 KUSI – San Diego Sex Abuse Scandal (video clip no longer available)
2011-11-10 The 10 Worst Pieces of 'Good' Career Advice
2011-11-09 MarketWatch U.S. firms look vulnerable as Europe teeters
2011-11-09 KNSD – San Diego Fiverr Sells Gifts, Advice, Songs for $5 (no longer available)
2011-11-09 KNSD – San Diego Paterno Disappoints Local Fans (video clip)
2011-11-08 KNSD – San Diego Early Birds Catching the Deals? (video clip)
2011-11-07 KPBS – San Diego Bank Transfer Day (video clip)
2011-11-07 San Diego Daily Transcript Foreclosures drop 27%; NODs climb in October
2011-11-07 KPBS Radio Bank Transfer Day and Credit Unions
2011-11-05 KNSD – San Diego Walmart Opens Test Store in Horton Plaza (video clip)
2011-11-04 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panel evaluates flat tax
2011-11-04 Reuters UPDATE: 9-PepsiCo sells China bottling assets to Tingyi
2011-11-03 LSU Coach Wins $500,000 Title Bonus as Star Professor Gets Thank-You Note (no longer available)
2011-11-03 KSWB – San Diego Financial Frustration (video clip)
2011-11-03 PowayPatch Light the Night Walkers Draw Inspiration from Poway Teen (no longer available)
2011-11-02 XETV – San Diego Banks vs. Credit Unions (video clip no longer available)
2011-11-01 Zillow Blog Is a Home Inspection Good Enough?
2011-11-01 Financial Planning Financial Planning Education 101: Standout Schools
2012-09-21 KUSI – San Diego New Financial Markets Lab (video clip)
2011-10-31 KNSD – San Diego Customers Cashing Out of Big Banks
2011-10-31 Forbes MF Global Bankruptcy's Biggest Losers
2011-10-29 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panelists eye Obama's latest housing program
2011-10-27 KPBS Radio Occupy San Diego Fears Eviction
2011-10-27 San Diego Daily Transcript Politics, 'economic illiteracy' hurting fiscal recovery, say local experts
2011-10-27 San Diego Union-Tribune Has the foreclosure crisis in San Diego peaked?
2011-10-25 Zillow Smart Investing – A Tale of Two Townhomes
2011-10-25 KUSI – San Diego Rick Perry's Flat Tax (video clip no longer available)
2011-10-25 San Diego Union-Tribune How do you clean your granite counters?
2011-10-24 KUSI – San Diego Mortgage Relief Plan (video clip no longer available)
2011-10-24 San Diego Union-Tribune Housing insiders weigh in on new financing changes
2011-10-24 San Diego Business Journal Merger Math Adds Up for Two Well-Established Accounting Firms (no longer available)
2011-10-22 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter confronts Wall Street occupiers
2011-10-18 KNSD – San Diego Foreclosures Up (video clip no longer available)
2011-10-16 San Francisco Chronicle How Occupy can survive winter of discontent
2011-10-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Wall Street: a den of thieves, tragic heroes and captains of industry
2011-10-15 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Economy will be slightly better a year from now
2011-10-14 Zillow Blog Your Credit Report is an Important Asset
2011-10-14 San Diego Daily Transcript County VA home loans boom in post-recession years (no longer available)
2011-10-14 XETV – San Diego Tips to Save Money (video clip no longer available)
2011-10-13 IBTimes Apple iPhone 4S Pre-orders Sold Out at U.S. Carrier (no longer available)
2011-10-12 San Diego Union-Tribune Economists predict slight improvement one year from today
2011-10-11 San Diego Daily Transcript Foreclosure activity down through nine months (no longer available)
2011-10-11 KNSD – San Diego Bank of America Customers Angry Over Fees
2011-10-10 KCR – SDSU Radio Anything Goes
2011-10-10 KGTV – San Diego Unpaid 9/11 Loans (video clip no longer available)
2011-10-10 Reuters Apple's iPhone 4S breaks early order record
2011-10-09 XETV – San Diego Apple's Future (video clip no longer available)
2011-10-08 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panelists dissect the almighty dollar
2011-10-07 MSN A fading dream? Homeownership plummets
2011-10-06 KNSD – San Diego Mortgage Rates Record Low (video clip no longer available)
2011-10-06 Associated Press Apple's mystique may grow with Steve Jobs' death
2011-10-05 KGTV – San Diego Costco Membership Costs To Increase on Nov. 1
2011-10-05 KNSD – San Diego Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011 (video clip no longer available)
2011-10-05 Mortgage rates plunge beyond expectations
2011-10-04 Bloomberg BusinessWeek When a Competitor Pays Kickbacks
2011-10-04 SDSU Daily Aztec Outstanding work brings award
2011-10-04 KPBS Radio Bernanke: Economic Outlook Has Deteriorated
2011-10-03 KNSD – San Diego Local Dealers Seeing Full Car Lots Again (video clip)
2011-10-03 KPBS – San Diego Fighting Poverty in San Diego One Loan at a Time
2011-10-03 KUSI – San Diego San Diego Real Estate (video clip)
2011-10-02 North County Times Government lowers FHA loan limits (no longer available)
2011-10-01 San Diego Union-Tribune Is Fed out of tools to boost the economy?
2011-09-30 Zillow Are You Wasting Money Renting?
2011-09-30 KSWB – San Diego Fighting Fees (video clip)
2011-09-30 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panelists answer if Fed can do more
2011-09-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Germans conflicted over Greek bailout
2011-09-29 San Diego Daily Transcript Report: Shadow inventory falls from 2010 level
2011-09-29 Washington Post New ways students cheat on tests
2011-09-29 San Diego Union-Tribune U-T Housing Huddle: Meet the panel members
2011-09-28 Associated Press Refinancing your mortgage? Understand appraisals
2011-09-28 North County Times HOUSING: Apartment rents climb as house market stagnates (no longer available)
2011-09-28 Wall Street Journal Reyes Bunts and Sits His Way to Glory
2011-09-26 Forbes Brooklyn Nets Ready to Pounce
2011-09-26 San Diego Union-Tribune Can smartphones get attuned to your moods?
2011-09-25 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Should millionaires be taxed more?
2011-09-23 New York Post Global sell-off
2011-09-22 KNSD – San Diego Hard At Work (video clip)
2011-09-22 USA Today Dow closes down 3.5 %: Stock slide on global fears
2011-09-22 Banks: Not too big to flail
2011-09-21 KNSD – San Diego Banks Turning Down Money
2011-09-21 KGTV – San Diego Investigation: Massive Outage Took 11 Minutes
2011-09-21 San Diego Union-Tribune How will Fed decision affect home loan rates?
2011-09-20 Zillow Do You Understand Income Tax Considerations of Rental Properties?
2011-09-19 KUSI – San Diego Deficit Plan
2011-09-19 North County Times REGION: Grocery strike averted
2011-09-19 KPBS Radio – San Diego Grocery Stores, Union Reach Tentative Agreement
2011-09-19 Associated Press US Mortgage Finance Head: Shift Risk From Treasury
2011-09-19 U.S. News & World Report A Master's Degree in Information Systems Often Leads to Job Opportunities
2011-09-18 KUSI – San Diego Grocery Store Strike
2011-09-18 USA Today Europe's troubles pose a real threat
2011-09-17 San Diego Union-Tribune Why go through with a grocery strike in this economy?
2011-09-16 Los Angeles Times California unemployment rate hits 12.1% as employers slash jobs
2011-09-15 XETV – San Diego Christmas in September (video clip)
2011-09-15 San Diego Union-Tribune Infrastructure: A star player in the jobs bill?
2011-09-14 North County Times Defaults hit high for 2011 in August (no longer available)
2011-09-13 Zillow Should You Buy a Home with Seller Financing?
2011-09-13 KNSD – San Diego Women Taking Over in Poor Economy (video clip)
2011-09-13 Coronado Patch SDSU Adds Advanced Tech Degree (no longer available)
2011-09-13 San Diego Union-Tribune BofA to cut 30,000 positions in revamp
2011-09-12 KNSD – San Diego Bank of America Job Cuts (video clip)
2011-09-12 KUSI – San Diego Blackout Investigation (video clip)
2011-09-12 San Diego Business Journal Chargers Playing Catch-Up
2011-09-10 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: What's the economy legacy of 9/11?
2011-09-09 Wall Street Journal Southwest Returns From Darkness
2011-09-09 Zillow Homeowner's Insurance: Do You Have the Right Type and Amount of Coverage?
2011-09-09 National Public Radio How One Mistake Can Leave Millions Without Power
2011-09-09 Voice of San Diego Four Big Unanswered Blackout Questions
2011-09-09 KGTV – San Diego Unanswered Questions (video clip)
2011-09-09 KPBS – San Diego Power Consultant Offers Explanation For San Diego Blackout
2011-09-09 North County Times BLACKOUT: Investigators to look at why a single failure took down whole system
2011-09-07 San Diego Daily Transcript Surge in mortgage defaults part of August slump
2011-09-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Governor pushes for tax change to spur job creation
2011-09-07 KUSI – San Diego Impact of 9/11 on Education & Research (video clip)
2011-09-04 Virginian-Pilot Half marathon brings bucks to Virginia Beach
2011-09-03 San Diego Daily Transcript Joint Select Committee set with seemingly impossible task
2011-09-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Labor Day 2011: Are you better off?
2011-09-02 Orange County Register O.C. real estate recovery in building mode
2011-09-01 KNSD – San Diego Sony Introduces New Tablet Computer (video clip)
2011-08-30 San Diego Union-Tribune Summer gives San Diego home prices a small boost
2011-08-29 KPBS Radio Grocery Negotiations Resume With Help From Mediator
2011-08-29 KGTV – San Diego Talks Resume In Effort To Avoid Grocery Strike
2011-08-29 San Diego Business Journal Jewelers Benefiting From Gold Rush
2011-08-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Could union grocery survive a strike?
2011-08-27 San Diego Union-Tribune Will the troubled euro survive?
2011-08-26 Ocean City Today Stock market woes stall sales (no longer available)
2011-08-25 Walmart Expansion: Good for New Superstore, Not So Good for Competitors (no longer available)
2011-08-25 TV Cash Floods into (Some) College Programs, Threatens Competitive Balance
2011-08-24 XETV – San Diego Fantasy Football: What's the Attraction? (video clip)
2011-08-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Mixed martial arts' growth show no signs of slowing
2011-08-23 KPBS Radio Grocery Workers Inch Closer to Strike
2011-08-22 San Diego Business Journal Company Puts Good Nutrition on Vending Machine 'Menu'
2011-08-22 Homebuyers Hunker Down as Housing's Drag on the Economy May Worsen (no longer available)
2011-08-21 San Diego Union-Tribune The rising cost of eating
2011-08-20 San Diego Union-Tribune Economists examine their own portfolios
2011-08-19 KUSI – San Diego U.S. Economics Situation (video clip)
2011-08-17 Q2, 2011, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Corporate Magazine Foreign Housing Finance
2011-08-17 Reuters Obama to unveil economic plan in September speech
2011-08-17 Los Angeles Times Take back the liberal arts (no longer available)
2011-08-16 KUSI – San Diego Pentagon Considers Overhaul of Military Pension System (video clip)
2011-08-15 KNSD – San Diego Gold Rushing to Online Auctions (video clip)
2011-08-15 KPBS Radio Online Businesses - Should They Pay California Sales Tax?
2011-08-13 San Diego Union-Tribune Borders liquidates a grand mall tradition
2011-08-13 San Diego Union-Tribune Why you should care about Europe's financial woes
2011-08-13 San Diego Union-Tribune Poll: Is a U.S. recession returning? Local economists weigh in
2011-08-11 KNSD – San Diego More People Stashing Cash in Uncertain Economy (video clip)
2011-08-11 XEWT – Tijuana U.S. Economy's Impact on Mexico (video clip)
2011-08-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Chamber looks to exports as an economic boost for business
2011-08-10 North County Times HOUSING: Defaults and foreclosures down 14th straight month
2011-08-10 North County Times HOUSING: Southwest Riverside County has fewest defaults in July than since start of crisis
2011-08-10 CBS What's Next for the Economy?
2011-08-10 Recession 2.0 would hurt worse
2011-08-09 San Diego Daily Transcript As mortgage rates hover near all-time lows, affordability hits highs
2011-08-09 KUSI – San Diego Wall Street Volatility and the Average American Investor (video clip)
2011-08-09 San Diego Union-Tribune Personal income up 2.5 percent in San Diego in 2010
2011-08-09 KPBS Radio Social Media - Can It Keep You From Getting A Job?
2011-08-08 Zillow Blog Investing in Real Estate - What is a "Good Deal"?
2011-08-08 San Diego Union-Tribune S&P downgrades Fannie, Freddie
2011-08-08 Sports Illustrated Beating The System (no longer available)
2011-08-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Naval chief sets high bar for commanding officers
2011-08-06 North County Times HOUSING: FHA loans to be available to fewer buyers (no longer available)
2011-08-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Is lower mortgage interest deduction coming?
2011-08-05 KFMB – San Diego What Does The Credit Rating Downgrade Mean for Main St.? (video clip)
2011-08-05 San Diego Union-Tribune Mortgage interest deductibility: Threatened sacred cow?
2011-08-04 Competitor Network Big Sur Marathon Pumps $30M into Local Community
2011-08-04 KPBS Radio Retirement Plans Shrink Along With Dow
2011-08-04 XETV – San Diego Stock Market Plunges (video clip)
2011-08-04 KNSD – San Diego Dow Drops 512.76 Points (video clip)
2011-08-04 KGTV – San Diego Experts: Local Economic Outlook 'Negative'
2011-08-04 Bank Stocks Buckle: Financial Losers
2011-08-04 Washington Post Markets plunge on economic turmoil; fears of another recession
2011-08-03 San Diego Daily Transcript Home prices continue to lag in San Diego, U.S.
2011-08-03 The End of Tax-Free Online Shopping?
2011-08-01 KFMB – San Diego Defense Spending Cuts Would Have Impact on San Diego (video clip)
2011-08-01 KNSD – San Diego Nuclear Shipment (video clip)
2011-08-01 KGTV – San Diego Truck Carrying Radioactive Generator Continues Journey
2012-09-25 For NFL, what is the price of integrity? (no longer available)
2012-09-25 Forbes Forget the Monday Night Call - Goodell Should Stand Firm
2012-09-22 North County Times SDSU FOOTBALL: Chart had nothing to do with this loss
2012-09-18 San Diego Daily Transcript Bill giving government more oversight of retirement makes no sense
2012-09-25 Washington Post NFL faces national outrage over blown call by replacement refs
2012-09-28 KPBS – San Diego Is ‘Apple Mania’ For Apple Products Real Or Hype?
2012-09-27 San Diego Daily Transcript Reverse mortgages offer financing options for seniors, retirees
2012-09-15 Los Angeles Times Amazon other Web retailers start collecting California sales tax
2012-10-03 New York Post Class welfare: Unemployed millionaires on the public dole
2012-10-02 USA Today Home prices rising fast, but gains could slow
2012-10-01 San Diego Daily Transcript Employment-to-population ratio a drag on the economy
2011-07-31 KGTV – San Diego Debt Deal Could Hurt Housing Market, Retirement
2011-07-30 KUSI – San Diego How Serious is the Debt Crisis? (video clip)
2011-07-30 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Should U.S. dump debt ceiling?
2011-07-29 McClatchy News Service College cheating rate now up to 70 percent
2011-07-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Debt limit vote weighs on EconoMeter panelist
2011-07-28 XETV – San Diego NFL Lockout Ends (video clip)
2011-07-26 San Diego Union-Tribune What would U.S. credit downgrade mean for mortgage rates?
2011-07-26 Federal Reserve won't solve debt ceiling crisis
2011-07-25 MSN Money Renting: The new American dream?
2011-07-25 San Diego Business Journal 'Son Of TARP' Is Used By Some Banks to Pay Back Bailout Funds
2011-07-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Is GOP budget plan good for the economy?
2011-07-19 KNSD – San Diego Book Lovers Losing Page to Turn (video clip)
2011-07-18 KNSD – San Diego Good Gold! Not a Buyer's Market (video clip)
2011-07-18 San Diego Business Journal Qualcomm Downsized as Part Of Media FLO TV Exit Plan
2011-07-17 North County Times HOUSING: Unpredictable mortgage approvals frustrate buyers, drag down market
2011-07-17 Reuters Latest House debt plan may lead to compromise
2011-07-16 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Are employers getting too used to lean workforce?
2011-07-15 Zillow Blog Buying? Use This Checklist to Avoid Suprises
2011-07-15 KUSI – San Diego U.S. Debt Debate (video clip)
2011-07-15 KNSD – San Diego Sugary Cereals: A Balanced Breakfast (video clip)
2011-07-15 KUSI – San Diego The Debt Debate: What Do Tax Cuts Really Mean? (video clip)
2011-07-14 Gannett News Service Deadline looms in D.C. debt battle (no longer available)
2011-07-14 KPBS – San Diego Debt Ceiling Negotiations Continue - How Could You Be Affected?
2011-07-14 KNSD – San Diego Dropping Home Values Means Lower Tax
2011-07-13 San Diego Daily Transcript County housing market still waiting for seasonal buying activity
2011-07-13 San Francisco Chronicle Pelosi digs in to the left of Obama in debt battle
2011-07-12 San Diego Union-Tribune 'Nonprofit' raised $600,000, lacked IRS paperwork
2011-07-12 KUSI – San Diego Debt Talks Latest (video clip)
2011-07-11 KNSD – San Diego E-mail Receipts (video clip)
2011-07-11 Blogtalkradio Future of Mortgage Lending
2011-07-09 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Would free-trade deals help San Diego?
2011-07-07 San Diego Daily Transcript Dr. Michael Lea from SDSU Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate (video clip)
2011-07-07 Sacramento Bee Cheating in the classroom, cheating yourself (no longer available)
2011-07-07 Reuters Twitter security lags some other sites - experts
2011-07-07 NYSE Endgame 'Inevitable'
2011-07-07 Rancho Santa Fe Review Rancho Santa Fe man assumes post as dean of SDSU business college (no longer available)
2011-07-06 Housing Recovery Stymied as Government Works at Cross-Purposes (no longer available)
2011-07-05 XETV – San Diego The Amazon Tax (video clip)
2011-07-05 San Diego Union-Tribune New business dean at SDSU talks goals
2011-07-03 KGTV – San Diego Tax Holiday (video clip)
2011-07-02 Los Angeles Times Amazon, California play waiting game in sales tax fight
2011-07-02 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Should we be tapping our strategic oil reserves?
2011-06-30 Financial Times Amazon battles California sales tax
2011-06-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Amazon to cut California affiliates
2011-06-29 Amazon drop California associates to avoid sales tax
2011-06-29 KSWB – San Diego Amazon drops California retailers to avoid sales tax (no longer available)
2011-06-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Cash-tight city considers selling ads on beaches
2011-06-28 Nickels & Dimes: Go Paperless or Pay More
2011-06-27 Rancho Santa Fe News Cunningham is new SDSU dean of business admin (no longer available)
2011-06-27 Questionable China Deals Not Fatal to Reserve Mergers - Industry
2011-06-27 San Diego Business Journal Boston Firm Acquires Vista's DEI for $305M
2011-06-26 North County Times HOUSING: Unpredictable mortgage approvals frustrate buyers, drag down market (no longer available)
2011-06-24 Mortgage Pirates Quick Loan Funding And Daniel Sadek Emerge As "Pirate Swashbucklers"...
2011-06-24 San Diego Union-Tribune Foreclosure and defaults not as high as expected
2011-06-24 Financial Times of London White House taps reserves with eye on votes
2011-06-23 Univision – San Diego Recuperacion Economica (video clip)
2011-06-23 KPBS Radio National Economic Slowdown May Hurt Local Recovery
2011-06-22 San Diego Daily Transcript Mortgage market waits on pending regulation
2011-06-22 KFMB – San Diego Internet tax idea is taxing shoppers'patience
2011-06-21 Kansas City Star Lawsuits seek to recover money lost by credit unions (no longer available)
2011-06-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Goodell faced with challenges of herding his fat cat owners
2011-06-21 Fox News Can't Sell Your Home? Maybe It's Time to Rent It
2011-06-20 Forbes NFL Retirees Keep Pushing
2011-06-20 KNSD – San Diego Buyer Beware: Cars Sparing Tires
2011-06-20 Wired Magazine How Facebook Uses Feedback Loops: Meet Rypple
2011-06-20 San Diego Business Journal San Diego's Largest Public Company Remains a Work in Progress
2011-06-20 San Diego Business Journal Military Projects Lead to Strong Life Sciences Cluster
2011-06-20 San Diego Business Journal Illumine Turns Profitable Corner on Quest to Decipher DNA
2011-06-20 San Diego Business Journal From 3 A.M. to $11B
2011-06-18 San Diego Union-Tribune What can Obama do to fix the economy? (no longer available)
2011-06-17 KNSD – San Diego Employment Searching in California
2011-06-14 San Diego Daily Transcript New SDSU College of Business dean wants to bring school to national prominence
2011-06-14 KSWB – San Diego Coupon craze prompts newspaper thefts (no longer available)
2011-06-14 San Diego Daily Transcript Home prices moving sideways in five local submarkets
2011-06-13 Investor's Business Daily China's U.S.-Listed Small-Cap Stocks Suffer
2011-06-13 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego home prices, sales fall from one year ago
2011-06-13 San Diego Business Journal Company Pulls Potential Out of Housing Slump
2011-06-10 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Is inflation a threat to the economy?
2011-06-09 San Diego Daily Transcript Home sales activity, prices sag in May
2011-06-09 North County Times HOUSING: Foreclosures, defaults continue to slide
2011-06-08 San Diego Citybeat A simple 'yes' or 'no'
2011-06-08 Where Real Estate Listings Fail (no longer available)
2011-06-07 KSWB – San Diego Unions Line Up Support for Possible Grocery Strike (video clip)
2011-06-07 KNSD – San Diego Grocery Workers Considering Possible Strike (video clip)
2011-06-06 Del Mar Times Del Mar's Steven Osinski leaves corporate America for academia (no longer available)
2011-06-04 San Diego Daily Transcript May report takes steam out of employment engine
2011-06-04 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Are we facing a double dip in home prices?
2011-06-03 KOGO – San Diego San Diego Home Prices (audio clip starts at 24:35) (no longer available)
2011-06-02 Forbes So What Does Shaq Do Now?
2011-06-02 KUSI – San Diego Congressman caught in hacking scandal (video clip)
2011-06-02 San Diego Union-Tribune Brands built to last in America's finest city
2011-06-01 XETV – San Diego Golf Handicap System (video clip)
2011-06-01 Family Firm Institute Inc. Q&A
2011-05-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Should grads get advanced degree if they can't find work?
2011-05-27 Chicago Tribune Got a degree and a job? Now get a financial plan (no longer available)
2011-05-25 XETV – San Diego Customer Information Sold (video clip)
2011-05-24 KNSD – San Diego Repair Your Reputation (video clip)
2011-05-23 San Diego Business Journal Three MDA Companies Combine Forces Under DataQuick Banner
2011-05-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Is Congress' debt-ceiling inaction bad for stocks?
2011-05-20 Reuters Strauss-Kahn severance revisits CEO pay dilemma
2011-05-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Mortgage forms may get overdue makeover
2011-05-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Cities toss phone books; Do you use them?
2011-05-16 KNSD – San Diego Club Card Overload (video clip)
2011-05-16 KGTV – San Diego Senator Proposed New Tax Break Bill
2011-05-16 San Diego Business Journal New CEO Knows Importance of Sharing Data
2011-05-16 San Diego Business Journal Sony Is Attempting to Resume Services After Hacking Events
2011-05-16 San Diego Business Journal Tasty Kabobs Are Their Piece(s) of the American Dream
2011-05-15 KGTV – San Diego Cyber Security Concerns Growing (video clip)
2011-05-15 KNSD – San Diego Buyer Beware (video clip)
2011-05-15 Sony Attack Shows Amazon Cloud Lures Hackers at Pennies an Hour (no longer available)
2011-05-14 KUSI – San Diego Is Craig's List Safe? (video clip)
2011-05-14 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Panel considers future of homeownership
2011-05-13 KNSD – San Diego Paying More (video clip)
2011-05-13 Washington Post Rate of foreclosure activity in D.C. area at a low point
2011-05-12 San Diego Daily Transcript National, local foreclosures falling, but why?
