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San Diego State University

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Intellectual Contribution

Using Assessment Findings to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Solutions to Improve Global Learning
Krentler, K.
Type of Research
Peer-Reviewed Paper Presentations
Date Published
2014, After July
Contribution Type
Learning and pedagogical research contributions
Contribution Category
Indianapolis, ID
Global Perspective was established as a learning goal with two SLOs. Initial assessment findings suggested that students’ achievement of the SLOs was significantly below established benchmarks. A second assessment round produced similar results. Faculty anxious to “fix the problem” suggested a variety of loop closing possibilities, some of which required significant changes to program requirements. A more detailed analysis of the data, however, suggested that some of the suggested solutions were not likely to produce the desired result. Subsequently loop closing was focused on a solution that the data, when examined more closely, suggested was more likely to be successful.
Assessment Institute