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MBA/JD Concurrent Degree

Concurrent programs leading to MBA and Juris Doctor degrees are offered through SDSU's partnerships with California Western School of Law (CWSL) and Thomas Jefferson School of Law (TJSL). These concurrent degree programs are designed for students interested in working in fields where law and business converge. Students are expected to apply first to the law program (at either Cal Western or Thomas Jefferson) and then apply to the SDSU MBA program during their first year of law school.

SDSU in partnership with California Western School of Law:

The concurrent degree program allows students to earn a JD from CWSL and an MBA from SDSU in as few as eight semesters of study. Students spend their first year in the JD program at CWSL. Then they join an entering class at SDSU and spend two full time semesters at SDSU as part of an MBA first-year class. For the remainder of the program, students take classes at both SDSU and CWSL. Each school grants credit for nine to twelve units taken at the other school. You must complete the requirements for admission and graduation at both. Degrees are awarded concurrently.

SDSU in partnership with Thomas Jefferson School of Law:

Students spend their first year in the JD program at TJSL and the second year at SDSU. Classes are taken at both institutions the last two years of the programs. Each institution grants credit for up to 12 units taken at the other school, thus eliminating at least one semester from the time it would normally take to complete these two programs separately. Students must complete the requirements for admission and graduation at both institutions. Degrees are awarded concurrently.

Students in the JD/MBA program follow the business curriculum outlined below:

  • Core (21 units):

    • BA 623 Statistical Analysis
    • BA 624 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
    • BA 625 Financial and Management Accounting
    • BA 626 Business Economics
    • BA 627 Marketing
    • BA 628 Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • BA 629 Financial Management
  • Strategy Course (3 units):

    • Business Strategy
  • Electives (6 units)

  • Culminating Experience (3 units):

    • BA 795 Business Consulting OR BA 799 Thesis
AACSB accredited

The Fowler College of Business Administration is fully accredited by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business