2011-05-12 San Diego Union-Tribune S.D. home prices take slight dip in April
2011-05-12 New York Post Banks halt foreclosure due to glut
2011-05-11 Reuters Instant view: Rajaratnam found guilty of insider trading
2011-05-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Personal medical care – for a price
2011-05-10 How All-Cash Buyers Are Preventing The Collapse Of The Housing Market
2011-05-09 San Diego Daily Transcript Home prices fall at steepest rate since '08
2011-05-09 Radio New Zealand The future of Fannie and Freddie: Michael Lea
2011-05-08 KNSD – San Diego Getting Paid to Text (video clip)
2011-05-07 San Diego Union-Tribune What's the economic fallout of bin Laden's death?
2011-05-06 Ethier's streak reaching treacherous territory
2011-05-06 Reuters Analysis: Sony woes may cause some to rethink cloud computing
2011-05-06 North County Times REGION: UltraStar Cinemas closing three theaters in North County
2011-05-05 KGTV – San Diego Local Cities See Rise in Sales Tax Revenue
2011-05-05 KPBS – San Diego Debt Ceiling Fight Could Be Critical For Government
2011-05-05 KPBS – San Diego Sony Victims Face Identity Fraud in Months to Come
2011-05-04 XETV – San Diego An Economic Upturn (video clip no longer available)
2011-05-03 KGTV – San Diego Sony Online Entertainment Announces Security Breach
2011-05-03 USA Today Stocks flat as 'bin Laden bounce' proves short-lived
2011-05-02 XETV – San Diego Bin Laden Dead (video clip no longer available)
2011-05-02 San Diego Business Journal Capital Gains
2012-10-04 KSWB – San Diego Gas prices could soon break 2012 record (video clip no longer available)
2012-10-08 San Diego Business Journal Project's Fate Rests With Courts, State
2012-10-09 InformationWeek Why Huawei Has Congress Worried
2012-10-09 San Diego Daily Transcript County foreclosure filings decrease in September
2012-10-11 North County Times HOUSING: Foreclosure rates extend downward trend in September
2012-10-12 Orange County Register Myspace needs more than friends
2012-10-12 Orange County Register Professor: Myspace has many opportunities
2012-10-12 Bloomberg/Businessweek Notre Dame Revival Brings Revenue Bonanza to Football Opponents
2012-10-12 KPBS – San Diego Prop 39 Takes Aim At State Tax Code (video clip)
2012-10-16 KNSD – San Diego WalMart Grocery Store Opens in San Diego (video clip)
2012-10-17 USA Today Housing starts hit 4-year high in September
2012-10-17 San Diego Daily Transcript Underwater borrowers further inventory housing market
2012-10-21 Reuters Who are the muppets now? Goldman exposé falls short of the hype
2012-10-18 Los Angeles Times Lakers continue to be an economic juggernaut
2012-10-18 Voice of San Diego Manchester: 'Give Me $200 Million And I'll Fix Qualcomm Stadium'
2012-10-23 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Real Estate Looking Less Anemic
2012-10-22 Orange County Register Amazon steps up its game in California
2012-10-25 Associated Press Sports Stars Sell Memories, Beat Tax Increase (no longer available)
2012-10-02 New York Times Rooting on the Home Team, and Voting on Its G.M.
2012-10-27 U-T San Diego How can San Diego get more homes on the market? (no longer available)
2012-10-26 KNSD – San Diego Gas Prices Finally Offer Some Relief (video clip)
2012-10-29 San Diego Business Journal Awarepoint Founder Is Building an Intelligent Light Switch
2012-10-29 San Diego Business Journal Firm Seeks Its Future Off the Public Markets
2012-10-30 Huffington Post NYSE's Post-Sandy Reopening Potentially Volatile
2012-11-15 First impressions: Analyzing our Home Affordability Study
2012-11-12 San Diego Business Journal Homegrown Banks Ripe for the Picking
2012-11-12 San Diego Business Journal Squeezed
2012-11-11 U-T San Diego Inventory Shortage Hinders Homebuyers (no longer available)
2012-11-09 Associated Press Lockheed Martin ousts new CEO for relationship
2012-11-19 Why are retailers ruining Thanksgiving?
2012-11-08 The Daily Aztec Light the Night walk honors cancer patients
2012-11-19 KNSD – San Diego Black Friday Backlash - Shoppers annoyed at early sales
2012-11-10 U-T San Diego Do homebuyers stand a chance in tight market? (no longer available)
2012-11-09 UT-TV Workplace Improprieties (video clip)
2012-11-09 KSWB – San Diego Christmas Creep (video clip)
2012-11-01 Financial Planning Magazine 25 Great Schools For Future Financial Planners
2012-11-20 KPBS Radio – San Diego Holiday Shopping Season Offers Sales Boost
2012-11-20 KNSD – San Diego Increased Mortgage Job Postings a Sign of Improvement (video clip)
2012-11-21 KPBS – San Diego Black Friday Kicks Off A Long Holiday Shopping Season
2012-11-26 Retailers Keep Deals Flowing on 13% Holiday-Sales Jump (no longer available)
2012-11-26 Reuters How to get the best deals on Cyber Monday
2012-11-25 KUSI – San Diego Shattered Shopping Records (video clip)
2012-11-21 KUSI – San Diego Holiday Deals (video clip)
2012-11-23 KUSI – San Diego Fiscal Cliff (video clip)
2012-11-23 Shoppers, get ready for Cyber Monday (no longer available)
2012-11-23 U-T San Diego Airport staff still travels in style (no longer available)
2012-11-26 KFMB – San Diego Cyber Monday bargain hunters go click-crazy (video clip)
2012-11-26 KNSD – San Diego Holiday Weekend Shows Sales Jump (video clip)
2012-11-26 U-T San Diego Retailers just starting to figure out Cyber Monday (no longer available)
2012-11-26 MarketWatch How you can know when top holiday deals are coming
2012-11-25 Wall Street Journal Guerilla Shopping for the Holidays
2012-11-21 The Daily Aztec Finance program named in top 10
2012-11-08 San Diego Daily Transcript Increasing home prices help slow foreclosure rate
2012-11-27 Wall Street Journal Playa Vista "Fills" Up
2012-11-24 CIO Magazine Expert skeptical of alleged U.S cyberattack on French computers (no longer available)
2012-11-02 KUSI – San Diego Light The Night (video clip)
2012-11-25 KFMB – San Diego Cyber Monday Deals Start Early (video clip)
2012-11-28 Los Angeles Times Costco joins firms issuing special dividend payments this year
2012-11-29 Wall Street Journal $12,000 a Month, for Maintenance
2012-11-30 KNSD – San Diego Going Digital at the Cash Register (video clip)
2012-11-30 U-T San Diego Airport chief takes off and lands...a lot (no longer available)
2012-11-30 U-T San Diego Beware of email bearing gifts (no longer available)
2012-11-30 KGTV – San Diego Sabotage Suspected at Nuclear Power Plant (video clip)
2012-12-04 KPBS – San Diego SDSU Cyber-Security Expert With Tips On Safe Holiday Shopping
2012-12-04 KPBS – San Diego First-Time Homebuyers Return To San Diego Housing Market (video clip)
2012-12-04 KNSD – San Diego How to Prepare for a Fiscal Cliff (video clip)
2012-12-05 KNSD – San Diego Fresh & Easy Calling It Quits?
2012-12-07 Credit card balances ratchet up in October
2012-12-07 KNSD – San Diego Macys Open 48 Hours Weekend Before Christmas (video clip)
2012-12-07 KNSD – San Diego Local Company Could Leave Calif. (video clip)
2012-12-07 U-T San Diego Time-honored tax break may end for homeowners (no longer available)
2012-12-08 KGTV – San Diego So Cal Edison's efforts to restart generator at San Onofre nuclear plant runs into snag (video clip no longer available)
2012-12-06 San Diego Daily Transcript Notices of default down 53% from year ago, trustee deeds down 44%
2012-12-10 KPBS – San Diego Fiscal Cliff Casts Shadow Over San Diego Economy
2012-12-10 KSWB – San Diego Cherin Discusses Fiscal Cliff (video clip)
2012-12-11 KPBS – San Diego How Would Cutting Mortgage Tax Deductions Impact San Diego? (video clip)
2012-12-13 KSWB – San Diego Unions lose control in Michigan (video clip)
2012-12-12 KUSI – San Diego Mortgage Interest Deduction is in Jeopardy (video clip)
2012-12-12 U-T San Diego SD home sales best in 7 years (no longer available)
2012-12-13 KNSD – San Diego Holiday Tipping Advice
2012-12-15 KNSD – San Diego Fatal Shooting Prompt Gun Control Talks (video clip)
2012-12-14 XETV – San Diego Schools Safe? (video clip)
2012-12-14 U-T San Diego Is your bank more financially fit today? (no longer available)
2012-12-17 KSWB – San Diego Sandy Hook School Shooting (video clip)
2012-12-18 MarketWatch 6 Instagram photos ad wizards want
2012-12-18 PC Advisor Iran attacked with data-wiping malware, report says
2012-12-19 U-T San Diego Big returns for pension fund - at what cost? (no longer available)
2012-12-20 KUSI – San Diego Gun-Shy Investors (video clip)
2012-12-21 PC Advisor White House takes small step toward sharing cyberattack data
2012-12-21 KSWB – San Diego Major Retailer Leaving Their Doors Open Overnight (video clip)
2012-12-22 XETV – San Diego Profiling Mass Murderers (video clip no longer available)
2012-12-24 U-T San Diego Social Media and the Changing Workplace (no longer available)
2012-12-28 KGTV – San Diego Sailors sue Japan over illnesses they say stem from radiation exposure at Fukishima (video clip no longer available)
2012-12-30 U-T San Diego Are home prices accelerating too quickly? (no longer available)
2012-12-31 U-T San Diego Hanson-Cox donation returns weighed (no longer available)
2012-12-20 KNSD – San Diego Toys R Us Joins Macy's to Offer All Night Shopping (video clip)
2012-12-24 The Housing Bubble Speculators Overdoing a Spending Spree
2012-12-31 San Diego Daily Transcript SDSU dean to graduate companies, students
2013-01-04 The Housing Bubble An Unbelievable Money Machine
2013-01-06 Bloomberg Beating Notre Dame for Title Adds $400,000 to Saban's Payday
2013-01-07 San Diego Business Journal Supply is the Big Missing Piece in the Housing 'Game'
2013-01-06 Money Matters - KNDS 2013 San Diego Real Estate Forecast (video clip)
2013-01-10 Dow Jones Newswires Wrongfully Foreclosed Woman Must Battle Giants
2013-01-14 San Diego Business Journal Airport Authority Aims Low With Latest Bond
2013-01-15 KNSD – San Diego Retail Industry Changing and Upgrading
2013-01-15 KNSD – San Diego Fashion Valley Crate and Barrel Closing
2013-01-16 U-T San Diego Padres Plan to Intervene in Fox/Time Warner TV Impasse (no longer available)
2013-01-16 U-T San Diego What the new WTC CEO wants you to know
2013-01-18 U-T San Diego Little humility brings college student a lot of attention nationally (no longer available)
2013-01-21 KNSD – San Diego Shoppers Adhere to Consumer Loyalty (video clip)
2013-01-18 KNSD – San Diego SDSU Student Writes Bold Cover Letter (video clip)
2013-01-24 KUSI – San Diego Can Employers Request Your Social Media Password? (video clip)
2013-01-25 Ackman, Icahn Get CNBC But Where Can Average Investors Go To Gripe?
2013-01-28 San Diego Business Journal Leave it to Bieber
2013-01-26 U-T San Diego How will new mortgage rules affect borrowers?
2013-01-28 KFMB – San Diego Your taxes: Go with the pros or go on your own? (video clip)
2013-01-28 San Diego Daily Transcript San Diego stocks rise with Wall Street's surge
2013-01-29 KNSD – San Diego Sales Return (video clip)
2013-01-29 San Diego Daily Transcript FHA reverse mortgage policy changes nearing
2013-01-30 KPBS – San Diego Super Bowl Ads Setting Records
2013-01-30 Forbes The Five Sales Tactics Every Entrepreneur Must Master
2013-01-29 Why Cold Weather Super Bowl Could Be a Financial Boon
2013-01-31 KPBS – San Diego San Onofre Shutdown, One Year Later
2013-01-31 San Diego Daily Transcript Companies release Super Bowl ads early, hoping for buzz
2013-01-26 PC Advisor Rising cyberthreats set backdrop for latest cybersecurity bill
2013-02-03 KFMB – San Diego 2013 Super Bowl Ads (video clip)
2013-02-02 KUSI – San Diego Super Bowl Ads Analyzed (video clip)
2013-02-03 How College Athletes Could End Up Getting Paid Like Pros
2013-02-05 Here's Why Soccer Match-Fixing Is Not a US Problem
2013-02-06 PC Advisor Preemptive cyberattack disclosure a warning to China
2013-02-06 Bloomberg/Businessweek 'Halal" Financing for Muslim Entrepreneurs Gains Currency
2013-02-06 U-T San Diego No Saturday mail? No problem!
2013-02-06 KNSD – San Diego People Looking to Spend Less and Save More (video clip)
2013-02-09 KNSD – San Diego LAPD to Reopen Investigation Into Dorner's Firing (video clip)
2013-02-11 KSWB – San Diego Employee Termination Practices (video clip)
2013-02-11 KGTV – San Diego Ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner believed to be using prepaid cellphones (video clip no longer available)
2013-02-18 The Daily Aztec Free tax filing provided to all students
2013-02-17 XETV – San Diego Dorner Case: What should employers know? (video clip)
2013-02-19 KGTV – San Diego Expert tells Team 10 your smartphone is a target for hackers (no longer available)
2013-02-19 Reuters Mystery hackers hijack Jeep's Twitter feed after Burger King coup
2013-02-19 Los Angeles Times Clearing the heir may take time after Lakers owner Jerry Buss' death
2013-02-21 Time Magazine China's Red Hackers: The Tale of One Patriotic Cyberwarrior
2013-02-21 The Daily Aztec SDSU adds a new minor
2013-02-23 U-T San Diego Will Obama's refinancing idea help borrowers?
2013-02-22 KNSD – San Diego People Eating Out Less as Prices Rise (video clip)
2013-02-24 U-T San Diego Expect even higher prices at the pump (no longer available)
2013-02-25 San Diego Business Journal The House Advantage
2013-02-25 San Diego Business Journal Qualcomm Is 6th in Ranking Corporate Cash Reserves
2013-02-25 KGTV – San Diego Possible gas tax hike this summer: Board of Equalization to consider a 3.5 cent hike on exise tax (video clip no longer available)
2013-02-25 KNSD – San Diego Taxes to Increase on Gas (video clip)
2013-02-26 KGTV – San Diego Navy's Blue Angels a target of sequestration: Show for high-flying aerial tean on chopping block (video clip no longer available)
2013-02-26 KNSD – San Diego Local Impacts of Sequestration (video clip)
2013-02-27 InformationWeek Urges Students To Embrace Programming
2013-02-28 KSWB – San Diego Are government cuts just scare tactics? (video clip)
2013-02-28 San Diego Daily Transcript Sequester cutbacks mean waterfront layoffs, research funding cuts
2013-02-18 KSWB – San Diego Gas prices hit all time high for February (video clip)
2013-03-05 U-T San Diego Market shows rich getting richer, consumers confident
2013-03-04 KNXV - Phoenix Hackers finding it easier to get into smartphones, including iPhones
2013-03-05 KNSD – San Diego Supermarkets Expand Dining Options (video clip)
2013-03-05 KGTV – San Diego Historic Day On Wall Street (video clip)
2013-03-05 KSWB – San Diego Wall Street Golden (video clip)
2013-03-06 Forbes Why Wall Street Is Winning Right Now And Everyone Else Seems To Be Losing
2013-03-07 Why the car I can afford is not the car I want
2013-03-07 San Diego Daily Transcript NODs spike 52.2% in SD in February from January
2013-03-09 U-T San Diego Report: Fixes rejected at nuke plant
2013-03-08 KUSI – San Diego Trend: Consumers Checking if Products Made in America (video clip)
2013-03-12 U-T San Diego High-Tech Field Eyeing Visa Caps as Immigration Reform Proceeds (no longer available)
2013-03-13 Hotel chains devalue loyalty rewards points
2013-03-12 Al Jazeera Television Hacking Celebrity's Personal Information (video clip no longer available)
2013-03-13 KNSD – San Diego Hacking Attacks Deemed "Biggest Threat" (video clip)
2013-03-11 Del Mar Times Youth cricket team finds permanent home at Del Mar Polo Fields (no longer available)
2013-03-13 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Tries To Umpire Dispute Over Padres TV Broadcasts (video clip)
2013-03-18 KPBS – San Diego Spring Home Buying Season Underway in San Diego
2013-03-18 KNSD – San Diego Parents Pay Cell Bills for Adult Children (video clip)
2013-03-20 The Street Lululemon's Reaction to Yoga Pants Mishap: Brilliant Marketing
2013-03-18 InformationWeek Watching Workers: Where's the Line?
2013-03-20 KFMB – San Diego From Homeless Child, to Big Man on Campus (video clip)
2013-03-20 KNSD – San Diego Local Man Goes from Homeless to SDSU Student President
2013-03-20 KSWB – San Diego Once homeless, now SDSU's student body president (video clip)
2013-03-20 Bloomberg NCAA Play in March Proving Just Madness Without College Windfall
2013-03-21 XETV – San Diego Once homeless child now the SDSU student body president (video clip)
2013-03-21 Bloomberg TV Minto Discusses Lack of Windfall for NCAA Winners (video clip)
2013-03-21 The Daily Aztec Women's magazine ranks SDSU among top colleges
2013-03-25 KSWB – San Diego SDSU students launch job match site (video clip)
2013-03-25 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Biotech Firm A World Leader in Sustainability (video clip)
2013-03-26 KPBS – San Diego San Diego DA Zeroes In On Stalkers
2013-03-28 Forbes March Madness 2013: Will A Cinderella Team Make The Final Four?
2013-03-27 KNSD – San Diego Facebook Users Change Profile Pictures for Equal Rights (video clip)
2013-03-28 KSWB – San Diego Social Media & The Same Sex Debate (video clip)
2013-03-28 KPBS Radio – San Diego Professor Discusses Who Has The Best Chance of Winning March Madness
2013-03-29 U-T San Diego Should Calif. regulate smoking in homes?
2013-03-31 KUSI – San Diego Social Media in the Workplace (video clip)
2013-03-29 KPBS – San Diego U.S. Economy Update
2013-03-29 KPBS – San Diego U.S. Economy Update
2013-03-29 KFMB – San Diego March Madness Brackets (video clip)
2013-04-02 KSWB – San Diego Should Teachers Be Armed? (video clip)
2013-04-01 Ask The Experts: Putting Common Consumer Tax Questions to Bed
2013-04-04 KSWB – San Diego What Employers Can Learn From Rutgers (video clip)
2013-04-04 USA Today A-listers head to boardroom as 'creative directors'
2013-04-04 BloombergBusinessweek Rutgers Top Administrators Face Fire in Aftermath of Coach Exit
2013-04-03 KUSI – San Diego Employers Turning a Blind Eye to Unacceptable Behavior? (video clip)
2013-04-04 KUSI – San Diego Rutgers Fires Coach for Aggressive Behavior (video clip)
2013-04-09 U-T San Diego SDSU Competition's Real-World Theme: Do a Lot With Little Money (no longer available)
2013-04-08 Bloomberg Christie Says Barchi's Rutgers Mistake Not Fireable Offense
2013-04-08 San Diego Business Journal Realty Firm Makes Improvements Pay Off
2013-04-08 Bloomberg Gay-Rights Activists Attack Rutgers Response to Coach Slurs
2013-04-07 KNSD – San Diego Same-Day Delivery Spreads Through Online Stores (video clip)
2013-04-05 Bloomberg Rutgers President Stays as Athletic Director Resigns
2013-04-06 San Diego Daily Transcript Markets easily swayed by employment report
2013-04-11 KFMB – San Diego Spying on You? (video clip)
2013-04-07 KNSD – San Diego As Seen on TV Holds Product Tryouts (video clip)
2013-04-15 KNSD – San Diego Marathons Are Soft Targets: Professor (video clip)
2013-04-13 XETV – San Diego Is Your Boss Watching You? (video clip)
2013-04-15 San Diego Business Journal Local Housing Price Increases Don't Raise Concerns
2013-04-08 KGTV – San Diego California Gets Powerball - What Are Your Chances? (video clip)
2013-04-16 San Diego Daily Transcript Real estate undergrad programs see slow uptick in enrollment
2013-04-17 Boston Bombing Tests Corporate Sponsorships
2013-04-17 KSWB – San Diego What is Suspicious Behavior? (video clip)
2013-04-17 KPBS Radio – San Diego How do we determine potential terrorists in a crowd?
2013-04-17 KNSD – San Diego Couples Buying Homes Before Marriage (video clip)
2013-04-18 CNBC SeaWorld IPO Hopes to Make Splash (video clip)
2013-04-18 Associated Press Pilot Flying J Raid Focuses on Incentive Practices (no longer available)
2013-04-19 KSWB – San Diego Cyber Forensics (video clip)
2013-04-19 KUSI – San Diego Boston Bombing Suspect Insight (video clip)
2013-04-20 Los Angeles Times Boston bombings: Social media spirals out of control
2013-04-19 KNSD – San Diego Is it in the numbers? (video clip)
2013-04-23 U-T San Diego Business expert weighs in on surf shop plans (no longer available)
2013-04-25 KNSD – San Diego Food Packaging Size Matters in Weight Loss (video clip)
2013-04-26 U-T San Diego Growing the economy, one student at a time
2013-04-28 KOGO – San Diego Social Media "The Good & The Bad" (no longer available)
2013-05-01 The Daily Aztec Nika entrepreneur inspires students
2013-05-01 San Diego Daily Transcript No new bubble for SD real estate market, experts
2013-05-03 KSWB – San Diego Scripps Ranch "Twerking" Punishment Reaction (video clip)
2013-05-03 KNSD – San Diego $1 Menu Returns to Fast Food
2013-05-04 XETV – San Diego Boston Bombing Latest (video clip no longer available)
2013-05-08 PC Advisor Experts wary of Pentagon cybersecurity report fingering China
2013-05-07 San Diego Daily Transcript Improving economy, home prices bring down foreclosure filings
2013-05-08 KOGO – San Diego Cleveland Kidnappings - What Were the Red Flags? (no longer available)
2013-05-13 San Diego Business Journal CEO Turnover at Active and Encore
2013-05-13 KSWB – San Diego How Were Red Flags in Cleveland Case Missed? (video clip)
2013-05-14 U-T San Diego Home prices hit 5-year high
2013-05-14 KNSD – San Diego Turning Your Clothes into Cash (video clip)
2013-05-15 U-T San Diego San Onofre Restart Odds Dim (no longer available)
2013-05-15 KPBS – San Diego Former Freddie Mac Chief Economist Says Housing Finance Model Can Be Found Outside The U.S.
2013-05-17 New York Times A Deduction Unevenly Used
2013-05-17 BloombergBusinessweek How to Recruit the Best of the Class of 2013
2013-05-21 XETV – San Diego Your Credit Score (video clip)
2013-05-21 U-T San Diego Foreclosures, defaults up in April
2013-05-23 U-T San Diego Art Laffer's tax fix for California
2013-05-24 U-T San Diego What if mortgage rates shoot up?
