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San Diego State University

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Intellectual Contribution

The Benchmark Blues: Help! How do I do it?
Krentler, K.
Type of Research
Peer-Reviewed Paper Presentations
Date Published
2014, Before July
Contribution Type
Learning and pedagogical research contributions
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New Orleans, LA
This session focuses on the challenging and often tricky process of setting benchmarks for student learning outcomes. Should it be an average level of performance or a stated percentage of students who reach a bar that is set? Should we expect all of our students to achieve a certain level of performance? How should benchmarks be determined initially? Should benchmarks be unmoving standards or should they be revised based on assessment findings over time? If we aren’t achieving the benchmarks, can we just lower them? All of these are common questions raised by faculty and administrators. The session does not offer answers but provides a platform for discussion. That platform will be based on a survey of AACSB accredited schools regarding how benchmarks were initially set and how the process of maintaining them has evolved.
AACSB Assessment Conference