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San Diego State University

Fowler College of
Business Administration

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Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Theophilus B.A. Addo, Ph.D. Theophilus B.A. Addo, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-3109 (619) 594-3013
Placeholder, picture not available for Steven Andres Steven Andres Lecturer SSE-2428
Placeholder, picture not available for Robert August Robert August Lecturer EBA-322 (619) 594-0954
Placeholder, picture not available for M. (Skip) Austin, Jr. M. (Skip) Austin, Jr. Lecturer EBA-006G (619) 594-4211
James (Jim) R. Beatty, Ph.D. James (Jim) R. Beatty, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3443 (619) 594-6845
Placeholder, picture not available for Brent Bolton Brent Bolton Lecturer SSE-2428
George Bonilla George Bonilla Lecturer EBA-322
Robert O. Briggs Robert O. Briggs Professor SSE-3202 (619) 594-6942
Annette Easton Annette Easton Professor SSE-3107 (619) 594-2664
Aaron Elkins Aaron Elkins Assistant Professor SSE-3367 (619) 594-0274
Placeholder, picture not available for Shatha Jawad Shatha Jawad Lecturer EBA-322
Murray Jennex, Ph.D. Murray Jennex, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3206 (619) 594-3734
Dr. Robert Judge Dr. Robert Judge Lecturer SSE-3114 (619) 594-0783
Alexis Koster, Ph.D. Alexis Koster, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3112 (619) 594-1020
James R. (Jim) Lackritz, Ph. D. James R. (Jim) Lackritz, Ph. D. Professor SSE-3443 (619) 594-3026
Xialu (Charlotte) Liu Xialu (Charlotte) Liu Assistant Professor SSE-3359 (619) 594-1904
Chris O'Byrne Chris O'Byrne Lecturer SSE-2428
John M Penrose, Ph.D. John M Penrose, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3126 (619) 594-4759
Robert Plice, Ph.D. Robert Plice, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-3139 (619) 800-6857
Christine Probett Christine Probett Lecturer EBA-322 (619) 594-8073
Feraidoon (Fred) Raafat, Ph.D. Feraidoon (Fred) Raafat, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3361 (619) 594-5685
Bruce A. Reinig, Ph.D. Bruce A. Reinig, Ph.D. Chair SSE-3439 (619) 594-3032
Kelly Shaul Kelly Shaul Lecturer SSE-2428
Bongsik Shin, Ph.D. Bongsik Shin, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3118 (619) 594-2133
Robert Showghi Robert Showghi Lecturer SSE-2428 (619) 594-0954
Clay Tyler Clay Tyler Lecturer SSE-3139 (619) 594-0954
Ruoxuan (Roxy) Wang Ruoxuan (Roxy) Wang Assistant Professor SSE-3404 (619) 594-1063
Y. Helio Yang Y. Helio Yang Professor SSE-3433 (619) 594-6847

Building abbreviations used in the Faculty Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
EBA Education & Business Administration
SSE Student Services East