2013-05-28 U-T San Diego Taxes rise to pay off state's jobless debt
2013-05-27 U-T San Diego News site says IRS slow-walked application
2013-05-27 San Diego Business Journal Mapping Out a Real Estate Recovery
2013-05-27 San Diego Business Journal Firm's Stategic Planning Is Action-Oriented Force for Change
2013-05-27 KGTV – San Diego Shadow Inventory Lurking in Local Housing Market (video clip)
2013-05-28 Forbes Sunglasses That Bring Clearer Vision to the World (video clip)
2013-05-28 PC Advisor Liberty Reserve bust hits cybercriminals where it hurts
2013-05-29 KPBS – San Diego Sen. Boxer Lashes Out At Management At San Onofre
2013-05-29 U-T San Diego Panelist Pushes Neighborhood Revitalization (no longer available)
2013-05-30 Bloomberg/Businessweek Education, Mentors, Money: How to Boost Black Tech Entrepreneurs
2013-06-03 KNSD – San Diego Most Shoppers Prefer Online: Survey (video clip)
2013-06-06 PC Advisor Bitcoin payments could be a landmine for companies
2013-06-06 San Diego Daily Transcript Economic improvement means increase in mortgage rates
2013-06-06 U-T San Diego All businesses could get state tax perks
2013-06-08 U-T San Diego What's next for Duke Cunningham?
2013-06-07 U-T San Diego Illumina shows expanded headquarters
2013-06-07 KGTV – San Diego Anti-nuclear activists overjoyed with San Onofre power plant closure (no longer available)
2013-06-07 KSWB – San Diego Decommissioning nuke plant will be long process (video clip)
2013-06-10 KPBS – San Diego San Onofre: Shutting Down A Nuclear Power Plant
2013-06-10 KNSD – San Diego Ethics of Federal Data Mining/Phone Record Review (video clip)
2013-06-11 KSWB – San Diego SDSU Ethics Lecturer Explains Details Learned From Shooting (video clip)
2013-06-12 XETV – San Diego Real Estate Agent Fires Back Over Sale That Left Homeowner Unable to Move In (video clip no longer available)
2013-06-12 Housingwire Academics push for return to GSE-free mortgage finance
2013-06-13 Associated Press California home prices jump 26 percent in May
2013-06-17 CNBC Court Battles Heat Up: 'I Want Overtime Pay'
2013-06-17 KPBS – San Diego Mello-Roos Law Allows Vote Of One To Decide On New Taxes
2013-06-17 KNSD – San Diego Rainbow Flag = Opportunity for Local Biz (video clip)
2013-06-17 KNSD – San Diego Ashford University Asks Some Employees to Resign (video clip)
2013-06-20 The Housing Bubble Investors Are Waiting To Receive A Higher Price
2013-06-20 KNSD – San Diego Men's Wearhouse Fires Founder (video clip)
2013-06-24 San Diego Business Journal School Programs Aim to Meet Demand for IT Security Programs
2013-06-23 KUSI – San Diego San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant (video clip)
2013-06-24 KNSD – San Diego Report: Most Americans Don't Have Emergency Fund (video clip)
2013-06-25 Top U.S. States for New Manufacturing Jobs
2013-06-26 KSWB – San Diego Legal Experts On Supreme Court Decisions On Defense of Marriage And Prop. 8 (video clip)
2013-06-25 KSWB – San Diego SDSU Lecturer Explains Top Legal Stories (video clip)
2013-06-26 KFMB – San Diego Gay Marriage Ruling (video clip)
2013-06-26 Investor's Business Daily Brazil Stocks In Bear Market As Economy Struggles
2013-06-28 U-T San Diego Gay marriage will boost local vendors
2013-06-28 U-T San Diego Would 1% hike in mortgage rates stall housing?
2013-07-01 Fox Business News Regulations Bleed California Farmers Dry as Record Drought Continues
2013-07-04 KNSD – San Diego Bob Hansen Trying to Buy American (video clip)
2013-07-05 KGTV – San Diego Furloughs Start Monday (video clip)
2013-07-07 U-T San Diego Aging Baby Boomers Need More Financial Planners
2013-07-05 Jobs Picture Improves - but Not in Manufacturing
2013-07-09 PC Advisor Cryptocat vulnerability excuse sparks debate over open source
2013-07-09 How the Mortgage Interest Deduction Could Change
2013-07-10 CNBC Mortgage Interest Deduction: How Important Is It To Housing Market? (video clip)
2013-07-10 KNSD – San Diego Mommy Bloggers (video clip)
2013-07-11 U-T San Diego Mortgage rates hit 2-year high
2013-07-11 What is a good credit score?
2013-07-12 Patriots Will Survive Hernandez (video clip)
2013-07-12 KFMB – San Diego "Sharknado" Really Bites and Everybody Loves It (video clip)
2013-07-16 KPBS – San Diego A San Diego Company Could Become Part of AT&T
2013-07-16 U-T San Diego SDSU picks new head of real estate center
2013-07-19 USA Today Investors racing rising home prices for profits
2013-07-19 National Public Radio The housing market is flipping out
2013-07-19 U-T San Diego Seaworld Gives Thumbs Down to Film (no longer available)
2013-07-24 America's favorite supermarkets - how'd yours rate?
2013-07-24 U-T San Diego Would Filner last in Corporate America? (no longer available)
2013-07-19 U-T San Diego Are ARMs making a comeback?
2013-07-24 San Diego Daily Transcript High-frequency trading: Market manipulation or fair game?
2013-07-25 San Diego Daily Transcript Gold prices tick up after dropping in the second quarter
2013-07-26 InformationWeek Record-Setting Data Breach Highlights Corporate Security Risks
2013-07-26 U-T San Diego Where's the housing market headed?
2013-07-29 San Diego Business Journal Jumbo Mortgages Are On the Comeback Trail
2013-07-25 CIO Magazine Plans to Centralize Cybersecurity with DHS Seen as Step Forward
2013-07-30 KGTV – San Diego Congresswoman warns about 'dynamic pricing' (no longer available)
2013-07-23 KPBS Radio – San Diego Housing
2013-07-30 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Home Values Mirror National Price Increase
2013-07-22 San Diego Business Journal Innovative Funding Platform Brings Life to
2013-07-26 San Diego Business Journal Tesla Takes a Shortcut With Direct Sales
2013-08-02 A-Rod Settlement is Good Business (video clip)
2013-08-05 KSWB – San Diego Legal Expert on FBI Hacking Into Cell Phones (video clip)
2013-08-05 San Diego Business Journal Payday
2013-08-05 KPBS – San Diego Finance Expert: NYT Shareholders Unlikely To Object Over Manchester’s Failed Bid
2013-08-05 KUSI – San Diego Helping Young Athletes Avoid Banned Substances (video clip)
2013-08-02 San Diego Daily Transcript Companies grow with remote employees, technology
2013-08-06 KSWB – San Diego Expert Explains Why You May Get Amber Alerts On Your Phone Wihtout Ever Signing Up (video clip no longer available)
2013-08-05 The future of players' endorsements
2013-08-06 U-T San Diego Is it OK for retailers to track shoppers with smartphones?
2013-08-07 New York Newsday A-Rod arbitrator Fred Horowitz has challenging job
2013-08-08 U-T San Diego Higher Rates Ahead As Congress Ponders Mortgage Market (no longer available)
2013-08-09 U-T San Diego U-T Offers Twist On Rewards Program (no longer available)
2013-08-09 Forbes What Happens If A-Rod's Battle With Baseball Gets Really Ugly And Winds Up In Court?
2013-08-12 San Diego Business Journal Leap's Execs May See Severance Top $50M
2013-08-12 KPBS Radio – San Diego Mortgage Delinquencies Fall As Housing Market Bounces Back
2013-08-09 Manziel and the Signing Scandal (video clip)
2013-08-12 KPBS Radio – San Diego Amber Alerts on Cell Phones
2013-08-12 U-T San Diego Which ZIP codes are near peak home price?
2013-08-13 Reuters After disaster, the deadliest part of Japan's nuclear clean-up
2013-07-31 BBC The real-estate ripple effect
2013-08-15 KNSD – San Diego Walmart Sales Down (video clip)
2013-08-16 Forbes Back-To-School Blues? Walmart Hits Bum Note With Crucial Mom Demographic While J.C. Penney Gets Boost
2013-08-15 CNBC Market valuation looks like 2007 all over again: Economist
2013-08-16 OnWallStreet Where Have All the Planning Students Gone?
2013-08-16 MoneyNews Economist Seiver: Stocks May Face Several Years of Losses
2013-08-20 PC Advisor DHS cybersecurity appointment seen as government-industry bridge
2013-08-19 KPBS Radio – San Diego Back-to-school shopping
2013-08-21 BloombergBusinessweek NFL Bets on Fantasy Lounges as TV Sports Keep Some Fans at Home
2013-08-20 KNSD – San Diego Amazon Price War (video clip)
2013-08-21 KPBS – San Diego Back-To-School Spenders May Be More Frugal This Year
2013-08-21 U-T San Diego Calif.ranks 5th with 'healthiest' borrowers
2013-08-22 Corporate Secretary Study says company size can affect governance
2013-08-22 Rancho Santa Fe Review Information techology's dark side: Internet crime
2013-08-31 U-T San Diego What does SD's all-cash housing market mean?
2013-08-28 U-T San Diego Home Prices Up 19% (no longer available)
2013-08-06 Forbes What A Horse Can Teach Marketers About Winning
2013-08-26 San Diego Business Journal New Leader of Real Estate Center Sees Emerging Realities of Field
2013-09-04 The Business of Fantasy Football (video clip)
2013-09-05 NPR - Marketplace NFL faces stiff competition from fantasy football
2013-09-05 U-T San Diego We're No. 1!...For Some Markets (no longer available)
2013-09-03 Rancho Santa Fe Review Accomplished Rancho Santa Fe executive launches cyber-security company (no longer available)
2013-09-07 U-T San Diego Oh, The Things You'll See (no longer available)
2013-09-05 USA Today LG end--of-the-world video prank mean but effective
2013-09-06 Los Angeles Times Sluggish labor market could muddy Fed debate
2013-09-09 San Diego Business Journal It's Where, Not How You Play
2013-09-09 San Diego Business Journal Banking Climate Change
2013-09-06 U-T San Diego Unemployment rate dips for wrong reason
2013-09-10 Tax battle: Banks on offensive against credit unions
2013-09-10 New York Times Dow Index Drops Bank of America, Alcoa and H.P.
2013-09-11 KPBS Radio – San Diego Dow Jones Industrial Averages Is Set For Changes
2013-09-10 U-T San Diego City, University Collaborate for Greater Good (no longer available)
2013-09-04 MSN Should you consider an adjustable-rate mortgage
2013-09-12 U-T San Diego Home Prices, Sales Slip in August (no longer available)
2013-09-13 KSWB – San Diego Legislature Approves Minimum Wage Boosta (video clip no longer available)
2013-09-13 Associated Press California home sales climb in August, prices cool
2013-09-13 InformationWeek Twitter Prepares for IPO, Facebook Pain In Mind
2013-09-16 KPBS – San Diego Mixed Report On San Diego's Real Estate Market
2013-09-16 San Diego Business Journal For Mitchell, Sale to KKR Is Business as Usual
2013-09-16 San Diego Business Journal Trading Up
2013-09-16 Voice of San Diego Shipbuilding Company: Let's Pay Employees to Attend Barrio Logan Hearing
2013-09-17 KSWB – San Diego Occupy movements are still alive (video clip)
2013-09-18 KNSD – San Diego Product Downsizing (video clip)
2013-09-23 KNSD – San Diego The Truth Behind Online Reviews (video clip)
2013-09-22 Wall Street Journal Rethinking Fannie, Freddie - and the 30-Year Mortgage
2013-09-20 U-T San Diego Doing Math on Homebuying (no longer available)
2013-09-23 San Diego Business Journal Local Housing Market Favoring Sellers for Foreseeable Future
2013-09-25 U-T San Diego Local Home Prices Leveling Off (no longer available)
2013-09-25 U-T San Diego Is Greed Making a Comeback? (no longer available)
2013-09-26 U-T San Diego Jobs, endorsements and a second choice
2013-09-27 KSWB – San Diego How To Survive a Workplace Shooting (video clip)
2013-09-28 U-T San Diego What should be done with Freddie, Fannie?
2013-09-26 Los Angeles Times Downtown San Diego condo market's long drought may be ending
2013-09-27 KPBS – San Diego What's Worse - Government Shutdown Or Hitting The Debt Ceiling?
2013-09-30 KSWB – San Diego Gov't Fails To Reach Deal, Shutdown Begins (video clip no longer available)
2013-09-11 USA Today Doritos going global with Super Bowl ad promo
2013-10-02 San Diego Daily Transcript Chamber delegates confront shutdown
2013-10-03 MSN Is it curtains for the 30-year mortgage?
2013-10-09 The Daily Aztec SDSU professor wins entrepreneurship award
2013-10-10 Network World Researcher argues for open hardware to defend against NSA spying (no longer available)
2013-10-07 San Diego Business Journal 'Bank' Role
2013-10-07 San Diego Business Journal Nirvanix's Chapter 11 Filing Accompanies Cloud Shutdown
2013-10-07 Huffington Post Sockeye Salmon Sushi: Japanese Prime Minister Issues International Plea for Help Containing Radiation Leaks
2013-10-02 U-T TV Government Shutdown (video clip)
2013-10-11 KNSD – San Diego San Diego Ranked Among Least Affordable Housing Markets (video clip)
2013-10-15 U-T San Diego Faulconer unveils jobs plan
2013-10-16 KUSI – San Diego SDSU ethics expert discusses Filner verdict (video clip)
2013-10-16 U-T San Diego San Diego home prices back on the rise
2013-10-16 KNSD – San Diego Last-Minute Vote Won't (video clip)
2013-10-16 KFMB – San Diego San Diego ready to get back to business (video clip)
2013-10-17 San Francisco Chronicle Facebook's teen privacy tweaks not winning friends
2013-10-17 NPR - Marketplace Why Facebook wants teens to go public
2013-10-17 KUSI – San Diego Budget Battle Winners and Losers (video clip)
2013-10-16 U-T San Diego Alverez has plan for reviving neighborhoods
2013-10-21 KGTV – San Diego Early voting in San Diego mayoral race begins as new campaign ads begin to flood airwaves (video clip no longer available)
2013-10-22 U-T San Diego Panelists discuss health care landcare in San Diego (no longer available)
2013-10-23 KNSD – San Diego Scammers User Twitter, Facebook to Phish for Info (video clip)
2013-10-23 San Diego Daily Transcript Fragile economy means steady interest rates
2013-10-24 Fox Business News SEC's New Crowdfunding Rules Explained
2013-10-26 U-T San Diego Raise developers' affordable housing fee?
2013-10-28 San Diego Daily Transcript Land sales indicate SD's housing market is healthy
2013-10-28 KNSD – San Diego Workplace Halloween Costumes (video clip)
2013-10-29 Experts: Affordable housing is a pipe dream
2013-10-29 U-T San Diego San Diego housing prices continue to rise
2013-10-30 KPBS – San Diego School Officials Look Into Serra High Blackface Incident
2013-11-04 San Diego Business Journal Proposed Crowdfunding Rules Bring Opportunities and Obstacles
2013-11-03 XETV – San Diego Wendy Patrick: Gun Violence (video clip no longer available)
2013-11-04 KOGO – San Diego LAX Shooting/Should TSA Agents Carry Guns?
2013-11-04 XETV – San Diego Feds Call for Review of Security Procedures at all of Nations Airports (video clip no longer available)
2013-11-04 KUSI – San Diego Arming TSA Agents (video clip)
2013-11-04 KNSD – San Diego Are You Guilty of Showrooming? (video clip)
2013-11-01 Financial Planning Magazine Colleges Struggling to Mint New Advisors
2013-11-01 Financial Planning Magazine 30 Great Schools for Financial Planning
2013-11-03 Zimbio 4 New Eras Lead Generation & Prospecting Tips (no longer available)
2013-11-08 U-T San Diego Early Hanukkah means early deals for holiday shoppers
2013-11-10 Olympics: Going for the gold, spending in the red
2013-11-08 U-T San Diego Jobs grew despite government shutdown
2013-11-11 San Diego Business Journal These Are Not Your Housing-Bubble Alternative Mortgages
2013-11-08 NPR - Marketplace Why you shouldn't believe everything you read in the jobs report
2013-11-12 MarketWatch Want 18% returns? Become a subprime lender
2013-11-11 KGTV – San Diego Sea World Trainer Controversy
2013-11-12 U-T San Diego County median home price down $9K
2013-11-07 Imperial Valley Press Imperial County Board of Supervisors Chairman Ray Castillo has not been paying taxes on several properties
2013-11-13 U-T San Diego County's Housing Market Cools Off (no longer available)
2013-11-20 U-T San Diego Foreclosures up in October but still down for year (no longer available)
2013-11-19 KNSD – San Diego Black Friday Backlash? (video clip)
2013-11-19 U-T San Diego Provide Commerce takes aim at mobile gift market
2013-11-20 Investor's Business Daily Fed Sees Taper 'In Coming Months' As Data Slog Higher
2013-11-21 Associated Press Dow Average Closes Above 16,000 For The First Time
2013-11-21 San Diego Daily Transcript Local stocks rise with record-setting Dow
2013-11-08 MarketWatch Why Iran matters a little less to oil markets
2013-11-22 KPBS – San Diego What Does Shorter Holiday Shopping Season Mean For San Diego Economy?
2013-11-25 The New Face of Toy Success
2013-11-25 San Diego Business Journal Too Big To Fail... Five Years Later
2013-11-23 Forget happy hour: How to own your own distillery
2013-11-25 KNSD – San Diego When Does Black Friday Actually Start? (video clip)
2013-11-26 U-T San Diego San Diego home prices rise slowly
2013-11-26 Forbes Home Prices Rise At Fastest Pace Since February 2006, Says S&P/Case Shiller
2013-11-27 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Small Businesses Are Banking On Saturday Shoppers
2013-11-29 Investor's Business Daily Thanksgiving Sales Surge At Black Friday's Expense
2013-11-30 U-T San Diego What's the value of sites like Zillow?
2013-11-27 San Diego Daily Transcript Black Friday invades Turkey Thursday
2013-11-29 New York Post Cyber Monday is over
2013-11-29 KUSI – San Diego Black Friday's Impact on the Economy (video clip)
2013-11-29 XETV – San Diego Black Friday Shopping (video clip)
2013-11-21 Entrepreneur Magazine Business Owners: Want to Offer a Black Friday Deal? Here's How.
2013-12-02 KPBS – San Diego Will San Diegans Spend Cyber Monday Shopping?
2013-11-29 KOGO – San Diego Drinking and Driving at Work Holiday Parties
2013-11-29 KOGO – San Diego Gift Cards
2013-12-02 KUSI How Retailers Into Spending This Time of Year (video clip)
2013-12-03 KUSI – San Diego Cyber Monday Sales (video clip)
2013-12-04 KFMB – San Diego Local nuclear expert weighs in on dangers of stolen cobalt-60 (video clip)
2013-12-05 How 'on-call' hours are hurting part-time workers (no longer available)
2013-12-06 KSWB – San Diego Fast Food Workers Demand Higher Wages (video clip)
2013-12-06 San Diego Daily Transcript Notices of default reach 'normal' level
2013-12-05 KKSF - San Francisco Stolen Radioactive Material
2013-12-11 U-T San Diego GM, Sempra crack glass ceiling (no longer available)
2013-12-10 Wall Street Journal GM’s Promotion of Barra to CEO a Breakthrough for Women
2013-12-12 Wall Street Journal Luxury Developers Bet Big on Ultramodern
2013-12-05 New York Times The Downside to F.H.A. Loans
2013-12-16 U.S. News & World Report Surviving the Holidays With Your Job Intact (no longer available)
2013-12-16 U-T San Diego Housing market continues to slow
2013-12-16 KNSD – San Diego Holiday Returns Getting Harder (video clip)
2013-12-18 Bank Stocks Roar on 'Fed Taper' Day
2013-12-19 U-T San Diego Shopped at Target? Check your accounts
2013-12-19 KSWB – San Diego Target: 40 million credit cards compromised (video clip)
2013-12-21 San Diego Business Journal Region May Be Losing Some Major Businesses
2013-12-27 U-T San Diego Under the wire (no longer available)
2013-12-28 U-T San Diego Where will SD home prices go in 2014
2013-12-26 KPBS – San Diego Post-Christmas Sales In San Diego Try To Lure In Bargain-Loving Shoppers (video clip)
2013-12-20 KGTV – San Diego Sea World Buys Nationwide Full-Page Ads (video clip no longer available)
2013-12-24 U-T San Diego Home default notices near 8-year low (no longer available)
2013-12-24 KUSI – San Diego Christmas Sales Expectations (video clip)
2013-12-20 KUSI – San Diego Are San Diegans Spending More This Holiday Season? (video clip)
2013-12-31 U-T San Diego Home prices up, but pace still slowing
2014-01-01 KGTV – San Diego 800 new laws in California in 2014: Many deal with safety, privacy (video clip no longer available)
2014-01-01 Imperial Valley Press A new year brings new laws: a quick glance at some laws that go into effect in 2014
2014-01-02 U-T San Diego Where will interest rates go in 2014?
2014-01-03 KSWB – San Diego Learn The New Laws For 2014 (video clip no longer available)
2014-01-03 New York Times Past Playoffs Suggest Hard Road for Saints
2014-01-03 KGTV – San Diego Chargers try to defy odds once again: Team is 7-point underdog vs. Bengals (no longer available)
2014-01-04 U-T San Diego Chargers seek to beat the odds (no longer available)
2014-01-06 KGTV – San Diego San Diego Chargers wins bring better business for local restaurants, vendors (no longer available)
2014-01-04 KFMB – San Diego Charger Mania (video clip)
2014-01-08 KGTV – San Diego Southwest Airlines says it will take close look at complaints over SeaWorld partnership (video clip no longer available)
2014-01-06 San Diego Daily Transcript Yellen named to head Fed
2014-01-13 Bloomberg/Businessweek Rodriguez Loses Far More Than $25 Million Salary in 2013 MLB Ban
2014-01-10 CSO RSA boycott splits security industry on tactic's effectiveness
2014-01-14 U-T San Diego County new home prices hit record high (no longer available)
2014-01-15 KSWB – San Diego Legal Experts Explain Florida Theatre Shooting Case (video clip no longer available)
2014-01-14 Wallet Hub 2014 Predictions for Your Wallet
2014-01-17 KNSD – San Diego Tracking our changing shopping habits (video clip)
2014-01-18 San Diego Business Journal Low Inventory Causes Housing Prices to Rise While Sales Decline
2014-01-20 KPBS – San Diego ID Theft Concern For Consumers As Security Breach Expands Beyond Target (video clip)
2014-01-19 KNSD – San Diego Expert Warns Shoppers of Continued Security Risks at Retailers (video clip)
2014-01-17 XETV – San Diego Target Security Breach (video clip)
2014-01-17 KFMB – San Diego Threat Shuts Down Four Escondido Schools (video clip)
2014-01-21 U-T San Diego Foreclosures fell to 8 year low in 2013
2014-01-15 Fox Business News Private Security Firms Tapped Ahead of Sochi as U.S. Prepares for the Worst
2014-01-20 DealNews Tickets to the First Super Bowl Cost $12. Today, They're Going for Up to $14,000
2014-01-21 San Diego Daily Transcript Stocks provide better returns than gold in the long run, economist says
2014-01-25 U-T San Diego Sold! The 2013 real estate year in review
2014-01-25 U-T San Diego Will sellers get off the fence this spring and raise the inventory of homes for sale? (no longer available)
2014-01-27 How a Pair of Swiftwick Socks Can Improve Your Athleticism
2014-01-29 U-T San Diego Home prices flattening in the county
2014-01-29 U-T San Diego SD economists on State of the Union
2014-01-30 U-T San Diego Jack's Super Bowl Ad Stars Bacon Insider (no longer available)
2014-01-29 Associated Press Lifting the Minimum Wage Big Deal For Small Firms
2014-01-29 KNSD – San Diego Walmart Neighborhood Markets Expand in San Diego (video clip)
2014-01-30 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Profits From Super Bowl
2014-01-31 KNSD – San Diego 7 in 10 Employees To To Work Sick: Survey
2014-01-31 Washington Post The rules of the Super Bowl ad game (video clip)
2014-01-30 San Diego Daily Transcript Innovation, efficiency are the keys to success in 2014
2014-01-30 San Diego Daily Transcript Super Bowl ads get mileage on social media
2014-01-31 KUSI – San Diego How to determine Super Bowl odds (video clip)
2014-01-31 USA Today Yahoo hack stirs passwords debate
2014-02-01 U-T San Diego Time for renewal - and to see Stone without a founder (no longer available)
2014-01-31 U-T San Diego Mortgages get new rules. Do you quality?
