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San Diego State University

Fowler College of
Business Administration

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Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Andrew Baker Andrew Baker Associate Professor SSE-3131 (619) 594-4306
George (Joe) E. Belch, Ph.D. George (Joe) E. Belch, Ph.D. Interim Dean SSE-3130 (619) 594-2473
Richard D. Brooks Richard D. Brooks Lecturer SSE-3139 (619) 594-0941
Dr. Iana A. Castro Dr. Iana A. Castro Assistant Professor SSE-3120 (619) 594-6426
Miro Copic Miro Copic Lecturer EBA-337D (619) 594-0941
Erlinde Cornelis, Ph.D. Erlinde Cornelis, Ph.D. Assistant Professor SSE-3137 (619) 594-4713
Claudiu Dimofte, Ph.D. Claudiu Dimofte, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-3106 (619) 594-0209
Placeholder, picture not available for Kristine Ehrich Kristine Ehrich Lecturer EBA-337D (619) 594-0941
Gabriel Gonzalez Gabriel Gonzalez Assistant Professor SSE-3104 (619) 594-1898
Placeholder, picture not available for Lisa Haddock Lisa Haddock Lecturer EBA-337D (619) 594-0941
Placeholder, picture not available for Lance Hoffman Lance Hoffman Lecturer EBA-337D (619) 594-0941
Heather Honea, Ph.D. Heather Honea, Ph.D. Interim Chair SSE-3128 (619) 594-4308
Michael (Mickey) A. Kartalija (Belch), Ph.D. Michael (Mickey) A. Kartalija (Belch), Ph.D. Professor SSE-3122 (619) 594-5319
Kathleen A. Krentler, DBA Kathleen A. Krentler, DBA Professor/Director of Assessment SSE-3110 (619) 594-4762
Scott Manning Scott Manning Lecturer EBA-337D (619) 594-0941
Daniel McGinley Daniel McGinley Lecturer EBA-337A (619) 594-0509
Lois Bitner Olson Lois Bitner Olson Lecturer SSE-3105 (619) 594-4750
Steven Osinski Steven Osinski Lecturer EBA-337D (619) 594-0941
Paula C. Peter, Ph.D. Paula C. Peter, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-3135 (619) 594-8295
Massoud M. Saghafi, Ph.D. Massoud M. Saghafi, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3133 (619) 594-6358
Pradeep K. Tyagi, Ph.D. Pradeep K. Tyagi, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3122 (619) 594-2628

Building abbreviations used in the Faculty Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
EBA Education & Business Administration
SSE Student Services East