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San Diego State University

Fowler College of
Business Administration

Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab

Following the generous financial support and gifts provided by Stephen & Marjorie Cushman and Wells Fargo Bank, the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab was inaugurated on September 21, 2012. Located at the SDSU Love Library (Room LL 261), the Lab, equipped with 12 Bloomberg Terminals (thus being one of the largest such educational facilities in Southern California), a stock market ticker display, and the latest classroom technology, is designed to accomplish several objectives:

First, the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab will facilitate both small and large-scale student projects that are central to many courses across a wide array of disciplines both in the College of Business and elsewhere in the University. Access to real-time data enables faculty to tailor their course offerings more directly to the real world.

Second, real-time data and analysis of historical data will support the creation and management of student-run investment funds. There is considerable interest in developing an undergraduate student investment fund to mirror the graduate student-run Aztec Equity Fund (AEF). Past student managers of the AEF have obtained positions in leading banking, financial services, and money management firms subsequent to graduation.

Third, the Lab can provide students with skills that are increasingly required for careers in the Finance and other industries. Bloomberg (and access to related databases) will enable interested students to acquire a Bloomberg certification and training on database platforms that improves their ability to obtain employment. Students desiring careers in money management routinely sit for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examination. The Lab can serve as a setting where students can individually and collectively develop these critical skills.

Finally, the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab can be used to teach the outside community, especially high school students, the fundamentals of financial literacy, a vital knowledge to have for all members of society.

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