2014-02-01 U-T San Diego House Rules - Tighter mortgage guidelines provide some legal protection to lenders (no longer available)
2014-02-03 eFM This Morning Credit data breaches at major U.S. retailers (no longer available)
2014-02-02 UPI Call for chip-and-PIN technology grows
2014-02-04 KSWB – San Diego Hot Dog on a Stick files for bankruptcy (video clip)
2014-02-05 KPBS – San Diego By Dropping Cigarettes, CVS Gives Its Reputation a Boost
2014-02-05 XETV – San Diego CVS Phasing Out Tobacco Sales (video clip no longer available)
2014-02-05 San Diego Daily Transcript Notices of default increased in January from 2013
2014-02-06 KNSD – San Diego Sony Selling Personal Computer Division (video clip)
2014-02-09 U-T San Diego The Greg Koch Effect (no longer available)
2014-02-10 San Diego Business Journal Peer-to-Peer Lending Gaining Traction Despite Interest Rates
2014-02-11 U-T San Diego Olympians sport belts from SD company
2014-02-11 USA Today 5 reasons why Yellen's words soothed Wall Street
2014-02-13 U-T San Diego Home sales, prices keep falling (no longer available)
2014-02-12 KGTV – San Diego San Diego approached to host 2024 Summer Olympic Games (video clip no longer available)
2014-02-13 American Entrepreneurship Today Lean Startup Movement and 21st Century Entrepreneurship Education
2014-02-13 KPBS – San Diego Put Your Name On A San Diego County Trail, Ballfield Or Playground For A Price (video clip)
2014-02-14 U-T San Diego State could lower gas tax by 10 percent (no longer available)
2014-02-14 San Diego Business Journal Postal Service Ponders Future in Underbanked
2014-02-17 KNSD – San Diego Marketers Set Sights on Bankable Olympians (video clip)
2014-02-17 KUSI – San Diego Fame is Fleeting: Olympic Athletes and Their Stardom (video clip)
2014-02-19 U-T San Diego Foreclose and Default Trends Stay Near Lows (no longer available)
2014-02-19 San Diego Daily Transcript Politicians, corporations hop on rainbow ad bandwagon
2014-02-22 U-T San Diego Will condo conversions rise in 2014?
2014-02-21 San Diego Business Journal What’s Next Move for World Trade Center S.D. After Relocating?
2014-02-25 Shiffrin Seen as Olympics Marketing Champ After Winning Gold
2014-02-24 KNSD – San Diego San Diego Olympics: Possible, but Maybe Not Profitable (video clip)
2014-02-21 San Diego Business Journal House Rules
2014-02-25 KSWB – San Diego Can Your Employer Sue You? (video clip no longer available)
2014-02-26 The loophole in new school junk food ad bans
2014-02-25 KGTV – San Diego Family of rate bite fever victim talks only to Team 10 (video clip no longer available)
2014-02-26 U-T San Diego S.D. Housing Market Ended on High Note (no longer available)
2014-02-27 Inc. 4 Takeaways From the Iconic 'Got Milk?' Ad Campaign
2014-02-26 KNSD – San Diego Target Takes Hit after Security Breach (video clip)
2014-02-26 KOGO – San Diego Is Petco to blame for the death of a young San Diego boy?
2014-02-27 KUSI – San Diego Your Employer Can Sue You For Misbehavior or Criminal Acts (video clip)
2014-02-06 USA Today Q&A: HVAC firm's logon used in Target breach
2014-02-14 5 ways jewelry is becoming cleaner and greener
2014-02-19 KNSD – San Diego Data Brokers Bank on Your Personal Information (video clip)
2014-03-05 KOGO – San Diego How do events in the Ukraine affect the USA? (video clip)
2014-03-06 KGTV – San Diego New legislation to be introduced for orca protection (video clip no longer available)
2014-03-06 KNSD – San Diego Breakfast Wars: Fast Food Restaurant Expand Menus (video clip)
2014-03-06 KGTV – San Diego State bill could end killer whales in captivity (video clip)
2014-03-07 KNSD – San Diego Major Grocery Changes to Affect Customers, Smaller Stores (video clip)
2014-03-10 KPBS – San Diego What California's Orca Bill Would Mean for San Diego's SeaWorld
2014-03-09 KUSI – San Diego SeaWorld vs. Blackfish (video clip)
2014-03-10 U-T San Diego A chance to launch a business for a day
2014-03-12 KUSI – San Diego Supreme Court Rejects Boobie Bracelets Case (video clip)
2014-03-13 U-T San Diego Home prices in county show small increase (no longer available)
2014-03-13 Los Angeles Times The L.A. KISS will need more than makeup
2014-03-14 San Diego Business Journal New Leadership to Set The Pace at Competitor
2014-03-17 The Daily Aztec Students skip tax stress with VITA
2014-03-18 MarketWatch At her first press conference, Janet Yellen’s communications style will be tested
2014-03-13 USA Today March Madness evokes marketer madness
2014-03-11 Confused about taxes? Answers to tricky questions.
2014-03-01 California Real Estate Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry (page 22)
2014-03-19 U-T San Diego Home prices lift slows foreclosure activity (no longer available)
2014-03-19 KFMB – San Diego Get ready to go crazy for the Madness of March (video clip)
2014-03-19 KNSD – San Diego Toyota Settlement (video clip no longer available)
2014-03-20 KNSD – San Diego Home Sales Down (video clip)
2014-03-20 U-T San Diego SeaWorld celebrates its 50th
2014-03-21 Researchers explore accuracy of NCAA's men's basketball tournament seeding
2014-03-21 San Diego Business Journal Fan Appreciation
2014-03-21 KNSD – San Diego March Madness Good for Business (video clip)
2014-03-25 U-T San Diego Heat returns to San Diego Housing Market
2014-03-24 U-T San Diego Businesses use causes to stand out
2014-03-25 U-T San Diego Firefighters' side business walks fine line (no longer available)
2014-03-25 KPBS – San Diego Success in March Madness Raises SDSU's Profile
2014-03-25 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Home Prices Show Signs of Moderating
2014-03-25 KFMB – San Diego Aztec basketball success carries over throughtout university (video clip)
2014-03-28 U-T San Diego Proposed $1.4B deal reached on San Onofre (no longer available)
2014-03-28 U-T San Diego Is rising home inventory a sign of slowing?
2014-03-27 New York Times At Big on Mars, Trying to Get a Handle on Tomorrow’s Tech
2014-03-26 San Diego Daily Transcript Capital flowing freely for many real estate assets
2014-04-02 Forbes With Inventory Tight, Speculative Luxury Homebuilding Heats Up
2014-03-25 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Home Prices Show Signs of Moderating
2014-04-02 SDSU Newscenter Gifts of the Week
2014-04-04 San Diego Business Journal New World of Mobile Advertising Spurs Business Unit Creation
2014-04-07 Card debt falls in February
2014-04-08 KUSI – San Diego SeaWorld proponents to address committee on "Blackfish Bill" (video clip)
2014-04-07 KFMB – San Diego Support ending for Windows XP, millions at risk (video clip)
2014-04-08 U-T San Diego Rosie Network promotes military entrepreneurs (no longer available)
2014-04-09 KFMB – San Diego 'Heartbleed' computer bug leaving website and users vulnerable (video clip)
2014-04-09 KSWB – San Diego Internet Hackers (video clip)
2014-04-08 KSWB – San Diego CA Bill Would End Whale Shows at SeaWorld (video clip)
2014-04-10 KFMB – San Diego What to watch for when Colbert takes Letterman slot (video clip)
2014-04-11 KNSD – San Diego Walmart Tests New Low Pricing Strategy (video clip)
2014-04-14 XETV – San Diego Gas Prices Jump at the Pump (video clip no longer available)
2014-04-15 KPBS – San Diego Heartbleed Bug: Is Your Financial Info Vulnerable?
2014-04-08 Corporate Secretary Boardroom makeover
2014-04-16 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Is Fifth Least Affordable U.S. City For Renters
2014-04-18 KFMB – San Diego Opera Latest: What Will It Take To Survive? (video clip)
2014-04-17 The Daily Aztec MBA program rated among best for women in the U.S.
2014-04-21 U-T San Diego Drought sends produce prices climbing
2014-04-22 InformationWeek No-Poaching Settlement Could Spur Tech Talent War
2014-04-11 Los Angeles Times Lakers have trouble filling Staples Center seats
2014-04-22 Silicon Valley's next battle: 'star wars?'
2014-04-22 Investor's Business Daily Schwab Soared As Low Fees Spurred Investment Boom
2014-04-23 U-T San Diego March foreclosures stay steady (no longer available)
2014-04-22 KGTV – San Diego Questions surround donations made by sitting judges to DA's race (no longer available)
2014-04-23 San Diego Daily Transcript FHA loan limits reduced by more than $150K in San Diego
2014-04-24 KNSD – San Diego Changes Proposed to Net Neutrality (video clip)
2014-04-24 Los Angeles Times Apple, Google agree to settle antitrust class action lawyer's office says
2014-04-26 U-T San Diego Why don't people want to sell their homes? (no longer available)
2014-04-28 KPBS – San Diego Proposed Internet rules affect San Diego consumers
2014-04-28 KFMB – San Diego Aztecs weigh in on Sterling's racist rant (video clip)
2014-04-29 XETV – San Diego Clippers' Scandal: Will Don Sterling Survive? (video clip no longer available)
2014-04-29 U-T San Diego San Diego home appreciation leads U.S.
2014-04-28 U-T San Diego Startup partners need to prepare for likely end of 'honeymoon' (no longer available)
2014-04-28 KUSI – San Diego What to do about controversial remarks in the workplace (video clip)
2014-04-30 San Franciso Chronicle Business Leaders learn from Sterling fiasco
2014-04-30 KSWB – San Diego How The Sterling Scandal May Affect The Clippers (video clip no longer available)
2014-04-29 San Diego Daily Transcript SDSU reclaims crown at NAIOP University Challenge
2014-04-25 InformationWeek Adode, Apple, Google, Intel Settle No-Poaching Lawsuit
2014-05-01 Oprah in Talks to Buy the Clippers, But Will She Get the Chance? (video clip)
2014-05-02 The legal fallout from NBA owner's racist rant
2014-05-02 San Diego Business Journal Minimum Wage Proposal for City Stirs Debate Over Actual Costs
2014-05-02 U-T San Diego 'Mr. Oprah': Don't let others define you
2014-05-03 U-T San Diego Real estate investors target the coast
2014-05-02 San Diego Daily Transcript Leaders don't let others define them, says Stedman Graham
2014-05-05 The Daily Aztec Students awarded for business achievements
2014-05-01 Alaska Airlines Magazine The EMBA Advantage
2014-05-07 San Diego Daily Transcript Mortgage market sees drop in refinance share of activity
2014-05-07 U-T San Diego Property tax bills could jump for many
2014-05-09 KSWB – San Diego San Diego Property Taxes Rise to Pre-Crash Levels (video clip)
2014-05-08 Orange County Register Orca shows will go on - for now
2014-05-13 The L.A. Clippers and Mrs. Sterling
2014-05-13 Forbes Post-NFL Draft Buzz: It's All About Johnny and Sam
2014-05-13 U-T San Diego SD home prices gains slow to single digits
2014-05-20 U-T San Diego Branding with Brewery Tours: Other than Fun, is it Effective? (no longer available)
2014-05-20 U.S. Spy Charges Against China Are A Reminder To Be Carefule If Traveling In The Country
2014-05-22 U-T San Diego 55,000 San Diegans underwater on mortgages (no longer available)
2014-05-22 Washington Post The broken nature of the fixed-rate mortgage
2014-05-22 KNSD – San Diego 2 Fashion Outlets Share Same Roof (video clip)
2014-05-22 KOGO – San Diego Underwater Mortgages
2014-05-23 KGTV – San Diego UCSD Health Systems Agreement with Chargers (video clip)
2014-05-27 U-T San Diego Home prices tick up despite slowing
2014-05-27 New York Times Home Prices Start Easing, to the Relief of Experts
2014-05-29 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Home Prices Continue To Rise But At Slower Rate (video clip)
2014-05-30 NPR - Marketplace How #YesAllWomen reignited the conversation about gender equality
2014-05-30 Reuters U.S. house price gains seen moderating over the next few years
2014-05-30 KSWB – San Diego Dr. Patrick from SDSU Explains New Social Media Hash-Tag Movement (video clip no longer available)
2014-05-30 XETV – San Diego #YesAllWomen vs. #NotAllMen (video clip no longer available)
2014-05-31 USA Today Mickelson cooperating with FBI on probe
2014-05-31 U-T San Diego Some Advice If Your Home's Underwater
2014-05-30 KFMB – San Diego Reports name Mickelsen in federal insider trading probe (video clip)
2014-05-30 U-T San Diego Study: Companies cut employees pay price
2014-05-31 KNSD – San Diego Phil Mickelson Probe (video clip)
2014-05-30 KGTV – San Diego Phil Mickelson Investigation (video clip)
2014-05-30 San Diego Business Journal Some Dark Clouds Over Overland's Sale
2014-05-30 San Diego Business Journal Home Inventory Better, But Still Favors Sellers
2014-06-04 San Diego Daily Transcript Home prices vary based on geography, school districts
2014-06-06 NPR - Marketplace How much is California Chrome worth?
2014-06-02 Is this the end of the LA Clippers-Sterling saga?
2014-06-06 Los Angeles Times Gatorade pokes fun at Lebron James' leg cramp in NBA finals
2014-06-08 U-T San Diego Spotlight trained on lack of female pilots
2014-06-07 USA Today California Chrome cashing in with endorsements (video clip)
2014-06-10 Orange County Register Taboo on discussing salaries is lifted
2014-06-11 Why Donald Sterling isn't going away
2014-06-12 U-T San Diego Home sales lose their sizzle
2014-06-12 KPBS – San Diego Most Than 97 Percent of San Diego's Rental Properties are Occupied
2014-06-12 Al Jazeera Television Juice suit allowed (video clip no longer available)
2014-06-13 KFMB – San Diego San Diego World Cup fans kick into high gear (video clip)
2014-06-13 San Diego Business Journal Union Bank's Japanese Parent Moves to Comply With Regulations
2014-06-18 Los Angeles Times Washington Redskins trademark registration cancelled
2014-06-19 Forget Redskin decision, here's what scares the NFL
2014-06-18 XETV – San Diego Will decision impact Aztecs? (video clip no longer available)
2014-06-18 KAMR - Amarillo Redskins Lose Trademark (video clip)
2014-06-19 Washington Post Catherine Rampell: The Redskins' trademark loss is a marketer's dream
2014-06-23 U-T San Diego Outside Help
2014-06-20 San Diego Business Journal App Aims to Get You Going in Direction of Financial Goals
2014-06-24 Can Dov Charney be 'cured'?
2014-06-25 U-T San Diego Home Prices Rise at Slow Pace as Market Stabilizes
2014-06-25 NFL just 'dodge a bullet' with Aereo decision
2014-06-25 KNSD – San Diego Fighting the High Cost of Cable (video clip)
2014-06-27 U-T San Diego Has the next housing recession started?
2014-06-27 San Franciso Chronicle The simple solution to increasing diversity at tech giants
2014-06-27 CIO Magazine Airport Breach a Sign for IT Industry to Think Security, Not Money
2014-06-24 Why these sunglasses cost $150
2014-06-27 San Diego Business Journal Breeders Cup Bonanza Expected for Region
2014-07-02 U-T San Diego Unlimited return shipping: What's it worth?
2014-07-03 U-T San Diego Milestone! Dow closes above 17,000. So?
2014-07-07 Could this one thing have killed Silicon Valley?
2014-07-03 What's really surprising about the Hobby Lobby decision
2014-07-11 U-T San Diego They're back! Zero down home loans
2014-07-14 U-T San Diego Finding Funds
2014-07-15 XETV – San Diego 0 Down Loan Mortgages Are Back (video clip no longer available)
2014-07-15 Reuters World Cup fever no automatic game changer for MLS
2014-07-16 KPBS – San Diego 1 Year Later: How Filner Sexual Harassment Scandal Impacted San Diego
2014-07-16 U-T San Diego Home Prices Up; Market Loses Steam
2014-07-18 Hell no, you can't go: Teamsters don't like bathroom rules
2014-07-18 San Diego Business Journal County Retirees' Group Cedes All Investment Decision Making
2014-07-18 Is patriotism a virtue in business?
2014-07-21 U-T San Diego Solo Eyewear's vision: Make glasses and help the needy
2014-07-23 Fox Business News Renting is Hip...But Prices are Hopping in Hot Urban Areas
2014-07-23 Who gets the last word on Obamacare?
2014-07-22 KGTV – San Diego Interfaith Leaders Rally For Wage Increase (video clip)
2014-07-23 American Apparel Should Hire One of These 6 Executives to Dov Charney
2014-07-23 KPBS – San Diego Comic-Con Begins!
2014-07-23 San Diego Daily Transcript Advisers share caveats about aircraft manufacturers
2014-07-24 XETV – San Diego Some are making a profit off collectables (video clip)
2014-07-25 Wired Magazine At Long Last, a Universal Shopping Cart for the Web
2014-07-25 U-T San Diego Any surprises in the housing market?
2014-07-28 NPR - Marketplace Housing and Urban Development gets a new head
2014-07-26 KUSI – San Diego Comic-Con Economic Impact on San Diego (video clip)
2014-07-29 SAP Radio Predictive Analytics and Finance: Role Play
2014-07-29 InformationWeek Radio Rise of the Robots: Up From The Factory Floor
2014-07-29 San Diego Mayor Says He'll Veto $11.50 Minimum Wage
2014-07-31 KSWB – San Diego Business Ethics Expert Wendy Patrick Explains Online Social Experiments (video clip no longer available)
2014-07-29 Investor's Business Daily Computer Attacks Leading To More Cyberinsurance
2014-08-01 Can Obamacare case jump right to the Supreme Court?
2014-07-03 New York Post Goldman sues Google over 'fat finger' email mistake
2014-07-08 Raleigh News & Observer Rock 'n' Roll Marathon study says economic impact in Raleigh exceeded $8 million
2014-08-02 U-T San Diego In Just The Right Business
2014-08-04 Financial Advisor Pure's Play
2014-08-04 Los Angeles Times P.F. Chang's security breach hits 33 restaurants, 8 in California
2014-08-07 U-T San Diego New SDSU Program Mixes Music, Business
2014-08-07 U-T San Diego SDSU unruffled by Power 5 autonomy
2014-08-08 Los Angeles Times NCAA takes a major hit as federal judge rules in athlete amateur case
2014-08-11 U-T San Diego Convention Center CEO employs kin
2014-08-08 U.S. News & World Report Experts Question Whether NCAA Reform Really Helps Athletes
2014-08-11 KNSD – San Diego Expert Analyzes NASCAR Future for Tony Stewart (video clip)
2014-08-13 KSWB – San Diego Legal Expert Wendy Patrick On California Gun Control Bill (video clip no longer available)
2014-08-08 KPBS – San Diego SDSU To Offer Music Entrepreneur Program (video clip)
2014-08-15 KUSI – San Diego SeaWorld Plans Big Expansion of Killer Whale Environment (video clip)
2014-08-18 CNN The financial impact on local businesses in Ferguson (video clip)
2014-08-15 KPBS – San Diego SeaWorld To Expand Killer Whale Habitat
2014-08-15 KGTV – San Diego Pension systems' high-end office leases revealed (video clip no longer available)
2014-08-19 Fox Business News Will Ferguson's Business Community Recover from Riots, Lootings?
2014-08-19 KNSD – San Diego Stretching Target Hours to Reach More Shoppers (video clip)
2014-08-19 XETV – San Diego PETA buys SeaWorld stock in an attempt to end killer whale captivity for good (video clip no longer available)
2014-08-21 Why The NFL's Super Bowl Halftime Pay-To-Play Gambit Won't Work
2014-08-21 U-T San Diego San Diego State program merges music and business
2014-08-21 U-T San Diego Tickets Aren't Worth a Bundle
2014-08-21 XETV – San Diego What makes for a successful viral campaign? (video clip no longer available)
2014-08-24 U-T San Diego Will Qualcomm and China reach a deal?
2014-08-25 The Daily Aztec College of Business Administration appoints new chair
2014-08-26 U-T San Diego Housing price gains still in June
2014-08-28 U-T San Diego Nearly 50,000 locals still underwater
2014-08-29 Ready for some fantasy football?
2014-08-30 U-T San Diego Will I-5 Expansion Affect Propert Values?
2014-09-01 U-T San Diego Finding Their Second Act: The Flying Ace, The Academic, The Consultant
2014-08-29 Los Angeles Times Thinking of borrowing? Low mortgage rates may be poised to rise
2014-09-11 KGTV – San Diego Lawsuit: SeaWorld lied to investors about real cause of sluggish attendance numbers
2014-09-11 U-T San Diego UCLA: Interest rates to rise in March
2014-09-09 KNSD – San Diego Is Ray Rice Video Affecting Female NFL Fans? (video clip)
2014-09-08 What makes Joan Rivers court
2014-09-12 U-T San Diego Pace of Home Price Appreciation Picks Up
2014-09-03 U-T San Diego Tax Code Change on Mandatory Tips Will Boost State Revenue
2014-09-15 KPBS – San Diego Has San Diego Recovered From Lehman Brothers Collapse? (video clip)
2014-09-16 U-T San Diego Convention center budget tough to find
2014-09-15 The Daily Aztec SDSU Ranks No. 19 In List of Top MBA Programs
2014-09-05 San Diego Business Journal Cost of Compliance: Small Community Banks Say Dodd-Frank Reforms Are Unfairly Applied
2014-09-01 Insight Into Diversity Companies Want Graduates Prepared to Enter a Global Workforce
2014-09-17 NFL sponsor wrath: Can they change the league?
2014-09-17 U.S. News & World Report Sponsors Press NFL, Vikings to Discipline
2014-09-08 San Diego Business Journal Executive Q&A: J. Dennis Cradit, San Diego State University
2014-09-20 U-T San Diego The business side of sports
2014-09-22 KUSI – San Diego NFL backlash comes from Congress (video clip)
2014-09-24 XETV – San Diego Could sponsors pull ads over abuse controversy? (video clip)
2014-09-24 What I gave up to save $1 million
2014-09-23 Reuters Jeter appears poised for further riches in golden years
2014-09-24 Los Angeles Times NFL's reach hold sponsors
2014-09-27 U-T San Diego How Much Should a Commute Be Taken Into Consideration When Buying a Home?
2014-09-26 U-T San Diego Can this app find you that perfect home?
