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San Diego State University

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Business Administration

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New Directions in Corporate Governance and Finance: Implications for Business Ethics Research.
Ryan, L. V., Buchholtz, A. K., Kolb, R. W.
Type of Research
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Date Published
2010, Before July
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Discipline-based scholarship (basic research)
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Business Ethics Quarterly
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Corporate governance and finance are dynamic academic fields that offer myriad opportunities for business ethics analysis. Within the corporate governance triad in recent years, shareholders have increased their power over boards of directors and executives through both regulation and movements to change corporate by-laws. The impact of board characteristics on firm performance has proven elusive, leading to questions concerning board processes and individual director beliefs and behaviors. At the same time, CEOs have lost considerable power, leaving many struggling to regain their control and maintain their compensation levels, while others adopt a stewardship approach to their posts. In the field of finance, the recent financial debacle has led to a reexamination of financial regulation and of the fundamental nature and purpose of the industry. All of these issues provide business ethicists fodder for investigation and analysis.