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Beatty, J.
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Research Monographs
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Learning and pedagogical research contributions
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Measurement and Statistical Software (MASS).
San Diego
Measurement and Statistical Software (MASS). This was a complete recreation of the original MASS programs created by J.R. Beatty. The FORTRAN 16 version was converted to both FORTRAN 32 and FORTRAN 64. All programs had to be completely recompiled using a combination of Intel Visual Studio XE, Microsoft's Parallel Visual Studio, and the new Intel FORTRAN compiler. The software includes various factor analysis programs, multiple regression programs, multivariate ANOVA programs, multiple discriminant analysis programs, hierarchical grouping, judgment analysis, item analysis, and many others. The result of this effort has yielded a product that is comparable to SPSS in speed, without the cost. The software will be utilized in BA 652, MIS 744, and MIS 748. Several thousand individuals, including researchers, faculty, business professionals, and consultants have successfully used these programs in the previous version, and the new version is much more user friendly and comprehensive.