2014-09-26 San Diego Business Journal Pension Fund Officer's Position Is in Peril
2014-09-28 XETV – San Diego Sponsors Stay in Wake of Controversy (video clip)
2014-09-30 U-T San Diego Summer homebuying season fizzled
2014-09-30 KNSD – San Diego Plastic Bag Ban Signed Into Law (video clip)
2014-09-30 XETV – San Diego FCC revokes it blessing on NFL blackout rules (video clip)
2014-09-30 KUSI – San Diego Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Statewide Plastic Bag Ban (video clip)
2014-10-02 Want happy customers? Service is the key
2014-10-09 Jobs and religion: The case against Abercrombie
2014-10-13 U-T San Diego Anyone can pay anyone else's taxes on property
2014-10-10 San Diego Business Journal Changing Courses
2014-10-10 San Diego Business Journal Hewlett-Packard Split Part of Its Strategy
2014-10-14 U-T San Diego Home prices rise at normal pace
2014-10-15 KNSD – San Diego Whole Foods To Launch Grocery Rating System (video clip)
2014-10-17 U-T San Diego Should this shop drop 'Isis' from its name?
2014-10-20 U-T San Diego Foreclosures fall to post-recession low
2014-10-20 The Daily Aztec CIBER program receives $1 million grant
2014-10-21 KNSD – San Diego McDonald's Customers, Sales Stocks Down (video clip)
2014-10-22 KNSD – San Diego Will Smartphones Replace Credit Cards? (video clip)
2014-10-25 U-T San Diego What boosts property values most?
2014-10-25 U-T San Diego Short-term rentals can be costly for owners
2014-10-28 KNSD – San Diego Fast Food Chains Making it Faster With Apps (video clip)
2014-10-28 U-T San Diego Price Gains Keep Slowing
2014-10-30 Associated Press Apple CEO publicly acknowledges that he's gay
2014-10-30 San Franciso Chronicle Why it still matters that Apple CEO Tim Cook announced he's gay
2014-10-31 San Diego Business Journal America's Cup Backer Look to Land the Event
2014-11-04 KGTV – San Diego Online sellers cashing in on Ebola merchandise (video clip)
2014-11-06 Bloomberg/Businessweek Your Guide to Changing Paid Sick Leave Laws
2014-11-07 U-T San Diego Jobs up, but wages not so much
2014-11-10 Does Obamacare have a poison pill?
2014-11-10 KPBS – San Diego West Coast Dock Workers Strike Could Cost $2 Billion A Day
2014-11-10 KNSD – San Diego When Will the Digital Wallet Go Mainstream? (video clip)
2014-11-12 U-T San Diego Monthly San Diego home price falls
2014-11-12 XETV – San Diego Attendance, profits take a plunge at SeaWorld (video clip no longer available)
2014-11-14 KNSD – San Diego Some Stores Taking a Stand Against Black Friday Pressure (video clip)
2014-11-17 KPBS – San Diego Housing Affordability Still a Problem In San Diego
2014-11-18 KFMB – San Diego Scoping out the best Black Friday doorbuster deals (video clip)
2014-11-19 KNSD – San Diego Study: Some Companies Pay More to CEO Than Taxes (video clip)
2014-11-20 U-T San Diego Home Default Notices in County Hit 9-Month High
2014-11-20 KFMB – San Diego School Threats (video clip)
2014-11-21 XETV – San Diego 2 Teens Arrested Friday for Seperate Online Threats to Carmel Valley Schools (video clip no longer available)
2014-11-24 U-T San Diego Does San Diego need the All Star Game?
2014-11-25 Investor's Business Daily U.S. Economic Signs Ho-Ho-Hopeful As Holidays Arrive
2014-11-25 KPBS – San Diego Is Thanksgiving The New Black Friday?
2014-11-25 Guess which gender spends more on impulse
2014-11-18 SD nation's second least affordable housing market
2014-11-27 KUSI – San Diego Thanksgiving Queues (video clip)
2014-11-26 KGTV – San Diego Team 10 finds out if Black Friday deals are worth the wait (video clip)
2014-11-26 KNSD – San Diego Could Hackers Take Over San Diego Traffic Lights? (video clip)
2014-11-28 U-T San Diego Do millennials drag down real estate?
2014-11-28 KUSI – San Diego Black Friday Business Expectations (video clip)
2014-12-01 KPBS – San Diego Rise In San Diego Home Prices Slows
2014-11-25 U-T San Diego Housing Market Saw September Slowness
2014-12-01 KGT Cyber Monday no longer just limited to one day (video clip)
2014-12-01 U-T San Diego Black Friday aside, retail has changed for good
2014-11-27 The Daily Transcript No proof Thanksgiving openings boost sales
2014-12-03 U-T San Diego Report: Cyber Criminals Target Biotech, Health Care
2014-12-05 Wallet Hub 2014 Mortgage Insurance Report
2014-12-05 Uptown News Discount store closure is sign of North Park's changing demographics
2014-12-08 Los Angeles Times Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unveil mortgages with 3% down payment
2014-12-08 KNSD – San Diego Gas Prices Drop Below $3 a Gallon in San Diego (video clip)
2014-12-08 KUSI – San Diego Sony hacked again as PlayStation gets knocked offline for hours (video clip)
2014-12-09 U-T San Diego Baseball jobs: Will work for peanuts
2014-12-11 KNSD – San Diego Man Accused of $54,000 Kickstarter Scam (video clip)
2014-12-11 U-T San Diego SDSU business profs headed to Mexico
2014-12-12 U-T San Diego What's up with those mall canvassers?
2014-12-15 U-T San Diego Pace of home-price gains at 2-year low
2014-12-15 San Diego Daily Transcript City Council backs bid for All-Star Game
2014-12-16 Tech News World Skype Begins Dismantling the Language Barrier
2014-12-16 Inc. Obama Calls Cuba Open for Business, But Not Everyone's Happy About It
2014-12-17 KNSD – San Diego SD Cuban-American Divided on New US-Cuba Relations (video clip)
2014-12-17 KFMB – San Diego Sony Cancels Movie Release After Cyber Attack (video clip)
2014-12-17 KUSI – San Diego Relations Between U.S. and Cuba Improved After 50 Years (video clip)
2014-12-18 Hey, Sony - the 'e' in email stands for evidence
2014-12-27 U-T San Diego What's In Store for Housing 2015?
2014-12-27 U-T San Diego Gift Givers Get Do-Overs
2014-12-21 Associated Press U.S. Companies Eager To Embrace Cuba Face Hurdles
2014-12-19 KUSI – San Diego Last Minute Holiday Shopping Push (video clip)
2014-12-25 KUSI – San Diego Good deals after Christmas but also risk of fraud (video clip)
2014-12-21 USA Today Staples data breach unlikely to dampen holiday shopping
2014-12-30 U-T San Diego Pace of home appreciation slowing
2014-12-23 ACN (Cuban News Agency) US-Cuba trade could reach $10 billion if embargo lifted
2014-12-30 KPBS – San Diego US Home Price Growth Slows For 11th Consecutive Month
2014-12-30 KUSI – San Diego Gas Prices Continue to Fall Before the New Year (video clip)
2014-12-30 KSWB – San Diego New Laws (video clip)
2014-12-31 San Diego Business Journal S.D. Region Draws a Talent Pool Deep With Millenials
2015-01-02 San Diego Business Journal Despite Market Stability Homebuyers Are Still Facing Hurdles
2015-01-03 U-T San Diego Fido Free to Join You at Dinner
2015-01-03 KUSI – San Diego New Year, New Rules: 930 New Laws in 2015 (video clip)
2015-01-05 Was Uber's New Years Eve pricing unethical?
2015-01-05 KOGO – San Diego Do dogs belong in restaurants in San Diego
2015-01-06 U.S. News & World Report Example of Campus Innovations: Bat Signal for Blind
2015-01-04 The Housing Bubble The Unreal Real Estate Reality
2015-01-06 KNSD – San Diego SeaWorld Habitat Meeting (video clip)
2015-01-09 U-T San Diego Employers do the most hiring since 1999
2015-01-09 Associated Press Streak of Solid Hiring In U.S. Bolsters Confidence About 2015
2015-01-11 XETV – San Diego Public Safety: Latest on Ferguson and Paris (video clip)
2015-01-12 KNSD – San Diego Companies to Face Deadlines in Security Breach Notification Standards (video clip)
2015-01-11 U-T San Diego Private Stadium Here?
2015-01-11 KUSI – San Diego Potential effects of terrorist attacks in France (video clip)
2015-01-12 San Diego Daily Transcript County foreclosures tick up in December
2015-01-12 KPBS Radio – San Diego How do you spot a terrorist?
2015-01-14 U-T San Diego Housing market ended 2014 with steam
2015-01-16 U-T San Diego Staging a home may help you sell it faster
2015-01-16 Three reasons 'Obamaleave' is a bad idea
2015-01-16 San Diego Business Journal Mortgage Assurance
2015-01-20 USA Today Super Bowl advertisers finally making noise
2015-01-24 U-T San Diego Why the housing market fell to earth
2015-01-22 U-T San Diego How to land 2016 All Star Game tickets
2015-01-22 KUSI – San Diego Stadium task force
2015-01-23 San Diego Business Journal President Paints Tax Target On Big Banks, Financial Firms
2015-01-25 Reuters What scandals? It never rains on Super Bowl party
2015-01-25 KOMO - Seattle Will Deflate-Gate Hurt the NFL?
2015-01-27 U-T San Diego Housing market picked up in November
2015-01-27 San Diego Daily Transcript Boomarang buyers to re-enter housing market
2015-01-30 KPBS – San Diego Super Bowl XLIX Commercials: The Hits And Fumbles (video clip)
2015-01-30 U-T San Diego Starbucks could jolt home values
2015-01-31 U-T San Diego What should change in home lending?
2015-01-31 U-T San Diego Super Bowl 2015's best bets
2015-02-02 Los Angeles Times In a first, Madden NFL accurately predicts score for Super Bowl XLIX
2015-02-03 KNSD – San Diego New Store Where You Can't Take Home The Clothes (video clip)
2015-02-04 KPBS – San Diego Health Insurance Enrollment Deadline Forces Hard Choices For San Diegans (video clip)
2015-02-05 U-T San Diego President's tax plan could mean higher cost for stadium
2015-02-05 KOGO – San Diego Brian Williams' Apology
2015-02-05 KSWB – San Diego Health Insurance Data Breach (video clip)
2015-02-05 XETV – San Diego Is Brian Williams Apology Enough?
2015-02-04 Wall Street Journal Bootstrapped Startups Risk a Lack of Connections
2015-02-06 KNSD – San Diego Turbo Tax Shuts Down After Scam Artists Hit (video clip)
2015-02-06 San Diego Business Journal Taylor Guitars Stays Close to Home to Find Global Talent
2015-02-06 San Diego Business Journal Worldly View
2015-02-06 San Diego Business Journal Fannie, Freddie Say No; Lenders Say Yes
2015-02-10 Wallet Hub 2015 Auto Financing Report
2015-02-10 U-T San Diego 'Historic' Title Could Cost Estate
2015-01-30 Why Katy Perry Isn't Getting Paid--Or Paying--For Super Bowl Halftime Gig
2015-02-12 XETV – San Diego Ethics in Business: Is NBC Taking a Rish by Suspending Brian Williams (video clip)
2015-02-13 U-T San Diego How a $1 million home sells for $175K
2015-02-15 XETV – San Diego SDSU Expert on Brian Williams Fallout (video clip)
2015-02-13 U-T San Diego State proposes 21 percent gas tax cut
2015-02-17 U-T San Diego Diesel drivers could be in for tax bump
2015-02-21 XETV – San Diego Clean-up continues at proposed Carson stadium site (video clip no longer available)
2015-02-20 KGTV – San Diego Economist says stadium adds little value to cities (video clip)
2015-02-04 Washington Post The diminishing returns of today’s homeownership policies
2015-02-18 Wallet Hub 2015’s Cities with the Most and Least Ethno-Racial and Linguistic Diversity
2015-02-23 KFMB – San Diego If we lose the Chargers, what happens to Qualcomm Stadium?
2015-02-23 KNSD – San Diego Will Stadium Summit Meeting Ease City, Chargers Disconnect? (video clip)
2015-02-23 KNSD – San Diego Stadium Debate: Is Los Angeles a Better Option Than San Diego?
2015-02-23 KGTV – San Diego Former Chargers star running back LaDainian Tomlinson joins effort to keep team in San Diego
2015-02-25 Texas judge did Obama a favor on immigration
2015-02-24 U-T San Diego Meet SDSU College of Business' new dean
2015-02-25 U-T San Diego Why home appreciation slowed in 2014
2015-02-25 KNSD – San Diego Shrinking Toilet Paper: You're Spending the Same to Get Less (video clip)
2015-02-26 KGTV – San Diego Report shows SeaWorld loses 1 million visitors (video clip)
2015-02-28 U-T San Diego Are record low new home sales a concern?
2015-03-02 KNSD – San Diego Costo Dropping American Express for Visa (video clip)
2015-02-24 KNSD – San Diego Sriracha Bandwagon Getting Full (video clip)
2015-03-03 KNSD – San Diego More Colleges Teaching Students to be Entrepreneurs (video clip)
2015-03-04 KPBS – San Diego San Diego State Showcases Student-Run Companies (video clip)
2015-03-04 KSWB – San Diego Entrepreneur Day (video clip)
2015-03-04 KUSI – San Diego SDSU Students and Alumni Gather for "Entrepreneur Day" (video clip)
2015-03-06 U-T San Diego Stadium unlikely without taxes, Natl Univ. study shows
2015-03-06 KOGO – San Diego Interview with Dr. Jim Lackritz
2015-03-06 KUSI – San Diego Could private seat licenses pay for a new Chargers stadium? (video clip)
2015-03-07 U-T San Diego Chargers fans may hold key to stadium
2015-03-09 KNSD – San Diego New Apple Watch (video clip)
2015-03-10 U-T San Diego 'Blurred Lines,' meet 'My Sweet Lord!'
2015-03-10 KNSD – San Diego Car Insurance Site Launches in California
2015-03-11 KGTV – San Diego City's stadium task force picks Mission Valley (video clip)
2015-03-17 USA Today NBA embraces March Madness
2015-03-17 U-T San Diego Home price appreciation stays elevated
2015-03-17 KNSD – San Diego Do people around here like basketball? You bet! (video clip)
2015-03-18 Associated Press Science shows March Madness fans cannot resist an underdog
2015-03-18 KOGO – San Diego Starbucks and race relations
2015-03-19 KFMB – San Diego Aztec Madness (video clip)
2015-03-20 U-T San Diego City readies for stadium negotiations
2015-03-23 U-T San Diego Chargers cleared of blackouts in 2015
2015-03-23 U-T San Diego SeaWorld launches ad blitz to repair image
2015-03-24 USA Today Google hire highlights Wall St. talent problem
2015-03-24 KOGO – San Diego SeaWorld Advertising Blitz
2015-03-27 U-T San Diego Are home prices growing too fast?
2015-03-27 Los Angeles Times Staples Center undercover: NCAA tournament sponsors fill in the blanks
2015-03-28 KUSI – San Diego Supreme Court's pregancy discrimation ruling (video clip no longer available)
2015-03-27 San Diego Business Journal Sitting on a Gold Mine: Sell Stadium Seat Licenses
2015-03-28 U-T San Diego In fast-food world, change on menu for two chains
2015-03-31 U-T San Diego SeaWorld blasts ex-trainer's character
2015-03-27 Rescue retirement with annuity
2015-04-01 Associated Press Why businesses are speaking out on religious objections laws
2015-03-31 U-T San Diego When NFL teams move, cities left shaken
2015-04-04 U-T San Diego The NFL's ransom: New stadium or else
2015-04-05 U-T San Diego When Pro Team Leave, It's Personal
2015-04-12 KFMB – San Diego Locals React to Hillary Clinton's Announcement (video clip)
2015-04-12 KSWB – San Diego Clinton expected to focus on strengths of femininity (video clip)
2015-04-01 Las Vegas Review-Journal Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas Marathon saw strong growth in '14, to add extra day
2015-04-15 KFMB – San Diego Time is running out to file taxes on time (video clip)
2015-04-15 U-T San Diego SDSU team's visionary idea wins top prize
2015-04-17 Why Sterling's mistress has to pay the wife $2.6 million
2015-04-20 Money Magazine Most 20-Somethings Can't Answer These 3 Financial Questions. Can You?
2015-04-16 LGBT Weekly Taking the temperature of the San Diego real estate market
2015-04-13 KPBS – San Diego Real Estate Experts Discuss Rise in San Diego Home Prices (video clip)
2015-04-23 The Daily Aztec Aztecs take on real-life real estate
2015-04-25 U-T San Diego Will we get a peak real estate season?
2015-04-25 U-T San Diego SDSU students learning informercial skills
2015-04-23 KFMB Radio (AM 760) SDSU Helping to Alleviate Proverty
2015-04-24 San Diego Daily Transcript Large corporations lobby to change workers’ comp laws in all 50 states
2015-04-22 Los Angeles Times Google's new Project Fi offers low-cost wireless phone service
2015-04-27 San Diego Daily Transcript SDSU team wins real estate competition
2015-04-28 XETV – San Diego Supreme Court Takes Up Gay Marriage (video clip)
2015-04-28 U-T San Diego Region's home price gains hold steady
2015-04-30 Associated Press The Latest: Only a few hours before NFL draft
2015-04-30 XETV – San Diego Visionary idea from SDSU wins national prize, hopes to ease poverty
2015-05-01 Seeking Alphaa Millions Of Millennials And Retirees Can't Answer 3 Basic Financial Questions: How About You?
2015-04-28 San Diego Business Journal SDSU Students Win Real Estate Design Competition
2015-05-01 U-T San Diego Qualcomm's new ad campaign asks 'Why Wait?'
2015-05-06 Wallet Hub What are the pros and cons of working for a small business?
2015-05-07 Los Angeles Times Cleveland Cavaliers and Anheuser-Busch anger viewers with ads
2015-05-07 KUSI – San Diego Federal Appeals court rules NSA data collection is illegal (video clip)
2015-05-08 KNSD – San Diego The War Over the Fast Food Breakfast (video clip)
2015-05-11 Deflategate: What did Tom Brady know? (video clip)
2015-05-11 Los Angeles Times NFL sacks Patriots' Tom Brady for four games over 'Deflategate' role
2015-05-12 KOGO – San Diego Tom Brady Gets Smacked Down By the NFL. Was It Too Much?
2015-05-12 KUSI – San Diego Senate votes today on president's Pacific Rim Trade bill (video clip)
2015-05-12 Deflategate: Brady appeal won't be easy
2015-05-12 KUSI – San Diego Tom Brady's agent promises to appeal punishment from NFL (video clip)
2015-05-13 Will Brady's all-star lawyer help him beat NFL rap?
2015-05-06 Inc. Cuba: The U.S. Entrepreneur's Next Best Frontier
2015-05-14 Los Angeles Times Long Beach allows taxis to lower fares as they compete with Uber, Lyft
2015-05-17 Wall Street Journal 5 Challenges When Startups Move Into the Big Leagues
2015-05-17 U-T San Diego How Can Women Close the Pay Gap?
2015-05-19 Draft Day: DK Tom Brady's hardest battle
2015-05-19 U-T San Diego County housing market still accelerating
2015-05-19 U-T San Diego Callaway Golf launches Web talk show, Callaway Live
2015-05-19 KNSD – San Diego Takata Recall Becomes Biggest in U.S. History (video clip)
2015-05-20 KPBS – San Diego How To Avoid Being A Starving Artist in San Diego
2015-05-21 KNSD – San Diego Vons, Albertsons Changing Over to Haggen Stores
2015-05-28 KNSD – San Diego Amazon Expands Same Day Delivery (video clip)
2015-05-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Why Chargers need cash to stay
2015-06-01 Associated Press Intel buys into chips powering cloud computing, smarter cars
2015-06-02 Reuters Blatter resignation a relief for World Cup sponsors: experts
2015-06-02 KGTV – San Diego San Diego restaurant's website hacked by militant group (video clip)
2015-06-04 KFMB – San Diego China suspected in massavie breach of federal personnel data (video clip)
2015-06-06 USA Today The best place to retire isn't Florida
2015-06-05 San Diego Union-Tribune Foreclosed? Maybe you can buy again
2015-06-06 Los Angeles Times SeaWorld may be bouncing back from 'Blackfish' backlash
2015-06-03 Wall Street Journal Wealth Advisor: Vetting ETF Strategists Is No Easy Task
2015-06-12 San Diego Union-Tribune Nearly 10,000 San Diegans 'underwater'
2015-06-15 San Diego Business Journal Thinking Outside the Diamond
2015-06-17 San Diego Union-Tribune Home price appreciation slows to 3.1%
2015-06-19 KUSI – San Diego Uber Labor Ruling (video clip no longer available)
2015-06-22 Will this Uber driver as employee ruling stick?
2015-06-22 KPBS – San Diego Covered California's Plan To Collect Health Info. Raises Concerns
2015-06-22 Orange County Register Religion in the workplace: employers must tread carfefully in job interviews
2015-06-23 KSWB – San Diego Confederate Flag Controversy (video clip)
2015-06-23 San Diego Union-Tribune SDSU thresher project progression
2015-06-24 National Public Radio Confederate Flag Merchandise Is Delicate Topic For Retailers
2015-06-24 San Diego Union-Tribune Renters pay up as homeownership drops
2015-06-26 XETV – San Diego Historic Marriage Ruling: The Nuts and Bolts (video clip)
2015-06-30 KUSI – San Diego New paid sick leave law goes into effect starting on Wednesday (video clip no longer available)
2015-07-01 San Diego Union-Tribune Search terms could help find trafficking victims
2015-07-01 Washington Post Companies are speaking out on social issues and getting results
2015-07-02 KNSD – San Diego Beware of Scammers With Toll Road Payment Ploy (video clip)
2015-07-07 KOMO - Seattle Businesses sever ties with Bill Cosby
2015-07-07 KGTV – San Diego Home of Subway Spokesman Raided by FBI (video clip)
2015-07-08 KOGO – San Diego SD Attorney Wendy Patrick on Celebrities in the News
2015-07-10 San Diego Union-Tribune What a rate hike may mean for housing
2015-07-11 San Diego Union-Tribune The back story on local executive pay
2015-07-10 KGTV – San Diego Bride's purse, wallet stolen on her wedding day (video clip)
2015-07-14 KGTV – San Diego Amazon Prime Day: 31 Prime Day deals to check out (video clip)
2015-07-14 San Diego Union-Tribune PETA: SeaWorld employee posed as activist
2015-07-15 KGTV – San Diego That free Comic-Con stuff could be worth money (video clip)
2015-07-15 XETV – San Diego "Prime Day" Deals (video clip)
2015-07-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Housing market had banner month
2015-07-17 KGTV – San Diego Consumers Complain About Sale Using #PrimeDayFail (video clip)
2015-07-17 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego covets Silicon Valley's fame
2015-07-20 KOMO - Seattle Bill Cosby Scandal
2015-07-21 KOGO – San Diego Cheating Spouses Could Be a Little Nervous Today
2015-07-21 BYU Radio Farming in Ethiopia
2015-07-21 KGTV – San Diego Massive layoffs coming to tech giant Qualcomm? (video clip)
2015-07-21 San Diego Daily Transcript San Diego ranks 'average' for first-time buyers
2015-07-22 KNSD – San Diego Seeks to Compete With Amazon, Costco (video clip)
2015-07-22 KSWB – San Diego Qualcomm to eliminate 15% of workforce (video clip)
2015-07-22 KFMB – San Diego Qualcomm workers face layoffs after weak earnings (video clip)
2015-07-23 KUSI – San Diego Qualcomm announces it will cut its workforce by 15 percent (video clip no longer available)
2015-07-22 KOGO – San Diego Qualcomm Layoffs
2015-07-23 KSWB – San Diego Oil prices plunge as gas prices spike
2015-07-28 Forbes China President Xi Jinping 'Is In A Major Squeeze Play' As Stocks Plunge Anew
2015-07-30 Fortune Why China is not a global superpower - yet
2015-07-31 Deflategate appeal: Tom Brady loses no matter what
2015-08-03 USA Today Delta bans big-gam trophies after killing of Cecil the lion
2015-07-31 KOGO – San Diego Controversy over Beijing Winter Olympics
2015-08-03 KOGO – San Diego More Pressure To Stop Big Game Hunters From Flying Their Trophies Home
2015-08-05 KNSD – San Diego Saving on Back-to-School Shopping (video clip)
2015-08-05 The Daily Aztec Transfer student finds fulfilling work in managment
2015-08-05 Workers, don't expect generous parental leave
2015-08-06 KOGO – San Diego Longer Paid Leave For New Moms & Dads
2015-08-06 KUSI – San Diego SeaWorld profits drop 84 percent following controversial documentary (video clip)
2015-08-06 KOGO – San Diego Has SeaWorld Recovered From Blackfish?
2015-08-06 KNSD – San Diego SeaWorld: "Brand Challenges" Led to Drop in Attendance (video clip)
2015-08-06 KGTV – San Diego Report: SeaWorld net income tumbles 84 percent (video clip)
2015-08-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Poll: LA fans have eyes on the Chargers
2015-08-04 KOMO - Seattle Airlines and Big Game Trophies
2015-08-10 KFMB – San Diego Target stories scaling back gender-based signs (video clip)
2015-08-11 KSWB – San Diego SDSU professor crunches numbers for Chargers' potential move to L.A.
2015-08-11 Los Angeles Times Global fraud involved computer hacking, insider trading, officials say
2015-08-11 KNSD – San Diego You May Have To Pay More For Your Next Smartphone (video clip)
2015-08-11 KOMO - Seattle Target stores revise gender-specific signage
2015-08-12 Forbes Here's What the New CEO Pay Gap Rule Means for You
2015-08-12 Reuters PREVIEW - Athletics-Doping scandal gives Bolt-Gatlin showdown new significance
2015-08-13 U.S. News & World Report When Brand Loyalty Costs You More
2015-08-16 Politically Speaking - KNSD NFL Roulette (video clip)
2015-08-13 San Diego Business Journal Banks Lower Bar On Jumbo Loans
2015-08-13 San Diego Business Journal Rate Hike Reverberations Would Be Felt By Credit Unions
2015-08-18 USA Today Rieder: The New York Times hammers Amazon
2015-08-18 No college football players union...for now
2015-08-19 MarketWatch Subway's Jared Fogle, and 10 other endorsement deals gone bad
2015-08-19 Wall Street Journal Former Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle to Plead Guilty in Child-Sex Case
2015-08-19 XETV – San Diego Ex-Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle Reaches Plea Deal in Child Porn Case (video clip)
2015-08-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Mogl raises $8 million to expand beyond restaurants
2015-08-20 KUSI – San Diego Jared Fogle pleads guilty to child exploitation charges (video clip)
2015-08-20 KSWB – San Diego Jared's Impact on Subway (video clip)
2015-08-24 KNSD – San Diego How Does the Stock Market Affect You? (video clip)
2015-08-25 San Diego Union-Tribune The lowdown on starting up
2015-08-24 XETV – San Diego Manic Monday for Markets (video clip)
2015-08-24 KOGO – San Diego Market Uncertainty (video clip)
2015-08-25 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego housing prices up 4.6% in June
2015-08-26 KPBS – San Diego How Do Bad Days On The Stock Market Affect People’s Retirement Savings?
2015-08-26 XETV – San Diego Inside the mind of a disgruntled employee (video clip)
2015-08-26 KFMB – San Diego The disturbing role social media plays in fatal on-air shooting (video clip)
2015-08-27 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Experts Talk Violence In The Workplace
2015-08-26 KOGO – San Diego Workplace Violence. How to Protect Yourself. (video clip)
2015-08-28 Los Angeles Times USC's Sarkisian isn't first coast to give his school a black eye
2015-08-26 KGTV – San Diego Shooting renews concerns about workplace violence (video clip)
2015-08-30 San Diego Union-Tribune Some superintendent salaries rising to the extreme
2015-08-26 KGTV – San Diego Reporter and photographer killed on live TV (video clip)
2015-08-31 KPBS – San Diego Show Them The Money! San Diego Fans Play Fantasy Football
2015-08-28 KOGO – San Diego Fantasy Football (video clip)
2015-09-02 KOGO – San Diego Hulu offers commercial-free video streaming service (video clip)
2015-09-02 KNSD – San Diego Haggen, Albertsons in Lawsuit War After Relationship Sours (video clip)
2015-09-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Six San Diego millennials making their mark
2015-09-03 San Diego Union-Tribune How millennials are changing new work world
2015-09-04 KOGO – San Diego Rowan County, KY Is Now Issuing Marriage Licences
2015-09-03 KOGO – San Diego Tom Brady v. NFL judgement (video clip)
2015-09-04 KGTV – San Diego Fewer distressed homes in San Diego County (video clip)
2015-09-10 KNSD – San Diego Haggen Grocery Chain Files for Bankruptcy Protection (video clip)
2015-09-09 KGTV – San Diego SDPD investigates sergeant over cheating website (video clip)
2015-09-14 KNSD – San Diego Credit, Debit Cards to Have New Electronic Chips (video clip)
2015-09-15 XETV – San Diego SDSU researcher helps identify online trafficking (video clip)
2015-09-16 KPBS – San Diego SDSU Professor, Student Use Internet Marketing To Fight Human Trafficking (video clip)
2015-09-17 KUSI – San Diego Qualcomm laid off more than 1,300 people today in San Diego (video clip)
2015-09-17 KNSD – San Diego Fed. Reserve Declines to Raise Interest Rates (video clip)
2015-09-17 KOGO – San Diego GM Settlement with the Justice Department
2015-09-17 Associated Press California home prices, sales cool in August
2015-09-16 U.S. News & World Report Protect Your Investment Portfolio From Volitility with Mutual Funds
2015-09-22 XETV – San Diego Pope's choice of "humble Fiat" could lead to boost in business for local Fiat dealers (video clip)
2015-09-23 KSWB – San Diego Impact of Visit (video clip)
2015-09-23 KOGO – San Diego New Credit Card chips
2015-09-24 KUSI – San Diego Chinese President tours U.S.; White House visit begins Friday (video clip)
2015-09-28 Associated Press Republican front-runner Trump proposes tax cuts for all
2015-09-29 USA Today Carl Icahn is right on taxes, experts say
2015-09-28 KOGO – San Diego Trump's Tax Plan Analysis
2015-09-29 KOMO - Seattle Trump Tax Cut Plan (video clip)
2015-09-30 Los Angeles Times Appeals court ruling offers mixed answer on whether colleges should pay athletes
2015-10-01 San Diego Business Journal Ready or Not: New Credit Cards Arrive
2015-10-03 San Diego Union-Tribune SDSU researchers fight sex trade
2015-10-06 KOGO – San Diego California Equal Pay Act
2015-10-06 KOGO – San Diego Proposed Haggen's Buyout (video clip)
2015-10-08 Los Angeles Times With new equal-pay act, will Jennifer Lawrence get paid like Bradley Cooper?
2015-10-07 KOGO – San Diego What does California Equal Pay Act Mean in the Workplace? (video clip)
2015-10-09 What Bill Gross's Pimco lawsuit is really about
2015-10-09 KNSD – San Diego Future Unclear for SeaWorld After Ban on Orca Breeding (video clip)
2015-10-09 KGTV – San Diego SeaWorld Still Looking for Answers after Vote (video clip)
2015-10-12 KUSI – San Diego Coastal Commission bans captive orca breeding at SeaWorld
2015-10-14 The Daily Aztec Verve energy drink company found to be pyramid scheme
2015-10-14 KGTV – San Diego Move Over Barbie (video clip)
2015-10-15 San Diego Union-Tribune SeaWorld challenges no-breeding decision on orcas
2015-10-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Luxury airline JetPurple to fly out of San Diego
2015-10-19 XETV – San Diego NFL to meet with San Diego Community over Chargers' possible relocation (video clip)
2015-10-21 Wallet Hub Ask the Experts: Should Corporations Pay Less than Consumers?
2015-10-20 KGTV – San Diego New service offers cash back after buying home (video clip)
2015-10-20 KOGO – San Diego The Impact of a Positive Work Environment (video clip)
2015-10-21 The Daily Aztec Coli on cloud nine with summer internship
2015-10-22 USA Today NLCS MVP Daniel Murphy 'can't explain' heroic performance
2015-10-22 KNSD – San Diego WinCo Opens in San Marcos (video clip)
2015-10-26 San Diego Union-Tribune PeerStreet brings real estate investing to Main Street
2015-10-26 XETV – San Diego Chargers plan to file for relocation to Los Angeles (video clip)
2015-10-27 KGTV – San Diego Study: San Diego is not a good city for building wealth (video clip)
2015-10-27 KNSD – San Diego Where to Find an Afforadable Home in SD (video clip)
2015-10-28 KPBS – San Diego Four Things To Know About NFL Meeting On Chargers (video clip)
2015-10-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Do San Diegans spend too much on rent?
2015-10-29 Los Angeles Times Q&A How U.S.-China skirmish in South China Sea could affect trade
2015-10-30 Al Jazeera No financial incentives for Chinese to have more babies
2015-10-29 XETV – San Diego Local professor believes "decision's already been made" as back-to-back NFL meetings wrap-up in Oakland (video clip)
2015-10-29 KOGO – San Diego NFL Towm Meeting
2015-10-29 Associated Press China's easing of birth limit a boon to couples, companies
2015-10-29 More college students are working while studying
2015-11-02 San Diego Union-Tribune Office sales at highest since '07, report says
2015-11-03 KGTV – San Diego Uber passenger fired over driver beating (video clip)
2015-11-04 Yahoo 'Spectre' the latest in long line of Bond films to embrace product placements
2015-11-03 KOGO – San Diego Exec Loses His Job After Assaulting an Uber Driver (video clip)
2015-11-03 KOGO – San Diego What is "Ban the Box"?
2015-11-06 KUSI – San Diego NFL as a Business Regarding the Chargers' Relocation to L.A. (video clip no longer available)
2015-11-06 KPBS – San Diego Full Disclosure: What California Home Sellers Must Tell Buyers (video clip)
2015-11-09 USA Today SeaWorld to end killer-whale shows in San Diego
2015-11-09 Los Angeles Times Embattled SeaWorld to overhaul killer whale show
2015-11-10 KUSI – San Diego SeaWorld will begin phasing out Shamu Show next year (video clip)
2015-11-10 KPBS – San Diego SeaWorld To Phase Out Shamu Shows, Replace With Exhibit (video clip)
2015-11-10 San Diego Union-Tribune An IPO for that IPA?
2015-11-10 KNSD – San Diego Grocery Stores Make Bids for Haggen Locations (video clip)
2015-11-12 NY AG will likely lose his bet on fantasy sports
2015-11-11 KSWB – San Diego Battle for the Bolts (video clip)
2015-11-12 KUSI – San Diego Impact of Disney CEO joining Chargers/Raiders LA Relocation Efforts (video clip)
2015-11-17 Associated Press Google searches itself to build more productive teams
2015-11-17 KNSD – San Diego The Evolution of Black Friday (video clip)
2015-11-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Insta-gas, for the ultimate couch potato
2015-11-19 KNSD – San Diego Amazon and Google Offer Same-Day Grocery Delivery (video clip)
2015-11-20 San Diego Union-Tribune Are SeaWorld's fortunes looking up?
2015-11-25 NPR Skill or Chance? Question Looms Over Fantasy Sports Industry
2015-11-27 San Diego Union-Tribune Losing your life savings to long-term care
2015-11-30 Associated Press Get Started: Pros and cons of giving gifts to employees
2015-11-30 San Diego Union-Tribune Why this SDSU professor thinks HR careers are hot now
2015-11-30 KPBS – San Diego Cyber Monday Sales Still On Top, But Losing Some Luster
2015-11-27 NJ Pen From Black Friday to 'Black November,' Shoppers Take Longview in 2015
2015-11-30 KFMB – San Diego Cyber Monday Sales Still On Top, But Losing Some Luster (video clip)
2015-12-02 KFMB – San Diego NFL owners set special LA vote meeting for Jan. 12 - 13 (video clip)
2015-12-02 KNSD – San Diego Goodell Sets Stadium Deadline for San Diego
2015-12-04 KOGO – San Diego Stadium Update: Should Chargers' Fans Keep Hoping or Hang It Up?
2015-12-10 Wall Street Journal Real-Estate Pros Pen Purple Prose
2015-12-21 Will Martin Shkreli's arrest affect drug prices?
2015-12-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Carlsbad website targets wealthy Chinese homebuyers
2015-12-08 San Diego Union-Tribune What will happen to those Fresh & Easy stores?
2015-12-18 San Diego Union-Tribune Chargers fans gear up for potential finale
2015-12-17 San Diego Union-Tribune Discount grocer Aldi opening store in San Diego
2015-12-15 KNSD – San Diego Amid Increase in Holiday Shopping, Pressure on Delivery (video clip)
2015-12-18 San Diego Union-Tribune Low oil prices - good or bad for the economy?
2015-12-17 KNSD – San Diego Star Wars Retail Is Big Business (video clip)
2015-12-16 KNSD – San Diego Fed Raises Interest Rates (video clip)
2015-12-04 San Diego Union-Tribune Selling online: Does San Diego's economy benefit?
2015-12-04 Investor's Business Daily Preferred Shares, Convertible Bonds Offer Alternatives For Income Investors
2015-12-25 San Diego Union-Tribune The economy in retrospect: Surprises in 2016?
2015-12-24 KPBS – San Diego Stores Discount Holiday Goods More Than Last Year
2015-12-18 Los Angeles Times Lakers weak team remains a strong draw, thanks to Kobe Bryant's farewell
2015-12-28 KFMB – San Diego 2016 Laws: New laws for the New Year (video clip)
2015-12-17 San Diego Business Journal Sticking With Their Prinicipals
2015-12-11 KOGO – San Diego Trends in Retail Shopping
2015-12-29 KKSF - San Francisco New California Laws in 2016
2015-12-29 KPBS – San Diego What's Ahead For San Diego Housing Prices In 2016
2015-12-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Home prices edges higher in October
2015-12-30 KOGO – San Diego New California Laws in 2016
2015-12-30 KPBS – San Diego Petco Park Ownership Issue Shines Light On Deed Fraud
2016-01-04 Wallet Hub 2016's Best & Worst Cities to Find a Job
2016-01-04 KOGO – San Diego Ever Wanted To Know How Much Your Co-Workers Make? Now You Can Ask.
2015-12-31 Equal pay on the way in California (video clip)
2015-12-30 San Diego Business Journal Strength in Diversity
2015-12-29 San Diego Business Journal Chargers' Exit Would Hit the Heart, Not Wallet
2015-12-31 KOGO – San Diego SeaWorld Files Lawsuit Against Coast Commission
2015-12-30 KNSD – San Diego Grocery Store Trends in 2016 (video clip)
2016-01-03 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter predictions for 2016
2016-01-04 KPBS – San Diego Chargers Officially File To Relocate To L.A.; So Do Raiders, Rams
2016-01-05 Forbes Why The Best Investment in 2016 Might Be Global Real Estate
2016-01-06 Reuters Macy's to cut jobs, shut stores amid weak holiday sales
2016-01-10 Powerball Now Likely to Hit $1.3 Billion - Even More Reason to Dump Stock?
2016-01-07 Orange County Register Survey: Baby boomers hesitant to get behind the wheel of self-driving cars
2016-01-09 USA Today What retirees and pre-retirees should do as the Fed raises interest rates
2016-01-11 KNSD – San Diego SCOTUS Decision Could Impact Union Contracts (video clip)
2016-01-12 San Diego Union-Tribune Charge ahead or dump 'em?
2016-01-13 Forbes Stan Kroenke Is The Big Winner As The NFL Returns To Los Angeles
2016-01-13 MarketWatch Feds target anonymous all-cash buyers of high-end N.Y.C., Miami real estate
2016-01-13 San Diego Union-Tribune If China's economy tanks, does California's soar?
2016-01-13 Los Angeles Times San Diego is ready to recharge efforts to keep its NFL team
2016-01-13 KOGO – San Diego Impact of Chargers moving to Los Angeles
2016-01-13 Wall Street Journal Don't Judge a House by Its Street Name
2016-01-14 Forbes Treasury's New Disclosure Regulations For All-Cash Buyers Could Slow High-End Property Deals
2016-01-14 KGTV – San Diego Powerball Hangover (video clip)
2016-01-16 Los Angeles Times Cutting Edge Apple's purchase of Emotient fuels artificial intelligence boom in Silicon Valley
2016-01-15 KNSD – San Diego Walmart Closing Stores (video clip)
2016-01-16 Fortune What the U.S. Treasury Gets Wrong About Shady Real Estate Deals
2016-01-20 KPBS – San Diego Stock Prices Keep On Plunging
2016-01-20 San Franciso Chronicle Dow loses 249 points after another wild day on Wall Street
2016-01-20 Los Angeles Times Dow closes lower, but up from plunge of more than 560 points
2016-01-20 KGTV – San Diego Stock Drop and Layoffs: Is there a connection? (video clip)
2016-01-21 Investor's Business Daily Does U.S. Railroad Recession Point To Economic Slump?
2016-01-22 San Diego Union-Tribune L.A. Chargers: A good economic bet, despite risks?
2016-01-25 KFMB – San Diego Gender Pricing: Women pay more for similar products (video clip)
2016-01-26 San Diego Union-Tribune Home price gains in November below national average
2016-01-26 KOGO – San Diego Super Bowl Ads
2016-01-28 Los Angeles Times Barbie breaks the mold with ethnically diverse dolls
2016-01-28 KGTV – San Diego Barbie's New Body (video clip)
2016-01-30 San Diego Union-Tribune California's gyrating budget: Tax reforms ahead?
2016-01-15 Wall Street Journal Real-Estate Faces New Compliance After Getting A Pass
2016-02-05 KOGO – San Diego The Most Anticipated Commercials for Super Bowl 50
2016-02-05 San Diego Union-Tribune 'Negative interest' rates? EconoMeter panel weighs in
2016-02-04 KSWB – San Diego Outrage halts controversial meetups
2016-02-04 San Diego Business Journal United Effort Needed For a New Stadium
2016-02-05 KNSD – San Diego Do Super Bowl Ads Work? (video clip)
2016-02-05 KPBS – San Diego Commercials Will Upstage Super Bowl For Some San Diegans (video clip)
2016-02-07 KFMB – San Diego Analyzing the 2016 Super Bowl Ads (video clip)
2016-02-08 KPBS – San Diego Super Bowl 50 Advertising Winners and Losers
2016-02-08 KFMB – San Diego Millions skip work on the day after the Super Bowl (video clip)
2016-02-08 Wall Street Journal Pharmaceutical Super Bowl Ads Fall Flat
2016-02-12 Investor's Business Daily Apple, Starbucks, Nike Are Preparing for China's Next Boom
2016-02-11 San Diego Union-Tribune Break up California's PUC?
2016-02-17 San Diego Union-Tribune Why FBI needs Apple's help unlocking terrorist's phone
2016-02-17 Investor's Business Daily Apple Vows Fight With Feds To Maintain Smartphone Privacy
2016-02-17 CSO Apple to challenge court's backdoor ruling, failure could set dangerous legal precedent
2016-02-18 Associated Press How Apple ended up in the government's encryption crosshairs
2016-02-17 KNSD – San Diego Supermarkets Work to Win Back Customer Loyalty (video clip)
2016-02-17 KGTV – San Diego Apple resists order to hack San Bernardino shooter's phone (video clip)
2016-02-17 KUSI – San Diego Apple refuses to comply with federal court order to unlock San Bernardino shooter's iPhone (video clip)
2016-02-17 XETV – San Diego Apple defies court order to unlock shooter's phone (video clip)
2016-02-17 KPBS – San Diego People with Food Allergies Say Life-Saving Drugs Too Expensive (video clip)
2016-02-17 KCBQ - San Diego Should Apple help the federal government?
2016-02-17 KOGO – San Diego Apple vs. the Federal Government
2016-02-19 KNSD – San Diego Smaller Is Better for Soft Drinks (video clip)
2016-02-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Recession ahead? EconoMeter weighs in
2016-02-22 KOGO – San Diego Can Tighter Uber Screenings Prevent Future Tragedies?
2016-02-22 XETV – San Diego Uber comes under criticism for not fingerprinting drivers in background checks (video clip)
2016-02-23 XETV – San Diego Rally in Mission Valley planned to support Apple in fight with FBI (video clip)
2016-02-24 USA Today Widow/widower financial preparedness 101: 5 things to do right now
2016-02-25 Los Angeles Times LA 2024 to court the Olympics, Snapchat filter-style
2016-02-25 KNSD – San Diego Check Books Giving Way to Venmo (video clip)
2016-02-25 KSWB – San Diego SeaWorld says employees won't spy on PETA anymore (video clip)
2016-02-25 XETV – San Diego SeaWorld admits employees spied on activists (video clip)
2016-02-26 KGTV – San Diego SeaWorld Admits Worker Spied on Critics (video clip)
2016-02-25 KOGO – San Diego Legal Issues Surrounding FBI iPhone Access
2016-02-25 KOGO – San Diego SeaWorld Says Employee Spied on PETA
2016-02-26 San Diego Union-Tribune National security vs. privacy: An EconoMeter view
2016-02-28 MarketWatch Meet the ultra-exclusive club of people fired by Warren Buffett
2016-02-06 Fortune These Ads Could Flop on Super Bowl Sunday
2016-02-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Is this home really worth $92M
2016-03-02 KNSD – San Diego Sports Authority Closes 7 San Diego County Stores (video clip)
2016-03-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Honeymoon over for on-demand apps, contract workers
2016-03-04 San Diego Union-Tribune CEO (Trump) as president: EconoMeter panel speaks
2016-03-06 KUSI – San Diego Apple v. FBI: Examining the Privacy Issue (video clip no longer available)
2016-03-08 Will Erin Andrews really get $55 million?
2016-03-07 KNSD – San Diego 1st Time Homebuyers Get Down Payment Help
2016-03-08 KPBS – San Diego As Gas Prices Rise, Consumers Find Deals in Alternative Fuel
2016-03-08 Los Angeles Times Amazon to open 2nd physical bookstore, this one in Southern California
2016-03-08 KOGO – San Diego Maria Sharapova loses sponsors
2016-03-09 Reuters Sharapova fallout shows sponsors have no tolerance for banned drugs
2016-03-09 KNSD – San Diego 4 Grocery Stores Open in San Diego (video clip)
2016-03-09 San Diego Union-Tribune California bill would let gig workers organize
2016-03-09 Why the Pink Tax Is Here for the Foreseeable Future (video clip)
2016-03-09 XEPE - San Diego Real Talk San Diego
2016-03-11 KNSD – San Diego Millennials are Changing Up Breakfast (video clip)
2016-03-11 Associated Press Google is hitting the road for user feedback
2016-03-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Event turns SDSU into market
2016-03-15 Wallet Hub 2016's States with the Highest & Lowest Tax Rates
2016-03-14 San Diego Union-Tribune Food fight: New grocers flood market
2016-03-14 The Daily Aztec Entrepreneurship Day showcases SDSU innovations
2016-03-15 San Diego Union-Tribune 14,000 LAZ Parking employees have data stolen
2016-03-16 Forbes Why Now Is A Good Time To Start A Business
2016-03-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Median home price drops slightly to $455,000
2016-03-17 KUSI – San Diego Criticism over orcas in captivity highlighted in "Blackfish" (video clip)
2016-03-17 Los Angeles Times Why SeaWorld suddenly stopped breeding killer whales
2016-03-22 Canadian Broadcast Company Foreign real estate ownership around the world
2016-03-23 KFMB – San Diego How the Chargers plan to pay for a new stadium (video clip)
2016-03-18 San Diego Union-Tribune Unionize 'gig' economy workers?
2016-03-24 San Diego Union-Tribune More moving out than into San Diego County
2016-03-18 U.S. News & World Report Liar, Liar: Top Money Lies Americans Are Comfortable With
2016-03-25 Which candidate would be better for stocks?
2016-03-25 San Diego Union-Tribune Unemployment at 4.7%: Are you happy?
2016-03-29 San Diego Union-Tribune DoorDash expands food delivery to Carlsbad
2016-03-28 XETV – San Diego Calif. could become first state to approve $15 minimum wage (video clip)
2016-03-28 KOGO – San Diego Religious freedom laws and their impact on businesses
2016-03-31 KNSD – San Diego 'Hanging Out at the Mall' is No Longer a Thing (video clip)
2016-03-31 San Diego Union-Tribune Alvarado hospital fighting cyber attack
2016-03-30 KOGO – San Diego Jury About to Deliberate In the Bob Filner Trial. How Will They Find?
2016-03-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Is owning a home still the American Dream?
2016-04-05 San Diego Union-Tribune SDSU endorses 'west campus' concept for Qualcomm Stadium
2016-04-08 MarketWatch Roughly half of Americans face this $430,000 penalty
2016-04-08 San Diego Union-Tribune Minimum wage at $15/hour: Economic boon to San Diego?
2016-04-12 U.S. News & World Report 5 Signs Your Dividend Is Doomed
2016-04-05 Bloomberg BNA Hospital Ransomware Highlights Health Data Risk
2016-04-15 KSWB – San Diego Local lawmaker wants to stop 'pink tax' (video clip)
2016-04-19 MarketWatch Are overextended corporate board members costing investors money?
2016-04-19 KNSD – San Diego Do Chip Credit Cards Slow You Down? (video clip)
2016-04-20 The Daily Aztec Public speaking club gets business students on right track
2016-04-21 The Daily Aztec Accounting teacher wins prestigious tech education award
2016-04-24 San Diego Union-Tribune Rising rents bad for the economy?
2016-04-22 KNSD – San Diego The Decline of Brick-and-Mortar Stores (video clip)
2016-04-22 KGTV – San Diego Millennials Choose Work Environment Over Pay (video clip)
2016-04-26 Deflategate: Tom Brady’s suspension will likely stick this time
2016-04-26 Wallet Hub 2016's Cities Where People Are Most Overleveraged on Their Homes
2016-04-26 KSWB – San Diego Tom Brady suspension upheld (video clip)
2016-04-26 San Diego Union-Tribune Home prices up 6.4% since last year
2016-04-27 The Daily Aztec SDSU offers new financial literacy class next fall
2016-04-27 San Diego Union-Tribune Aldi gets an opening date
2016-04-25 San Diego Business Journal Gulls' Return A Hit On Ice, at Box Office
2016-04-28 KNSD – San Diego Home Prices Skyrocketing, Driving Rent Prices Up in San Diego County
2016-04-29 San Diego Union-Tribune To EconoMeter panel: Lower jobless claims, higher wages?
2016-04-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Will new tax 'inversion' rules hurt San Diego biotechs?
2016-05-03 Jessica Alba, Honest Founders Say Lawsuits Are Honestly Ridiculous
2016-05-02 San Diego Union-Tribune Bids show interest in Seaport Village
2016-05-02 KGTV – San Diego Does Starbucks Put Too Much Ice in Their Drinks? (video clip)
2016-05-04 San Diego Union-Tribune A path to home ownership: Down payment assistance
2016-05-05 The Daily Aztec Professor teaches cyber defense tactics to grad students
2016-05-09 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panel: The high price of less homebuilding
2016-05-10 KGTV – San Diego Does Facebook Suppress Conservative News Items? (video clip)
2016-05-11 Investor's Business Daily Feds Are On A Roll When It Comes To Nixing Big Mergers: Who's Next?
2016-05-12 Associated Press Online neighbors forum alters rules to stop racial profiling
2016-05-13 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panel: Are tightened trade policies bad for the economy?
2016-05-12 CCTV Professor Wendy Patrick on US women’s soccer team file wage discrimination complaint
2016-05-14 MarketWatch Life lessons from a 116-year-old woman
2016-05-14 San Diego Union-Tribune Social media and judges: What are the rules?
2016-05-16 San Diego Union-Tribune SDSU grads pitch backpack-cot hybrid
2016-05-17 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego County median home price jumps to $489,000
2016-05-18 U.S. News & World Report How to Find an Investment Advisor When You're Not Rich
2016-05-19 KOGO – San Diego Phil Mickelson Insider Trading Scandal
2016-05-20 San Diego Union-Tribune Online sales: A bummer for store and economy?
2016-05-19 Los Angeles Times Use LinkedIn? You might want to change that
2016-05-19 KGTV – San Diego Phil Mickelson Accused of Insider Trading (video clip)
2016-05-19 KNSD – San Diego More Store Brands on the Shelf
2016-05-24 Los Angeles Times UCLA just signed a $280 miilion shoe and apparel deal, the biggest in NCAA history
2016-05-24 Associated Press French raid Google in latest probe into tech's tax tactics
2016-05-23 San Diego Business Journal Quarterly Reports: Nuisance or Benefit?
2016-05-23 San Diego Business Journal The Big Leadership Decision
2016-05-25 KGTV – San Diego South Bay sees flurry of million-dollar homes (video clip)
2016-05-26 KNSD – San Diego Gelson's Open Third San Diego County Location (video clip)
2016-05-26 San Diego Union-Tribune Uber pilots 'upfront pricing,' masks surge rate
2016-05-25 San Diego Business Journal Team Effort May Not Materialize for Boycott
2016-05-26 John Greathouse Should Millennial Entrepreneurs Skip College?
2016-05-16 Wall Street Journal Corporate Excuses Abound in Tough Times
2016-05-31 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego County home prices up 6.2%
2016-05-31 XETV – San Diego Gorilla incident at Cincinnati Zoo raises questions about safety measures at other zoos (video clip)
2016-05-31 KOGO – San Diego San Diegans can buy homes with 3 percent down (video clip)
2016-05-27 San Diego Union-Tribune To EconoMeter panel: Privatize airport screening?
2016-06-01 KNSD – San Diego Grocery Database Leads to Recall Warning (video clip)
2016-06-02 U.S. News & World Report How to Navigate 5 Embarrassing Money Situations
2016-06-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Like Sweden, a 6-hour workday for Americans?
2016-06-04 XETV – San Diego Update on incident of child in gorilla enclosure (video clip)
2016-06-06 Entrepreneur Magazine Whiskey War: This High-Flying Entrepreneur Is Now Facing the Fight of His Life
2016-06-06 Boston Globe New credit card chips are holding up the register
2016-06-06 KGTV – San Diego Walkable, affordable neighborhoods in San Diego? (video clip)
2016-06-09 KGTV – San Diego San Diego homes get offers after FaceTime tours (video clip)
2016-06-10 San Diego Union-Tribune President and economy: The limits of power
2016-06-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Is Airbnb making your rent go up?
2016-06-09 San Diego Business Journal Tipping The Pay Scale
2016-06-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Re-selling swank is big business
2016-06-13 Main St. The Best Age to Start Collecting Your Social Security Benefits
2016-06-17 KNSD – San Diego Southern California Vons, Albertsons and Ralphs Employees Threatening to Strike, Union Vote Scheduled (video clip)
2016-06-20 San Diego Union-Tribune SoCal grocery workers take strike vote
2016-06-20 AdWeek Why Marketers Like Disney and Seaworld Are Now Opting for the Humane Touch
2016-06-21 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego County median home price now $490,000
2016-06-21 KNSD – San Diego Ticketmaster Offering Free Tickets to Concerts Across Country as Part of Class-Action Settlement (video clip)
2016-06-21 KOGO – San Diego POLL: San Diego Grocery Workers May Go On Strike
2016-06-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Diablo’s decommissioning challenges
2016-06-22 KNSD – San Diego Grocery Workers Union Authorizes Strike Against Vons, Ralphs and Albertsons, Strike Still Not Likely (video clip)
2016-06-24 KFMB – San Diego Nordstrom Pulling Store Out of Horton Plaza (video clip)
2016-06-24 Investor's Business Daily JPMorgan, Goldman, Banks' Capital Plans Seen Intact Despite Brexit
2016-06-27 San Diego Union-Tribune Taxing sugary drinks: Good for health and city budgets?
2016-06-27 XETV – San Diego New scam with callers posing as IRS agents (video clip)
2016-06-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Now you can get booze with your food delivery
2016-06-28 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego County home prices rise 6.3%
2016-06-17 San Diego Union-Tribune Report details refugee struggles in San Diego
2016-06-29 San Diego Business Journal The X Factor in Wealth Transfer
2016-06-29 San Diego Business Journal Short on Future Advice
2016-06-17 San Diego Union-Tribune Guaranteed income to replace welfare, Social Security?
2016-07-01 San Diego Union-Tribune Brexit impact on San Diego: A plus or minus?
2016-07-05 KGTV – San Diego Balboa Park condos cost $1,000 per square foot (video clip)
2016-07-06 USA Today Analysis: Clinton's new tuition plan has unexpected ramifications
2016-07-06 KGTV – San Diego Extra time to pay off student debt (video clip)
2016-07-08 The San Diego Union-Tribune All-Star game rivals Comic-Con as tourist draw
2016-07-11 San Diego Union-Tribune All-Star Game: A summer economic assist?
2016-07-08 Bloomberg BNA Strike Threat Again Facing UFCW, California Grocers
2016-07-13 USA Today Asked to co-sign a loan? When to just say no (even to your kids)
2016-07-12 KFMB – San Diego San Diego wins as the All-Star Game brings economic boost (video clip)
2016-07-12 XETV – San Diego Mobile Pokemon Go Opening the Door to Hackers (video clip)
2016-07-14 Los Angeles Times Q&A Why home prices in Southern California keep climbing
2016-07-16 Reuters WeWork sues ex-employee for disclosing information to reporters
2016-07-18 San Diego Union-Tribune Worzala to oversee SDSU real estate program
2016-07-19 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego County home price reaches $495,000
2016-07-20 XETV – San Diego The Average Attendee at Comic-Con Spends... (video clip)
2016-07-20 KOGO – San Diego Economic Impact of Comic-Con
2016-07-21 Los Angeles Times Dollar Shave Club built a billion-dollar brand with bizarre videos
2016-07-25 Wall Street Journal 10 Tips for Bringing Your Children Into the Family Business
2016-07-22 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panel weighs Trump economics
2016-07-23 Comic Con gives a big boost to San Diego each year, data shows
2016-07-22 KOGO – San Diego Comic-Con's Impact on San Diego
2016-07-26 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego County median home price up by 6.4%
2016-07-27 Los Angeles Times Qualcomm settles gender-discrimination lawsuit
2016-07-26 XETV – San Diego Qualcomm settles discrimination suit (video clip)
2016-07-27 XETV – San Diego Community rallies behind local donut shop ahead of rival Krispy Kreme's opening (video clip)
2016-07-28 San Diego Business Journal CourseKey's Learning Platform Gets Devices on Same Page
2016-07-28 The San Diego Union-Tribune Local Assets
2016-08-01 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panel checks Clinton economics
2016-07-01 San Diego Union-Tribune The Man Behind McDonald's
2016-07-15 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panel looks to next 6 months
2016-08-03 XETV – San Diego Knowing when and where to shop for "back to school" can save big bucks (video clip)
2016-08-05 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Upside/downside of low interest rates
2016-08-05 San Diego Union-Tribune Strike avoided? Grocery workers reach tentative deal
2016-08-08 XETV – San Diego Trucking companies are recruiting more women (video clip)
2016-08-08 KGTV – San Diego The Trump Tax Plan Explained
2016-08-09 KUSI – San Diego Analyzing the potential impact of Trump's tax proposal (video clip no longer available)
2016-08-11 KPBS – San Diego Clinton To Portray Trump Ecnomic Plan As Handouts For Rich
2016-08-10 KOGO – San Diego U.S. Athletes taxed for Olympic medals
2016-08-12 San Diego Union-Tribune Olympics: The right thing economically for Brazil and others?
2016-08-12 New York Newsday For telecommuters, part-time or ad hoc stints are the norm
2016-08-12 Congrats you won a gold medal. Now here's your tax bill
2016-08-14 KUSI – San Diego San Diego People: Donald Trump's Economic Policy (video clip no longer available)
2016-08-12 KFMB – San Diego Olympic Medals are Taxable (video clip)
2016-08-15 USA Today Uncle Sam goes for gold, too: Up to $9,900 per Olympic gold medal (video clip)
2016-08-15 CNBC Should Olympic athletes be taxed on prize money? (video clip)
2016-08-18 Would Ryan Lochte face jail time if it turns out he's lying? Probably not
2016-08-18 San Diego Union-Tribune Startup offers financing for stem cell therpy
2016-08-17 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego median home price, $495K unchanged in July
2016-08-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Housing at $495,000: A worry for San Diegans?
2016-08-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Should Olympians be taxed for their medals?
2016-08-22 KOMO - Seattle How will low TV ratings impact Olympic athlete endorsements? (video clip)
2016-08-22 KFMB – San Diego Speedo USA, 3 other sponsors drop Lochte after Rio incident (video clip)
2016-08-26 Associated Press Column: Solo, Lochte and a look at gender equality after Rio
2016-08-26 KSWB – San Diego Nordstrom shutters Horton Plaza store after 31 years (video clip)
2016-08-25 San Diego Business Journal Bridge Fund's Aim Is To Get Cash to Cos.
2016-08-29 XETV – San Diego Comic-Con purchases three facilities in Barrio Logan (video clip)
2016-08-29 Forbes Looking For An Entrepreneurial College? 11 Questions You Should Ask The Dean
2016-08-31 San Diego Business Journal Professor Sees Big Role of Real Estate in Most Business Sectors
2016-08-31 San Diego Business Journal Driving Change
2016-09-02 San Diego Union-Tribune Econometer: Should new grads stay in San Diego?
2016-09-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Labor Day: In last 10 years, SD food workers see biggest wage jump
2016-09-06 Reuters Fox settles sexual harassment lawsuit for $20 million on Ailes' behalf
2016-09-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Entrepreneurs may get temporary entry to US
2016-09-08 KOGO – San Diego Apple iPhone 7 launch
2016-09-08 KGTV – San Diego Team 10: Wells Fargo's secret dealings exposed
2016-09-12 Credit Card Contracts Literally Too Hard To Read For Most
2016-09-11 San Diego Union-Tribune Econometer: Will robots take SD jobs?
2016-09-13 John Greathouse The 5 Criteria That Matter When Evaluating A College Entreprenurial Program
2016-09-05 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego pays more in these areas
2016-09-15 USA Today How to be a winner in the game of life insurance
2016-09-14 San Diego Union-Tribune Amazon Books opens in San Diego
2016-09-15 San Diego Business Journal Kiran’s Data Analytics Can Translate to Money in the Banks
2016-09-15 San Diego Business Journal A Detailed Account
2016-09-16 Los Angeles Times Honest Co. is reportedly seeking a buyer. Why would the hot start-up want to sell?
2016-09-16 KNSD – San Diego Samsung Braces for Biggest Recall in Smartphone Era While Apple Gets Ready For Latest Release (video clip)
2016-09-17 San Diego Union-Tribune Holiday gifts threatened by shipping bankruptcy?
2016-09-20 CBS The $400 million at state in the Brangelina divorce
2016-09-20 San Diego Union-Tribune Does San Diego need rent control?
2016-09-20 San Diego Union-Tribune Financial impact of hacking is small, new study says
2016-09-21 KOGO – San Diego Brangelina Divorce Settlement
2016-09-20 KGTV – San Diego Why did SeaWorld stop paying a dividend on their stock? (video clip)
2016-09-21 MarketWatch What do to with your home when you're divorcing - if you're not Brad and Angelina
2016-09-21 Fox News Brangelina’s marriage is corked: Who gets Miraval winery?
2016-09-21 Divorce tips from the Brangelina uncoupling
2016-09-21 KPBS – San Diego Renters, Homebuyers Feeling Squeezed In San Diego
2016-09-23 Medical Express Encouraging children to order healthier foods in restaurants
2016-09-23 USA Today Not Brad and Angelina? Breaking up still hard (financially)
2016-09-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Rent control? EconoMeter panel weighs in
2016-09-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Is someone watching you through your webcam?
2016-09-25 USA Today Travelers crave price transparency
2016-09-27 KGTV – San Diego Debating the debate at work (video clip)
2016-09-27 MarketWatch Needed: neighborhood heliports for drone deliveries
2016-09-27 San Diego Union-Tribune Can your employer forbid you from talking politics at work?
2016-09-30 KOGO – San Diego When Having A Good Relationship With Your Boss Is Bad (video clip)
2016-09-30 San Diego Union-Tribune Is hacked email now a liability for businesses?
2016-10-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Is Tijuana a viable housing alternative for San Diegans?
2016-10-12 Finance Follow 4 Reasons To Buy a Home After School Starts
2016-10-12 The Daily Aztec Faculty lead students in Europe
2016-10-14 San Diego Union-Tribune Should Fed invest in stocks, bonds?
2016-10-17 San Diego Union-Tribune Commentary: 3 reasons employers should be scared of Halloween
2016-10-21 U.S. News & World Report How Real Estate in Vancouver May Affect the Cost of Your Home in the U.S.
2016-10-21 KNSD – San Diego Prominent Websites Shut Down in Cyber Attack, Impacting San Diego (video clip)
2016-10-26 The Guardian AI-powered body scanners could soon speed up your airport check-in
2016-10-28 Los Angeles Times San Diego median home price fell in September
2016-10-28 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego's biggest landlords
2016-10-29 Overpaid CEOs Get Ranked Lower By Employees
2016-10-31 San Diego Union-Tribune Paid vacation time is considered wages - especially when it's not
2016-11-02 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Housing Crisis Drives Some To Relocated, Others to Invest
2016-10-10 Associated Press Obama ends Olympics 'victory tax'
2016-11-04 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Will business uncertainty lapse post-election?
2016-11-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Outcome Of Presidential Election Could Hurt Shopping Season
2016-11-09 New York Times San Diego Voters Reject Funding of New Chargers Stadium
2016-11-08 Wall Street Journal The Two Words That Earn CEOs a Pay Raise
2016-11-09 KUSI – San Diego Measure C Has Failed: What That Means For the Chargers in SD (video clip)
2016-11-09 Investopedia Magic Words: How CEOs Win a Pay Raise (KO, BAC)
2016-11-10 San Diego Business Journal Voters Hand Chargers and Developers Defeat at Ballot Box
2016-11-14 San Diego Union-Tribune What do employers own returning service members besides honor and thanks?
2016-11-10 San Diego Union-Tribune What will a President Trump mean for SoCal housing?
2016-11-11 San Diego Union-Tribune Rise of short-term rentals: Will hotels suffer?
2016-11-11 San Diego Union-Tribune Digital Life Snap Spectacles, they're not for you
2016-11-16 KUSI – San Diego SDSU Assoc. Professor Researches Border Security With Avatar Kiosk (video clip)
2016-11-17 Why Do We Keep Buying Things We Never Wear?
2016-11-17 San Diego Business Journal Retailers See Happy Holidays, But Politics Could Change That
2016-11-18 Mansion Global Buyer Anonymity, While Desired, Can Be Hard To Come By
2016-11-18 KNSD – San Diego Chula Vista Gets New Discount Grocery Store (video clip)
2016-11-18 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panel's do-to list for Trump, Congress
2016-11-22 BBC Being close to the boss is as dangerous as being enemies
2016-11-01 Wallet Hub 2016 Deferred Interest Study: The Retailers with the Sneakiest Financing Offers
2016-11-25 KPBS – San Diego Splurge or Save? Holiday Spending May Hinge on How You Voted
2016-11-25 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: What are you thankful for this year?
2016-11-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Requiring an employee to say 'Merry Christmas' could mean legal trouble
2016-11-23 KGTV – San Diego San Diegans Already Lining Up for Black Friday (video clip)
2016-11-24 KGTV – San Diego New border security equipped to spot lies (video clip)
2016-11-24 San Diego Union-Tribune Deals draw shoppers before Thanksgiving (video clip)
2016-11-28 Los Angeles Times The era of super-low interest rates might be ending. What's in it for you?
2016-11-25 KPBS – San Diego Does voting impact your holiday shopping? (video clip)
2016-11-29 KOGO – San Diego Impact of $15 per hour minimum wage (video clip)
2016-11-29 KPBS – San Diego U.S. Home Prices Surpass Pre-Recession Peak Amid Healthy Sales
2016-11-29 Los Angeles Times Median home price in San Diego County surpasses $500,000
2016-11-30 Standard Bank Everything you need to know about Black Friday (and how to cash in on the craze)
2016-11-30 When 'Buy Now, Pay Later, Ends Up Costing You More - Much, Much More
2016-11-30 KPBS – San Diego Zoo Ads Pulled (video clip)
2016-11-29 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Home Values Appreciate (video clip)
2016-11-29 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Zoo Among Those Pulling Ads From Breitbart
2016-11-15 Los Angeles Times Estee Lauder eyes younger customers with $1.45-billion purchase of Too Faced
2016-11-15 KSWB – San Diego Chargers, mayor meet for first time since stadium ballot measure fails (video clip)
2016-11-15 KOGO – San Diego Holiday Shopping Analysis (video clip)
2016-11-30 KNSD – San Diego Can Trump Stop Job Outsourcing? (video clip)
2016-12-01 San Diego Union-Tribune Are you a CEO who wants a pay raise? Say these magic words
2016-12-02 Why Trump should keep tweeting when he is president
2016-12-02 XETV – San Diego Patriotism plays a role in keeping American owned businesses in the U.S. (video clip)
2016-12-05 AdWeek How Brands Like Squatty Potty Are Making the Infomercial Fun Again
2016-12-06 XETV – San Diego SeaWorld announces 320-layoffs across its 12 American theme parks (video clip)
2016-12-06 KFMB – San Diego Three Chinese Navy ships arrive in San Diego (video clip)
2016-12-06 KSWB – San Diego SeaWorld to layoff 60 in San Diego (video clip)
2016-12-09 San Diego Union-Tribune Should U.S. punish offshore outsourcing?
2016-12-12 KOGO – San Diego Supreme Court Refuses to Hear NFL Lawsuit Appeal (video clip)
2016-12-14 KPBS – San Diego Federal Reserve Raises Key Interest Rate In First Move Since 2015
2016-12-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Change these federal rules and regs, say EconoMeter panelists
2016-12-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Students give real-world business tips through Aztec Consulting
2016-12-28 The Science Explorer The Lie-Detecting Security Kiosk of the Future
2016-12-26 5 predictions for changes in the law at work in 2017 5 predictions for changes in the law at work in 2017
2016-12-23 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panelists' picks for biggest (econ) surprise of 2016
2016-12-28 XETV – San Diego 2017 is bringing hundreds of new laws (video clip)
2016-12-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Rising mortgage rates not stopping borrowers
2016-12-30 R&D Magazine Robots Could Help with Border Security
2016-12-29 New York Post This lie-detecting robot is the customs officer of the future
2016-12-29 Fake Adult Entertainment Agency Sued for Deceptive Business Practices
2016-12-30 XETV – San Diego New California laws should be informed about for 2017 (video clip)
2016-12-27 KOGO – San Diego New Laws for 2017 (video clip)
2016-12-29 KSWB – San Diego New California state laws for 2017 (video clip)
2016-12-30 San Diego Union-Tribune Economic indicators to watch in 2017
2016-12-30 San Diego Business Journal Schools and Business Community Create Key Synergy for Region
2017-01-03 The Daily Transcript Donald Trump and four rules of twitter engagement
2017-01-02 KNSD – San Diego Many Factors Forced Price Drops at San Diego Grocery Stores
2016-12-30 Express Why you might have to face a lie detecting ROBOT to get through US customs
2016-12-29 KABC - Los Angeles New Lie Detector Robotics at Airport Security? (video clip)
2016-12-29 KABC - Los Angeles New state laws for 2017 (video clip)
2016-12-12 San Diego Union-Tribune Two changes to the California equal pay law coming in 2017 that all employee need to know
2016-12-17 San Diego Union-Tribune SDSU music students on track to be entrepreneurs
2016-12-30 Discovery Seeker Lie-Detecting Kiosk Wants to Ask You some Questions
2017-01-03 KSWB – San Diego SeaWorld unveils plans for tallest and fastest roller coaster (video clip)
2017-01-03 KGTV – San Diego SeaWorld Ends Shamu Show, Plans Roller Coaster (video clip)
2017-01-04 KPBS – San Diego SeaWorld San Diego To Have Last Orca Show on Sunday
2017-01-03 KOGO – San Diego New laws for 2017 (video clip)
2017-01-04 KFMB – San Diego Macy's to close 68 stores, including Mission Valley location (video clip)
2017-01-04 CGTV America 'Sextortion' Crackdown (video clip)
2016-12-29 KCBS - San Francisco Futuristic Border Security Developed at San Diego State (video clip)
2017-01-05 San Diego Business Journal SeaWorld Still Looks to Make a Splash Without Orca Shows
2017-01-06 Bloomberg BNA Business Owners Have Qualms About Offshoring
2017-01-11 San Diego Union-Tribune Petco cutting 180 jobs
2017-01-09 San Diego Union-Tribune 4 resolutions every California manager should make in the new year to limit legal trouble
2017-01-12 XETV – San Diego Chargers will have a $100 million a year impact on the City of San Diego (video clip)
2017-01-13 San Diego Union-Tribune Tax noisy vehicles? EconoMeter panelists reply
2017-01-13 San Diego Union-Tribune Chargers replacement? Don't count on it (video clip)
2017-01-13 Los Angeles Times Chargers' move shows California is sick of spending public money on the NFL
2017-01-13 KSWB – San Diego Moving to L.A. doubled value of Chargers franchise, professor says (video clip)
2017-01-19 KGTV – San Diego Company will split house down payment with you (video clip)
2017-01-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Whose tip is it anyway?
2017-01-25 USA Today The Dow has changed a lot: Does 20,000 matter?
2017-01-25 The Horizons Tracker Automating Lie Dectection in Airports
2017-01-25 Bloomberg Trump Hotels, Amid Calls to Divest Instead Plans U.S. Expansion
2017-01-27 San Diego Union-Tribune Return of manufacturing jobs: A tall order, says EconoMeter panel
2017-01-28 KUSI – San Diego President Trump has proposed a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports (video clip)
2017-01-27 KGTV – San Diego Border wall could give San Diegans stickershock at the store (video clip)
2017-01-30 Wallet Hub Super Bowl Fun Facts - The Big Game By The Numbers
2017-01-30 Forbes With Trump Deregulation Order, Is Dodd-Frank a Goner?
2017-01-30 KGTV – San Diego Team 10: Poway woman fights back against bank that didn't pay promotional bonus (video clip)
2017-01-31 Inc. Small Business Welcomes Trump Move to Cut Regulations as a 'Good First Step"
2017-01-31 KGTV – San Diego Newest Executive Order Helps Small Businesses (video clip)
2017-02-02 Avocados From Mexico keeps on message in Super Bowl ad despite political storm
2017-02-02 KSWB – San Diego Budweiser's ad takes on immigration (video clip)
2017-01-31 KOGO – San Diego Trump's choice for Supreme Court justice (video clip)
2017-02-06 Forbes The Internet Loved Those Political Super Bowl Ads
2017-02-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Don't go there on job applications
2017-02-06 Is a Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Reactor About to Fall Into the Ocean?
2017-02-06 KPBS – San Diego San Diego State Leads Business Education With Student Start-Ups (video clip)
2017-02-07 BizConnect If the local property market's troubling you it's time you go global
2017-02-07 KPBS – San Diego Waiting Lists For Affordable Housing, But Retail Space Sits Empty
2017-02-07 Forbes Killing Dodd-Frank & Fiduciary Rule Won't Be Easy, Wall Street Cautious
2017-02-09 KOMO - Seattle Trump lashes out after Nordstrom drops daughter's clothing line
2017-02-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Trump trade, immigration policies: A hit to San Diego economy?
2017-02-13 The Globe and Mail How to cultivate a creative corporate culture
2017-02-13 MarketWatch Nike and Coach are fighting Amazon by creating stores that appeal to all the senses
2017-02-13 This sports writer got fired for tweeting about Trump—here’s why it’s a lesson for all of us
2017-02-13 KOGO – San Diego Skin is In: Playboy Putting Centerfolds Back in Magazine (video clip)
2017-02-14 KOMO - Seattle Playboy Puts Nudes Back In Magazine (video clip)
2017-02-15 The Daily Aztec SDSU female entrepreneurs find support
2017-02-15 Wallet Hub Q1 2017 Auto Financing Report
2017-02-16 KUSI – San Diego Protecting Your Electronics From Hackers (video clip)
2017-02-16 San Diego Business Journal CEO Goes in Some Unusual Directions
2017-02-17 San Diego Union-Tribune Legalized pot: An economic boon to San Diego?
2017-02-20 San Diego Union-Tribune They asked you WHAT in your job interview?
2017-02-17 KSWB – San Diego SDSU wins national award for entrepreneur program (video clip)
2017-02-20 KNSD – San Diego Costco Struggling in Online Race (video clip)
2017-02-24 KGTV – San Diego Does Political Talk on Your Social Media Interfere with Work? (video clip)
2017-02-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Is 'Calexit' a good thing for the economy?
2017-02-23 San Diego Business Journal Flux’s Gamble Got the Market to Bet on Its Product
2017-02-26 KFMB – San Diego Rising gas prices expected to keep climbing (video clip)
2017-02-24 Los Angeles Times Oscars red carpet: 'The gravy train is over' for TV stations and networks (video clip)
2017-02-24 KNSD – San Diego Department Stores Face Challenge of Reinvention as Closures, Cutbacks Continue (video clip)
2017-02-25 Investor's Business Daily Academy Awards 'Swag Bags': Tax Tip For Celebrities - And You Too
2017-02-24 USA Today Here's why department stores aren't cutting it
2017-02-28 Los Angeles Times PwC's Oscars flop may not do long-term damage to its reputation
2017-02-28 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego County home price increases slow
2017-03-01 Bloomberg BNA Charitable donation won't erase tax on Oscar swag for most celebrities
2017-03-02 San Francisco Chronicle Records reveal discipline inconsistencies in UC sex harassment
2017-03-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Qualcomm site: A sports/fun district a good reuse?
2017-03-05 San Diego Union-Tribune ESPN commentator says he was fired for something he didn't say. Could you be fired?
2017-03-06 Airport Robotic detection: a new approach for airport security?
2017-03-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Defense spending boost: Pros and cons
2017-03-10 San Diego Daily Transcript Pixar, Patagonia, Netflix have it. Does your company?
2017-03-15 Bloomberg Nike Put in Hot Seat for False Marketing by Chinese TV Show
2017-03-15 Fortune Samsung Won’t Get As Much Hate For The Bribery Scandal As Its Galaxy Note 7 Recall
2017-03-16 XETV – San Diego CPA- Americans are missing out on tax deductions (video clip)
2017-03-17 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego experts weigh in: Do U.S. trade deficits really matter?
2017-03-20 San Diego Union-Tribune Employer must take corrective action when a customer sexually harasses an employee
2017-03-20 KNSD – San Diego Local Universities Push the Idea of Innovation (video clip)
2017-03-16 San Diego Business Journal Silvergate: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go Public?
2017-03-21 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Malls Ride A Changing Retail Wave
2017-03-21 KOGO – San Diego Gorsuch's Impact on the U.S. Supreme Court (video clip)
2017-03-23 KGTV – San Diego Online student threats (video clip)
2017-03-23 KNSD – San Diego Small Businesses Face Hackers
2017-03-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Can philanthropy fill R&D grant gap if feds back away?
2017-03-23 KFMB – San Diego DOJ Investigation into Possible Campaign Violations (video clip)
2017-03-25 USA Today How extremist content and online ads meet
2017-03-28 The Horizons Tracker Facial Recognition on Trial at Schiphol Airport
2017-03-28 Los Angeles Times United Airlines says customers are 'welcome' to wear leggings - unlike teens who used special passes
2017-03-28 KGTV – San Diego United defending their banned leggings decision (video clip)
2017-03-28 KUSI – San Diego Why the Raiders and not the Los Angeles Chargers? (video clip)
2017-03-29 KNSD – San Diego Local Grocery Stores Experiment With Online Delivery (video clip)
2017-04-02 San Diego Union-Tribune When employer secrets aren’t really secret
2017-04-03 New USPS Service Lets You Digitally Preview That Day’s Mail Delivery
2017-04-03 San Diego Business Journal Does Proposed Bank Have What It Takes?
2017-03-31 San Diego Union-Tribune Is San Diego headed for a luxury-hotel glut?
2017-03-31 KOGO – San Diego Does United's Dress Code Discriminate Against Women? (video clip)
2017-04-01 AIR Magazine Robotic Detection
2017-04-05 The Christian Science Monitor Amid court battles for Uber drivers, a bill to make tipping easier could bring worthwhle change
2017-04-05 Pepsi backlash raises bigger question about company's marketing direction
2017-04-05 KNSD – San Diego 20 Local Companies Bid on President's Border Wall Design Plans (video clip)
2017-04-04 KGTV – San Diego Money heading back to people tricked by scammers (video clip)
2017-04-04 KGTV – San Diego Protecting Your Internet Browsing Habits (video clip)
2017-04-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Econometer: Should the US be run like a business?
2017-04-07 KOGO – San Diego What can we expect from Judge Neil Gorsuch (video clip)
2017-04-11 KUSI – San Diego President Trump's Tax Reform Plan (video clip)
2017-04-10 KPBS – San Diego California Bill Would Bar State From Contracting Companies That Build Trump’s Wall
2017-04-12 Public Which Emerging Tech Will Keep Travelers Safe At Airports And Other Transit Hubs?
2017-04-12 KUSI – San Diego San Diego Renters Will Need At Least A $648 Annual Raise To Keep Up With Rest Increases (video clip)
2017-04-14 San Diego Union-Tribune Will a rising minimum wage promote more spending to make up for lost jobs?
2017-04-13 San Diego Business Journal Border Wall Raises Economic as Well as Political Questions
2017-04-17 San Diego Union-Tribune What to say - and not to say - about an employee's termination
2017-04-15 Los Angeles Times Trump's plan to privatize air traffic control has benefits and pitfalls
2017-04-18 KGTV – San Diego Expert tips on spending - or saving - your tax refund (video clip)
2017-04-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Petco rival gobbles up pet food site
2017-04-18 The Guardian When lie detectors lie
2017-04-27 Wall Street Journal Homes That Are Frozen in Time
2017-04-21 KNSD – San Diego San Diego Doesn't Compare to Nationwide Real Estate Market Trends (video clip)
2017-04-20 San Diego Union-Tribune California bill punishing border wall builders may violate Constitution
2017-04-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Are Trump's plans to revive Export-Import Bank a good thing?
2017-04-24 KGTV – San Diego Identity thieves targeting kids
2017-04-25 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego median home price hits $515,000 in March — highest point in a decade
2017-04-20 KGTV Rent hikes slowing in San Diego (video clip)
2017-04-27 KGTV – San Diego How will Trump's tax reform impact San Diegans? Real estate expert weighs in
2017-05-01 San Diego Union-Tribune Court says employer can refuse to allow an employee to withdraw a voluntary resignation
2017-04-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Rising homelessness: Result from bad policy?
2017-05-01 CSO Magazine Believe your employer doesn’t know about your legal problems? Think again
2017-04-11 U.S. News & World Report 10 Business Schools With the Most Women
2017-05-03 KOGO – San Diego Facebook to Review Content for Criminal Activity (video clip)
2017-05-03 KGTV – San Diego SDSU business expert doubtful new OT rules will pass (video clip)
2017-05-04 KFMB – San Diego Friend sent you a Google Doc? Don't open it! (video clip)
2017-05-04 KGTV – San Diego Delete your phone information from the rental car (video clip)
2017-05-04 KUSI – San Diego President Trump signs executive order allowing religious groups to have bigger role in politics (video clip)
2017-05-05 KOGO – San Diego New religious liberty law (video clip)
2017-05-05 San Diego Union-Tribune Trump tax reform eliminates local tax deductions, but is it a good thing?
2017-05-12 San Diego Union-Tribune Will single-payer health care in California help the economy?
2017-05-12 San Diego Union-Tribune Thousands turn tassels as SDSU begins commencements
2017-05-15 KGTV – San Diego Divorce insurance launches in San Diego (video clip)
2017-05-15 San Diego Union-Tribune Could a progressive discipline policy undermine an employer’s right to fire at will?
2017-05-15 KFMB – San Diego Cyberattack wave ebbs, but experts see risk of more (video clip)
2017-05-15 San Diego Union-Tribune Taco stand: Cohns' latest is 100% for charity
2017-05-16 MEL Magazine This Might Sound Stupid But… Who Can I Actually Trust with My Money?
2017-05-17 KGTV – San Diego How would impeachment impact the business environment? (video clip)
2017-05-18 KSWB – San Diego SDSU grad fights sex traffickers who use emojis to lure victims (video clip)
2017-05-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Too much beer? EconoMeter panelists weigh in (video clip)
2017-05-18 KNSD – San Diego Experts Weigh in on Biggest Scams In San Diego Right Now (video clip)
2017-05-18 KNSD – San Diego President Trump’s Troubles Fixate a Nation (video clip)
2017-05-20 Los Angeles Times Why 'Roseanne' and 'Will & Grace' are returning: TV networks playing it safe in a risky market
2017-05-23 Associated Press Google helps advertisers track spending in physical stores
2017-05-24 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego home price hits all-time high
2017-05-24 KOMO - Seattle Why is Google now tracking your offline purchases? (video clip)
2017-05-23 KNSD – San Diego Local Terror Expert Says Manchester Arena Was 'Easy Target' For Bomber (video clip)
2017-05-25 KFBK - Sacramento How Google tracks your offline purchases (video clip)
2017-05-26 San Diego Union-Tribune NAFTA: Should it be renegotiated?
2017-05-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Shifting reasons for dismissing employees can cause employer legal headaches
2017-05-27 KNSD – San Diego How Hackers Can Get Into Your Rental Car (video clip)
2017-05-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Mayor had private meeting with SoccerCity developers
2017-05-31 KFMB – San Diego Molina Healthcare: Security flaw exposes data of millions of patients (video clip)
2017-06-01 Reuters Tiger's image takes hit but sponsors staying put: experts
2017-05-31 KNSD – San Diego Hackers Can Get Into Your Baby Monitor (video clip)
2017-05-24 KDVR How sex traffickers use emojis to sell children (video clip)
2017-06-02 San Diego Union-Tribune Is Trump's proposed budget good for the US economy?
2017-06-05 KFMB – San Diego Museum of Failure: It seemed like a good idea at the time (video clip)
2017-06-07 Los Angeles Times Pacific Beach landlord to keep rent low, even after sale
2017-06-09 San Diego Union-Tribune Leaving Paris climate accord - an economic plus?
2017-06-11 San Diego Union-Tribune Endless summer: Rewards and risks of unlimited vacation policies
2017-06-11 CTW Features Bad credit can cost you a job
2017-06-13 KGTV – San Diego Redfin offers homesellers another break on fees (video clip)
2017-06-14 Wall Street Journal Federal Reserve Interest-Rate Decision—Live Analysis
2017-04-09 Wall Street Journal Index Firms Take Issue With Nonvoting Rights
2017-06-16 KPBS – San Diego Workplace Violence: Can Employers Do More To Prevent It?
2017-06-16 San Diego Union-Tribune SoccerCity: Is delay economically wise?
2017-06-19 San Diego Business Journal Infrastructure Solutions Vexing to Politicians
2017-06-19 San Diego Business Journal Taking Stock of the IPO Route
2017-06-21 The Street Uber Must Be Careful Not to Skip That Vision Thing
2017-06-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Down Payments at 1% A Good Idea?
2017-06-25 San Diego Union-Tribune Employers are entitled to their employees' loyalty - to a point
2017-06-23 U.S. News & World Report Are 3-D Printing and Virtual Reality the Future of Housing Construction?
2017-06-23 KNSD – San Diego Over 200 Sears Stores Shutting Down This Year, Including One in San Diego (video clip)
2017-06-27 Washington Post Coming to an airport near you someday: a machine that can tell if you're lying
2017-06-28 CNBC New rules will cause some credit scores to rise July 1
2017-06-28 Science Daily Now or later: How taste and sound affect when you buy
2017-06-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Lyft gets fancy with black car rides in more cities
2017-06-29 KGTV – San Diego App will advance some of your paycheck for free (video clip)
2017-06-28 KOGO – San Diego New Airport Security Technology (video clip)
2017-06-29 KSWB – San Diego SDSU Professor Builds AVATAR for Airline Security (video clip)
2017-06-29 KGTV – San Diego Scientists: This AVATAR can tell if you're lying (video clip)
2017-06-30 The San Diego Union-Tribune Economy in 2nd half of '17: Up, down or steady
2017-06-29 Inc. This Artificial Intelligence Kiosk Is Designed to Spot Liars at Airports
2017-06-30 KNSD – San Diego Product Deals and Steals for July (video clip)
2017-07-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Do these CEOs deserve their high pay packages?
2017-07-04 San Diego Union-Tribune Young San Diego developer sees 41 West as kickstart to career
2017-07-04 KNSD – San Diego Will Shoppers Notice Whole Food Changes? (video clip)
2017-05-26 San Diego Union-Tribune Emojis and sex trafficking: SDSU researchers crack the code
2017-07-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Time to sell? Econometer looks at homeowner's dilemma
2017-07-09 San Diego Union-Tribune SDSU professor helps design lie-detecting animated kiosk
2017-07-10 San Diego Union-Tribune The risky business of employer deductions from final pay
2017-07-10 KNSD – San Diego Cosmetic Prices Slipping at Department Stores (video clip)
2017-07-15 San Diego Union-Tribune Econometer: Will trade deal between Japan-EU hurt U.S.?
2017-07-19 NPR - Marketplace Lassoing the super power of geek chic, Comic-Con sees revenue growth
2017-07-18 KNSD – San Diego SDSU's Sports Business Management MBA Program Ranked #4 in the World (video clip)
2017-07-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Will Prop. 13 changes make home prices go up?
2017-07-21 KOGO – San Diego Comic-Con Fever (video clip)
2017-07-27 San Diego Business Journal Robot Interrogator Could Change the Face of Security
2017-07-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Many more steps needed to get more housing, economists, CEOs say
2017-07-28 KGTV – San Diego Qualifying for a mortgage could get a bit easier (video clip)
2017-07-27 KNSD – San Diego Renters Push for Better Rent Control Laws (video clip)
2017-07-27 Wallet Hub 2017's Best Back-to-School Sales & Deals
2017-07-25 KPBS - San Diego Fact-Checking Website, Snopes, Gets Outpouring Of Financial Support Amid Lawsuit
2017-07-24 San Diego Union-Tribune Expense check: Answer these 3 questions to determine whether to reimburse an employee's claimed work expense
2017-08-04 San Diego Union-Tribune Big tech too big for the public's good?
2017-08-04 KPBS - San Diego As San Diego Home Prices Continue to Rise, Some Mortgage Lending Eases
2017-08-07 San Diego Union-Tribune What is a work uniform and why does it matter?
2017-08-04 Reuters Amazon shadow looms large ahead of retail earnings
2017-08-05 San Diego Union-Tribune The last frontier of homeownership? (video clip)
2017-08-07 Why it may be illegal for Google to punish that engineer over his now viral anti-diversity memo
2017-08-08 Tips to improve your credit score
2017-08-08 Here's why Google had the right to fire that employee over his diversity memo
2017-08-09 Business Insider Here's the evidence ex-Google engineer James Damore would need to have or find to prove his firing was illegal
2017-08-09 KGTV – San Diego New Electric Eel roller coaster could soon be coming to SeaWorld San Diego (video clip)
2017-08-08 WHO Radio - Des Moines Why exactly was that Google engineer fired? (video clip)
2017-08-10 San Diego Business Journal DHS Clears Some Legal Hurdles to Boarder Wall with Waiver
2017-08-11 KOGO Is fired Google engineer sexist or honest? (video clip)
2017-08-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Merit-based immigration: Good idea?
2017-08-13 Minneapolis Star-Tribune BrightSide Produce offers new hope for 'food deserts'
2017-08-14 San Diego Union-Tribune Bad behavior gets a pass in today's technological world
2017-08-15 Associated Press Biz leaders quit Trump panel after Charlottesville comments
2017-08-16 Bloomberg American CEOs’ Trump Nightmare: ‘Life Has Become Politicized’
2017-08-16 KOGO- San diego CEOs Leave Trump's Manufacturing Commttee (video clip)
2017-08-16 Bloomberg Trump's Business Councils Dissolve After CEOs Turn Against Him
2017-08-17 Financial Times Trump's business councils fall apart after CEO resignations
2017-08-18 San Diego Union-Tribune Economic sanctions against North Korea: Will they work?
2017-08-21 San Diego Union-Tribune May an employer delay the start of paid vacation benefit?
2017-08-18 Wall Street Journal Shampoo Baron Leonard Lavin Scoured Drugstores for the Next Big Thing
2017-08-22 KUSI – San Diego Sempra Energy versus Warren Buffett in battle for Oncor (video clip)
2017-07-04 What is a Credit Score?
2017-08-25 San Diego Union-Tribune CEOs and White House: An upside to leavng panels?
2017-08-25 MarketWatch Opinion: You’re not hypocritical for supporting the Google engineer and not Colin Kaepernick — or vice versa
2017-08-25 KOGO – San Diego What will change when Amazon takes over Whole Foods?
2017-08-25 KGTV – San Diego Hurricane Harvey Could Lead to Spike in Gas Prices (video clip)
2017-08-28 Los Angeles Times UCLA athletics' enhanced branding and marketing efforts are starting to take shape
2017-08-28 KGTV How much Whole Foods could drop their prices (video clip)
2017-08-28 KUSI – San Diego Discussing the costs of the border wall and the threat of a government shutdown (video clip)
2017-08-29 KOGO- San Diego What are the costs of a government shut down? (video clip)
2017-08-29 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego median home price drops to $537,750 in July
2017-08-29 Financial Post Learn to have an entrepreneurial mindset, not how to run a business
2017-08-30 KOGO - San Diego Will Amazon takeover of Whole Foods start a grocery store price war? (video clip)
2017-08-31 Los Angeles Times Rams could have the most expensive seat in America
2017-08-31 KFMB – San Diego 4 out-of-state companies invited to San Diego to build border wall prototypes (video clip)
2017-09-04 San Diego Union-Tribune SDSU faculty tour Tijuana, collaborate with Mexico school
2017-09-04 San Diego Union-Tribune When accommodating one employee's disability triggers another employee's disability
2017-09-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Gig economy creates legal puzzles for the courts
2017-09-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Who do you turn to when you're unhappy with your on demand service?
2017-09-08 San Diego Union-Tribune Disaster insurance: Should it be mandatory?
2017-09-08 KOGO- San Diego How will Hurricanes Harvey and Irma impact the economy? (video clip)
2017-09-07 KOGO - San Diego San Diego a possible location for Amazon HQ2 (video clip)
2017-09-12 KGTV – San Diego Apple expected to debut new iPhone, other products (video clip)
2017-09-13 Forbes Here’s Why You Might See Shorter Commercial Breaks During NFL Games
2017-09-14 KOGO- San Diego Hurricane Harvey/Irma Fraudsters are lurking
2017-09-14 San Diego Business Journal Coca-Cola Helps Suja Pour It On
2017-09-15 San Diego Union-Tribune End the 'dreamers' program and hurt the economy?
2017-09-18 San Diego Union-Tribune What does the law require? Accommodating employee's religious practices and beliefs
2017-09-19 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego's new median home price: $535K
2017-09-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Will this campaign to highlight San Diego attract young jobseekers?
2017-09-20 San Diego Union-Tribune A toy story: Geppetto's thrives in the retail jungle
2017-09-22 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter ponders whether a higher deficit is OK with a tax cut?